Why Rich Chinese Are Investing in Greece?

It is an interesting trend to follow for immigration companies and real estates agencies.

Why Chinese Rich People are Investing in Greece?


What is a Greek Golden Visa?   


The Greek Golden visa was launched in 2013 and allow non-Greek citizens to have a resident visa for 5 years in the counter part of a real estate investment in the country, the visa can be renewing every 5 years if the property is retained. The resident must cost 250.000€ and you don’t have to live in the country to have a visa. In addition, you don’t have a minimum of staying in the country or family conditions to apply. 


Why Chinese people invest in Greece? 


Investors, for a majority, come from China. Since January 2018, 1665 golden visas were emitted, 78% of them, 1300, come from Chinese people, they are number one behind Russia and Turkish people and dominate this market. The number of applications grows up compare to 2017 by 46% shows us a real interest in real estate abroad for Chinese people. 

The main reason is the price, due to the 2009 crisis the Greek market falling, price decreasing by 50% of their original value, attracting a lot of foreign investors around the world. The other principal reason is the possibility to travel in Europe freely because even if they don’t have the nationality they are considered as a citizen and can move in the Schengen space as a European citizen. 



Which possibility for the business? 


Behind the invest in China and the aspect of a cheap investment for the holidays exist another interest. 

Indeed, Chinese people want to use Greece as a hub to import in Europe. The project is named the Belt and Road Initiative. The aim of this project is to link the western part and Oceania with China to create the most important economic road of this century. With this entrance in Greece, Chinese people will be able to control the Europ part according to the current regulation in Europe and develop easier their network in Europe. 



Which kind of activity? 


With this new project, any kind of activity could be interesting to develop in China because all sectors will be positively impacted. In other words if you already live in China or if you want to join China because you think your activity is interesting you can contact us and we will build a great image and allow your activity to attract more Chinese people and have a lot of success in this country. You just need a name; we can create this name for you and build a great reputation according to your activity. 



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