Baidu Baike Page: Why does every company in China need one?

There are many worldwide websites, platforms, Internet services that are simply banned or barely accessible in China for various reasons. All of them have local substitutes. Knowing them is a big advantage for those who want to do business in China. Today we are taking a look at China’s Wikipedia alternative: Baidu Baike.

What is Baidu Baike?

Baidu Baike is a Chinese alternative to the well-known Wikipedia. It is part of the Baidu ecosystem – the most popular Chinese search engine with an audience of 85% of the total Internet users in China and is recording more than 300 million monthly visits as of 2021. Baike is one of the many sub-site of the Baidu eco-system.

baidu baike vs wikipedia

The main difference between Wikipedia and Baidu Baike is not its technical peculiarity, but the fact that it is extremely important and useful for your reputation in China and their view of you, and your business.

What’s the biggest benefit Baike can give you?

If you strive to enter the Chinese market and get as many people interested in you and your product, be it a service or goods, Baike will give you a top rank on Baidu, that is to say:

  • You are on top of Baidu;
  • People search by keywords that relate to you and they find you instantly;
  • People searching get an impression you are credible.

What do Chinese people think when they see you are on Baike?

  • China is a big country with huge capacity in any industry or any field of expertise – “Competition” is China’s second name.
  • China is country full of scams – “Stay cautious” is China’s business logo.
  • Baike is a tool to verify your business image and state you are official, legal – “A Certificate of Trust” is Baidu’s nature.

That is to say, when the Chinese search for anything related to you on Baidu (remember it’s more than 1 billion people or 85% of China’s population), and they see you on top with an informative Baike page, they get you shortlisted.

How does it look like and what does it bring?

Take a look at the Getchee’s Baike page – one of our clients. It provides all the necessary information about this Now popular GIS technology company. It also gives a link to their website – a chance to be contacted directly.

Baike’s page made them appear on top in Baidu (as it is an automatic result with Baike being part of the Baidu system) and contributed to them getting 5-10 leads per single day! It should be noted that it is extremely hard for Taiwanese companies to enter the inner Chinese market because of the tensions between us. However, Getchee got over this partly owing to Baike.

So, it is a perfect example of how effective Baike is for new businesses in China.

Why is Baidu Baike necessary for your company in China?

An additional source of trust

Any reputable brand has a page on Baidu Baike. Setting it up requires official Baidu verification. Therefore, Chinese people find the information in Baike trustworthy.

About Baidu’s subsites, Read as well: Baidu’s Content Creation Platform: Baijiahao

A Baidu Baike Page Contribute to your Online Visibility

As long as Baidu itself is a search engine, it is the wherewithal of any business’s commercial activity. That is to say, just like Google, Baidu offers a few opportunities to leverage from being on top of the search results.

Baidu Baike is one of the tools that allows you to get a high rank on Baidu provided that the keywords on your page correspond to the search request.

With that being said, it is clear that having a page in Baike allows you to develop a high organic search ranking.

What it gives is that people searching for a similar product or service will see you on top.

A Baidu Baike page can be loaded with references and links related to your business. This facilitates redirection and makes your other accounts all over the Chinese web easily accessible.

An ample source of information

Baidu Baike is the most informative platform on the Chinese web. It contains around 15 million pages with information ranging from recipes to brand details.

What are the advantages of Baidu Baike for business entering China market?

  1. Low cost.
  2. Good.
  3. Fast.

What should you do to make use of Baidu Baike:

  1. Set up an account
  2. Place all the relevant information there.
  3. Wait for a while…
  4. Enjoy getting exhausted with leads/buyers from China.

All in all, what a Baidu Baike page gives you is:

  • full, amplified brand image;
  • visibility on the Chinese web;
  • trust of the searchers;
  • more exposure to your promotional accounts or e-stores.

How to get a page on Baidu Baike?

Just contact us – we will guide you through the process.


We are GMA:

  • we have 10 years of experience of marketing foreign businesses in China;
  • we have hundreds of successful stories to showcase;
  • we have foreign experts to understand you and design strategies;
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Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.


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