Where and how to find an artistic agent in China?

Singer, musician, actor and many other trades. Are you an artist looking for an artistic agent in China to break into this country? You do not know how? Here are some steps that will guide you to the Chinese artistic agent you need.

First of all, what is an artistic agent? In a few words, it is a person having knowledge about your domain’s business and who will represent you in front of professionals looking for profiles for future or immediate projects. He introduces artists to producers, casting directors and negotiates your contracts.

But how do you find YOUR artistic agent in China?

1. Have awareness and talent

You will not be able to get started in music, acting or any other form of art in China as a beginner. You have to gain some experience before you can hope to find an agent.

Create content, learn new things or techniques, perfect your art.

In short, have a certain level in what you do and keep improving. So, you will not be an ordinary artist who wants to get into a field without any experience.

For example, a background in music will already distinguish you from other artists by the style of music you want to create, if you are more a composer, a performer or both, but also in your way of performing (recorded music, in concert in front of several hundred people, in small groups in a bar, …).

Having a minimum (or maximum) of experience can only help you on your way to China.

2. Be visible (more convincing)

As much on the networks as in the press, your visibility will be the key point for a good start in unknown territory.

– Leverage WeChat 

The Chinese Facebook, with a billion daily users, will allow you to broadcast videos, images, texts and other types of content at an incredible speed.

Why not create a WeChat brochure to introduce yourself to your audience? It is a kind of simple web page very simple to create where you can put pictures, texts, videos, … Brands use this tool to promote new products or promotional events, so why not make your own promotion through it?

You can also get in touch with people in WeChat, people in the sector you want to work in. You can get into professional WeChat groups about music or acting for example and initiate conversations, get information and make contacts.

But first of all, don’t forget to share content about you on your official account so people can get to know more about you through your publications. Be active, make attractive content and share it as much as you can!

-Open a Weibo account

The Chinese Twitter, with over 500 million daily users. Another perfect platform to deliver marketing content to a large audience. It also makes it possible to use the KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) strategy. By choosing the right KOL, it will give you access to an already well-built fan base that can enjoy your work.

KOLs are used by brands to promote their products for marketing campaigns. Since YOU are the product, you should find some KOLs (one big or several mediums) to make your promotion.

Make good use of Weibo’s tools to take advantage of your KOLs’ fan base! You can for example plan to do a livestream with a KOL so he can introduce you to his fan base. Still, Weibo is an entertaining platform for its users, so show some imagination to get their approval. Perform during the livestream, sing, act or dance! Play an interactive game with the livestream’s viewers, …

Keep in mind that collaborating with KOLs is a golden opportunity to get more followers, so more visibility and influence.

-Appear in the press (PR – Public Relations)

Definitely a really crucial step. Being present in the press increases visibility on the one hand, but also unrivaled credibility in China. Indeed, if you do not exist in the Chinese press, then you will not be worth it. According to the Chinese, if you do not appear in the press in this type of field, it is that you are not a serious person who has a real existence in China. In short, you will be seen as an amateur.

This is why appearing there will make you gain credibility, which is a good basis for any artistic career construction in China.

3. Make your art heard/seen

It all depends on your art. If you are a painter, show your paintings. If you are a singer or musician, make your compositions or interpretations heard. If you are an actor or comedian, show your interpretations or representations.

Of course, exhibit your art through your accounts that you created earlier, but also through other suitable platforms such as Oasis, Douyin or QQ music.

Indeed, if you want to broadcast short videos, Douyin will be the most suitable platform for this task. If you want to stream music, then use Douyin AND QQ music which are perfect for artist musicians. And if you want to share images like photos of your paintings or of yourself in the middle of a work session, Oasis will be ideal.

Oasis is like the Chinese Instagram, very picture and aesthetic oriented. This platform is rising a lot in China since it has been launched by the giant Weibo and can be a real showcase for your art (as a portfolio). QQ music is a music platform where Chinese people can subscribe as on Spotify or Souncloud whilst Douyin is a short video app.

Douyin is as big as Weibo with 500 million monthly active users. Videos are very popular among young people and Douyin is a short video app that mainly gathers young Chinese. By creating your official Douyin account, you could share more powerful content and reach Chinese youth that will be interested in your art, whatever kind it is!

So, after gaining visibility in China and creating a fan base, there are two scenarios: either artistic agents will have already come to you, or it will be up to you to come to them!

4. Select potential Chinese agents

As we told you, you will have to choose among the agents who will have contacted you or choose your agent yourself.

The first option is flattering indeed, but the second will give you more choice and therefore more chances of finding the agent you need.

When selecting potential artistic agents, several elements should attract your attention, such as the authenticity of the agent or his experience. Does he have a license? How important is his artist portfolio? Did he accompany artists who are known today? How many artists does he care for today?

This type of question will allow you to select a few agents who will be potentially adapted to your level of experience and especially to your needs.

Then send your application to the agencies that interest you. This way of canvassing an agent can very often lead to an endless wait which ends in your abandonment following the non-response of the agents. Doing this through a team of professionals such as the GMA will for sure give you an answer since working with professionals who know the art business in China will be your best weapon!

5. Choose YOUR artistic agent

To do this, meet in person the agents you have selected. Remember that a language barrier may exist. Do these agents speak your language, English, or only Mandarin? Being accompanied by a professional who speaks Mandarin will allow you to not miss any information and above all to be credible in the eyes of your interlocutors.

After discussing your projects, asking your questions about your career development and being interested in the liabilities of each agent, you will know which one will best suit your artistic needs.

Finding an artistic agent in China can be complicated if you don’t speak the language or just don’t know how the art business is run in that country.

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  • Hello and welcome.  

    I have been living in China in Guiyang for 3 years.  My wife is Chinese.  I’m an actor.  In Poland, I acted in over 10 feature films, over 100 quasi-documentary films and about 20 TV commercials.  My wife and I will be in Beijing for two days on September 11-12.  I would like to visit an acting agency and register in the database to apply for roles in commercials or films in China.  If your company does not provide this type of retention services, please indicate the appropriate company.  

    Kind regards
    Dariusz Żochowski 
    tel. +86 13 265 33 11 27
    WeChat: +48 607 727 989

  • Charanpreet Kaur

    I am an actress. I performed on stage in front of millions watching live. I don’t know Mandarin. Acting in Chinese dramas is my dream. Could you please, help me start with!
    Thank You

  • Drahhselormm

    I am looking for a Music Artist promoters. I am a Ghanaian and a musician who is an Afrobeat and RnB singer in China.

  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I would be grateful for any opportunity to perform as a conductor with an orchestra under your artistic direction, either for a concert engagement or a concert tour abroad.

    I am pleased to send you a selection of videos of my work together with a detailed summary of my career so far as a conductor.

    For this winter I have 4 orchestras ready for a Tour in China.

    I look forward to your feedback and your interest in working together and thank you for your efforts.

    Yours sincerely,

    Georgi Nikolov



  • The surreal, strange life of a foreign model in China….
    In China all foreigner can become models… artists… etc.
    Being well paid to go model in clubs, dancing, or show up around luxury cars in shopping malls

    Life is sooooo Hard in China ‘model treatment’ in China’s biggest city like Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen…

  • Thanks for this article. It’s interesting to know how to promote one personality. Since the product is the people, the marketing strategy is very different from promoting a product!
    Using platforms where you can put your personality in light such as Wechat, Weibo, or douyin is a great way to reach your future fans’ hearts.
    Well done!

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