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Our Zhihu Marketing Services

Zhihu Account Registration

Registration and Creation of a zhihu Verified Account for your company

Zhihu Content

Meaningfull content to reach out to your target audience and more.

Zhihu Comunity management

Creation of a dynamique community to indirectly promote your brand/company

Zhihu Marketing Tools

Use of Zhihu Many Features for Branding and awareness

Q&A Campaigns

Get closer to your target audience by answering their question on Zhihu

Zhihu Class

Sell your knowledge or invite poeples to learn more about what you have to share on Zhihu.

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Our Zhihu Marketing Case Study

Zhihu marketing is an excellent tool to complete an omni channel marketing. these companies have trusted us to bring them to the next level using Zhihu.

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Zhihu Organization Account

This type of account is perfect for businesses that want to advertise their product in China. It gives you access to the many Zhihu Marketing tools and features such as Natives ads. However, you'll need a Chinese Business Licence to open a Zhihu Business Account. We can help you with getting a Chinese business licence, which will open you many doors in the Middle Kingdom.

Generate Organic Awareness with Zhihu

If Zhihu does not seem like the most obvious platform for your social media marketing strategy in China, it is only because you don't know yet the power of community and word of mouth in the middle kingdom. Not only being present on Zhihu will allow you to answer questions about your field but also to educate your target audience about your brands/products in an undercover way. It is an excellent tool to increase your conversion rate and to generate organic awareness about your brands.

Zhihu Marketing Tools

The platform has an array of features that can be used to create and manage a community around a topic related to your brand. Use these tools to engage with your audience and exchange information with them but also to build your author authority. Here are some of these tools: Zhihu column/ Zhihu bookstore / Zhihu Roundtable /Zhihu live / Zhihu tip service. We will make use of all these tools to help you improve your reputation in China.

Zhihu Marketing - Frequently Asked Question

What is Zhihu?

Zhihu is a Chinese Q&A platform launched in 2011, it is similar in the west to Quora and Yahoo answers. It has never stopped growing and evolving to suit its users. The platforms have developed many tools such as Zhihu Class which are a kind of ted talk. Zhihu is only one out of many Chinese Q&A platforms (Zhidao, Soso WenWen) but seems to be one of the most trusted and reliable out there.

Can I do Paid Ads on Zhihu?

Yes, Zhihu has native ads. There are many types of paid advertising on Zhihu, and they vary depending on the surrounding content.

  • Open-screen ads.
  • Pop-up ads on the main page.
  • Banner ads on the main page.
  • Trending topics text/card ads.
  • News Feed banner/video ads
  • Ads on the page of chosen question/answer.