Xiaohongshu Statistics and Trends For The Upcoming Years

If you’re familiar with Xiaohongshu, or “Little Red Book,” you know it’s not just another app—it’s a dynamic blend of social media and e-commerce straight out of China. It has successfully merged user experiences, making shopping and sharing content more interconnected than ever, attracting a diverse user base and brands looking to expand their reach.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Xiaohongshu. We’ll explore user demographics, analyze spending habits, and gauge the trust users place in the platform. We’ll also examine eCommerce trends, uncover which product categories are leading, and discuss the emerging trends and technologies shaping Xiaohongshu’s future.

Join us as we delve deeper into the evolving world of Xiaohongshu and uncover the insights and trends shaping its journey in the digital marketplace.

Overview of The Xiaohongshu App, Valued at More Than $3 Billion

Xiaohongshu, also known as “Little Red Book,” made its debut in China in 2013, and swiftly became a sensation. Why did Xiaohongshu experience such immediate success? The answer lies in its innovative approach: it introduced a unique blend of social media and e-commerce, where users could collect recommendations and reviews of products and later purchase them on the platforms. Users could not only explore and share lifestyle content but also purchase recommended products directly through the app.

This novel combination of content sharing and online shopping struck a chord with users, filling a gap in the digital landscape and leading to rapid growth for Xiaohongshu. The platform’s distinctive model and success have since paved the way for its continuing evolution and influence in the social commerce sphere.

Xiaohongshu marketing: Little Red Book app info

As of 2023, Xiaohongshu boasts almost 200 million monthly active users, with a majority of them being females looking for shopping notes and user-generated content from other Xiaohongshu users recommending and reviewing products.

So let’s take a closer look at user statistics that make the Xiaohongshu platform a unique one among other Chinese social media platforms.

User Base and Demographics

Xiaohongshu platform started as a hub for female users who were searching for a safe space to post their photos, showcasing fashion outfits or skincare routines, to discuss them with other females under their social media posts. Because of that, the platform grew into a very ‘consumer decision-making’ platform, where users (mostly female, as male users take up more or less 1/3 of the whole audience) were sharing reviews and recommendations, looking for advice, etc.

Xiaohongshu boasts 190 million monthly active users

This is very important to understand, because it is the core to understanding the purpose of the platform, and it’s core demographics, with it’s purchasing habits and social media usage.

As mentioned earlier, Little Red Book currently has 190 million monthly active users. 72% of those users are under 30 years old and around half come from first and second-tier cities.

The app presents a big opportunity for all baby-related products and services

What is important to understand is that a majority of users are females (around 70%), but also from all the users, 66% are married, and of those, 83% have babies. This means it’s a perfect platform not only for fashion and cosmetics, but baby care, maternity clothes, and everything from the baby and children’s market.

Main types of Xiaohongshu users

Apart from the fact that the majority of users are young, it’s good to understand their main motivations.

Here are 6 main types of young people using the platform:

  • Generation Z: Engaged in social interactions, following trends, participating in online gaming, achieving learning milestones, and being involved in competitive sports.
  • Urban Trendsetters: Focused on fashion, mindful of personal image, thinking independently, and opinionated.
  • Exquisite Moms: Valuing quality of life, attentive to appearance, indulging in high-end consumption, and investing in skincare.
  • Emerging White-Collars: Financially independent, enthusiastic about work, energetic, and showcasing individuality.
  • Singles with High Income: Financially self-sufficient, in pursuit of enjoyment, valuing quality, and inclined towards moderate consumption.
  • Pleasure Seekers: Valuing entertainment, indulging in hobbies, seeking experiential consumption, and prioritizing enjoyment.

Xiaohongshu Usage Statistics

Xiaohongshu, colloquially known as “Little Red Book,” boasts impressive usage statistics that underscore its burgeoning popularity in the digital domain. With millions of active users, the platform witnesses a diverse range of demographics engaging daily, sharing insights, and making purchases.

The statistics above reveal intriguing insights into the diverse user behavior on Xiaohongshu. With 37% of users seeking authentic reviews on topics or products of interest, it underscores the platform’s credibility and the value users place on peer opinions. The close 36% that are drawn to the app to keep abreast of current Xiaohongshu trends signifies the app’s role as a trendsetter in the digital space, particularly in areas like fashion and lifestyle.

The 30% of users driven by posts shared on other social platforms highlight the app’s cross-platform influence and the interconnectedness of the social media ecosystem. Furthermore, the notable 40% actively searching for products or topics, especially in categories such as fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, underline Xiaohongshu’s strength in catering to diverse interests and needs.

Lastly, the 33% who visit Xiaohongshu for inspiration point to the platform’s rich and varied content, confirming its status as a go-to source for creative ideas and lifestyle trends. Overall, these figures paint a comprehensive picture of a vibrant and engaged user community, each seeking something unique, yet collectively contributing to Xiaohongshu’s dynamic ecosystem.

Influencer Marketing and Social Media Trust

Thanks to being a very user-generated content-focused platform, Xiaohongshu is the main platform of choice for influencer marketing. Xiaohongshu is the primary platform for a majority of Chinese Key Opinion Leaders and Key Opinion Consumers, with 91% of influencers picking this platform as the most valuable one.

Xiaohongshu is the primary platform for Chinese influencers

67% of influencers select Little Red Book as their primary platform with 43% of them using it more frequently than in the previous year. Xiaohongshu, with its users who are searching for product and service recommendations and reviews, is a perfect choice for word-of-mouth marketing.

Source: PJDaren

Costs for Xiaohongshu-sponsored posts are growing

But this preference comes with a cost. High-quality content done by top influencers is expensive, and here is the breakdown of average post costs on the Little Red Book app:

  • Over 1M followers: 125k RMB (US$17k) – 380k RMB (US$53k)
  • 500k – 1M followers: 60k RMB (US$8.5k) – 190k RMB (US$26k)
  • 300k – 500k followers: 35k RMB (US$4.5k) – 120k RMB (US$17k)
  • 100k – 300k followers: 15k RMB (US$2k) – 35k RMB (US$4.5k)
  • Under 100k followers: 3500 RMB (US$500) – 15k RMB (US$2k)

As you can see, the costs of influencer marketing on Xiaohongshu are high, so it’s best to work with professionals, so you know precisely how to find the right influencers and get the best ROI.

Chinese consumers trust social media the most when it comes to gathering information about products and services

Social media has established itself as the predominant channel for discovering premium products, with Xiaohongshu leading the way in this digital evolution.

A considerable portion of the Chinese population, over 53%, is investing more than 3 hours daily on social media apps, positioning platforms like Xiaohongshu as the initial touchpoint for discovering, discussing, and developing interest in products.

As depicted in the accompanying chart, a whopping 82% of Chinese consumers prefer social media for researching and verifying information about new products. E-commerce platforms trail behind at 50%, followed by video platforms at 17%, offline experiences at 8%, recommendations from friends and family at 6%, traditional advertising at 3%, and search engines at a mere 2%.

Xiaohongshu Content Statistics

Over 2021, Xiaohongshu has witnessed a remarkable influx of content, amassing around 360 million posts. The majority of this content falls within the realms of food, beauty, and entertainment, which have contributed 33.686 million, 26.956 million, and 20.342 million posts respectively, making up 23% of the total posts.

Given that the platform is predominantly utilized by female users, these statistics align seamlessly with the user demographic, reflecting Xiaohongshu’s inherent strength in product recommendations and fostering a sense of community.

Food-related content leads the way, comprising 9% of the total posts, with users sharing a plethora of food tutorials, culinary explorations, food pairings, and more. Beauty content is also a significant pillar of the Xiaohongshu community, representing 7% of the overall posts in 2021 and showcasing a myriad of beauty tutorials, product recommendations, and makeup sharing.

Other very promising categories are pets (the category increased by 22.4% month-on-month in 2022) and gaming, an absolute winner, with a 31.9% month-on-month increase. Other categories recording growth include: home and renovation content, medical and health content, and tech & digital content.

This insight into the content landscape of Xiaohongshu underscores the platform’s role as a vibrant space for sharing lifestyle tips and trends, particularly in the realms of food and beauty.

Xiaohongshu eCommerce Statistics

Xiaohongshu, to our surprise, is a winner when it comes to branding. Today, when everyone is talking about the impressive growth of Douyin, we must see, that we got surprised with those stats. But after some thought, indeed, Xiaohongshu scoring 57% in the most effective platform for branding purposes via influencer marketing is no surprise, as this is the king of word-of-mouth marketing in China.

Xiaohongshu is also the most effective platform for social e-commerce, which goes hand in hand with the previous statistic. People see some product recommendations from their favorite influencers, check comments, other reviews, and maybe live streams, and, when convinced, move on to purchase. As simple as that, yet very effective and impressive.

Xiaohongshu’s 80% of revenue comes from advertising

Xiaohongshu, valued at more than $3 billion in 2023, is more dependent on paid ads and search ads than other social media platforms, with ads revenue accounting for 80% of the total revenue. The remaining 20% comes from e-commerce, as the platform has its own built-in online marketplace.

Promoted and sponsored posts account for 25% of the advertising revenue on the platform and this number will only grow, as influencer marketing is the core of its functioning and the main reason why the target audience visits the platform (word-of-mouth marketing).

Content Trends on Xiaohongshu

Current content trends

User-Generated Content

Xiaohongshu thrives on authentic user-generated content, especially reviews and recommendations, which helps in building community trust and drives product discovery.

Lifestyle and Wellness

Content related to health, wellness, and sustainable living has gained significant traction, reflecting a growing consumer focus on holistic well-being.

Short-Form Video Content

Short, engaging videos, especially tutorials and product demonstrations, have become increasingly popular, providing users with quick and visually appealing information.

chinese social media - little red book

Localized and Niche Content

There is a rising trend in localized and niche content, catering to specific interests and communities, thus fostering a more personalized user experience.

Future Trends to Come:

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Try-Ons

Integration of AR technology for virtual try-ons and product visualization is expected to enhance the shopping experience and drive user engagement. Advances in AI technology will enable more personalized content recommendations, tailored to individual preferences and browsing behavior, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Sustainability and Ethical Consumption

Content focusing on sustainable products and ethical consumption practices is likely to become more prominent as users become more environmentally conscious.

Enhanced Community Engagement

New features and tools for community building and user interaction are expected to be introduced, further strengthening the sense of community and trust among users.

By keeping abreast of these evolving trends, brands and content creators can better align their strategies to meet user expectations and optimize their presence on Xiaohongshu.

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