Why video can improve your user experience in China ?

Incorporate videos to the company’s website, do increase product sales!

For users, one of the main advantages to use videos is that they can explain better than text and images, the use, benefits and value of the products.

In 2017, around 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic, will be focused on video. Online video is becoming for people in order to satisfy their entertainment and information needs. That’s why companies should include it in its digital marketing strategies.

Videos have the ability to influence online purchases and they are helpful to users in order to decide what to buy. As reported by E consultancy, online marketers have increased the sales of items which are promoted onsite via demonstration videos.


The reasons why companies should use videos are customer engagement and entertainment, besides increased sales and increased business profitability.

Generally, people love to be entertained even when they are online. Users are looking for websites which are able provide them entertainment.That is the reason why companies incorporate creative videos on its websites.

The power of the videos:

Create atmosphere:

Video is the perfect way to create a certain atmosphere on websites. A motion picture together with the right sound are an emotional medium to trigger the best state of mind  for them to buy your wares.

Here you have the short film made for the brand Ermenegildo Zegna, it shows the company and what people can related to the brand. You see a business mind that is always stylish and has that mystery thingy that makes him irresistible. No matter the circumstances ( in a mine, in a plane) he is always clean and present well. He is a good man, showing by playing with the kids and deciding to reveal a great world changing discovery to the world and so on… This sends a strong emotional message people can relate to, especially businessmen.

Attraction by teaching  and entertaining users:

Video is a great tool to entertain the visitors and also to attract their attention. Because of that, users will spend more time on the website and therefore they will interact more with the brand.

Users are excited when they are watching the video because they don’t know what to expect. They could get shocked, surprised or simply informed about something.

Teaching people how to properly use your products is very powerful in China, especially for cosmetics. Young women especially may not know how to properly do their make up, so showing how to do it will help them and may help increase their loyalty to your brand since they learned with your products. This goes without saying but, in addition the better they will know your product, the less likely they will be to return your products.

Videos are made to be shared:

Videos have a better ability to engage viewers and users to share them because they like this medium more. In addition, when shared their message becomes even stronger because they have implicitly be vouched for by the people who shared them at firsts. In addition, according to a research, 41 percent of users are more likely to share product videos than other product content.


Video content is built to be embedded and shared through any social media network. It is important to promote videos through multiple channels and social media in order to make easy for users to find it and share it.

Easier content:

Video is the best visual tool in order to persuade customers because has the ability to provide a lot of information quickly and at the same time, makes more easy for user digest the content.


Video can boost sales:

Some studies indicate that shoppers are far more likely to buy if they can watch a product video.  The mere utilization of a video on website helps to increase the ecommerce sales. However, there are some product videos that work better than other.

There is a new strategy for video eCommerce that allows user make the “purchase while watching” video.


As a result of the video’s power, Alibaba Group has purchased a 16.5 percent stake in Youku, one of the main video sites in China. This strategy will accelerate their digital entertainment and video content strategy in order to differentiate its services and user experience.

Due to the importance of mobile devices in the life of Chinese consumers, phones are an important platform for watching videos. Companies can share campaings about their brands and products via WeChat and the most popular channel for do it is Tencent Video, a property of WeChat.

Online videos have become indispensable the daily lives of Chinese people. Every Day, thousands of people watch online videos for entertainment, news, and education.

It is a fact that consumers watch video content through Internet more frequently and using different devices and the majority of businesses are using the video because is the future of content marketing due to its peerless potential reach.

If you are interested in create a video strategy to improve your brand and the user experience, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you!

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