Where and how to find a football agent in China?

Intermediate or even a confirmed football player? If you want to find a soccer agent in China to get into a football club in China, read on! Here are some tips for finding your ideal future agent quickly and efficiently.

First of all, what is a football agent (for those who do not know or have only a vague idea)? This is the person who will follow you and advise in the development of your playing career, help you in managing your image, and negotiate your contracts. He will also make you meet recruiters, and physical trainers or put you in contact with football clubs in order to sign a contract.

The salary is high for football stars…

And the market is difficult for unknown players.

Salary of stars in China

Here are several methods, from the least to the most effective, to find your football agent in China.

1. Send your CV – a video is always better

Sending your CV to the agents you are interested in obviously leaves you spoiled for choice and the possibility of comparing agents with each other to choose the ones that you think are the best.

However, this method leaves the chances of receiving no response back as you might expect.

This is why we advise you not to send a simple CV but a video CV that will be much more human and elaborate and which will give you the opportunity to show your best physical skills in the space of a few seconds. Our team can assist you in the development of this video CV to make it as attractive as it is professional.

2. Enlarge your Network

Going through your network can be a good way to find a reliable agent with whom your contacts will have a good relationship or even work with them.

Having contacts in this area can be easy in your country but it’s another story to have some in China! This is why we recommend that you first be accompanied by a team of professionals who have knowledge of this field and who can provide reliable contacts such as the GMA team.

3. Get spotted by the football agents

How to get spotted by player agents? By being talented? Yes, but not only! How do you think a player agent can spot you if you have no visibility while you are the best player in your country? Your visibility will be your key to your future agent.

And because you are your actual product, you have to sell yourself as well as possible!

Be certain to be a little star

Appear in the press online

Definitely the most crucial step. Being present in the Chinese press gives increased visibility on the one hand, but also makes your credibility in China. Indeed, if you do not exist in the Chinese press, then you are only a little amateur who isn’t serious.

It is the basis of all career-building in China, even sports. And yes, unlike the West, appearing there is essential!

-Open a WeChat account

Chinese Facebook, with its one billion daily users, will allow you to broadcast videos, images, texts and other types of content at an incredible speed.

More concretely, here is what you should do if you are looking for a football agent:

The first step in WeChat is to create your official account to gather people who will be interested in what you do, and also to share your content. By feeding your account with content, you will create the equivalent of your CV for your future recruiter. When he will be interested in your profile, you can be sure that he will be glad to see that you already have a WeChat official account and he will go through it to know more about you. So, make sure to keep your account clean and good!

  • WeChat brochure

A WeChat brochure is a simple web page where you can find information about anything and everything. This feature is usually used by brands to introduce new products to Chinese consumers. But why not be original? Use it to make your introduction, show your skills and say loud and clear what you are looking for!

  • WeChat Group

Many different types of WeChat groups exist: for fashion, games, skincare products, housing, or even studies! There also exist some WeChat groups about sports where you can make contacts and get in touch with professionals! It could be a good step for your first contact. Initiate a conversation with your brochure to introduce yourself and get in touch with people who could link you to serious opportunities.

-Open a Weibo account shows you are quite famous.

Chinese Twitter, with over 500 million daily users. Perfect for delivering marketing content to a large audience too. This platform also makes it possible to use the KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) strategy. Choosing the right KOL, will give you access to an already well-built fan base that can enjoy your work.

It’s an ideal platform to promote yourself. By creating your official Weibo account and doing a KOL collaboration, you can increase your visibility significantly.

It is thanks to these tools that you will have great visibility for a certain period of time. This will allow agents to see what you are capable of, know who you are, and ultimately contact you.

To be sure that your content and your accounts relay the exact image that you want to spread, the GMA team can support you in these processes to draw the maximum potential and thus bring you much better visibility.

Choose your football agent

Whichever method or methods you will have chosen, once you have answers or offers, you will need to choose the right agent.

First, check the liabilities of the agents with whom you have contact. Do they have successful former players? Do they have a license? These are points that can be very important when you know that “intermediaries” or “advisers” pretend to be real players’ agents when they are in reality scammers.

Once the essentials are verified, your list of agents will certainly be reduced and you can then take the remaining offers seriously.

Meet football agents and decide on one

Now it’s a question of meeting the last remaining agents to find out who is right for you.

Schedule meetings and prepare the questions you want to ask.

Take more interest in him. How long has he been an agent? Can you see his license? Who did he accompany? Where are they today?

Then discuss your potential future relationship. Did he understand what level you have? How far can he take you? Will he provide you with a physical trainer? What about his commission?

These are just a few examples to guide your interview, but keep in mind that you and your agent may not speak the same language.

That is why being accompanied by the GMA will certainly be your best asset in the search and find your agent in China!

We are the GMA:

-A cosmopolitan International-Chinese team

-70 digital professionals in China

-More than 750 clients carried out in a wide variety of fields

-An accompaniment from your country to China in the best conditions

We support experienced or emerging professionals to carry out their projects in China.

Do you want to start in China and find this agent who is waiting for you? Do not delay any longer and call us, we will help you make it happen!


  • Michael

    Do you get 12 years boys

  • Hie
    I am Craig 23 yrs old. I am in Harare Zimbabwe, I play soccer and have won some accolades before. Need to play in China, poland, turkey or Dubai.
    Do not hesitate to contact me on this email address gabrielrorema@gmail.com

  • Erickson

    Hello Guys hope you all are doing great! i used to play semiprofessional and am looking for a team in Beijing to play! If you know how to help me pls add my WeChat ⚽️

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    My name is chima okoro am 24yrs old am a footballer from Nigeria looking for am agent in China to help me achieve my goals

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    Hello I’m Gwinyai Michael Chari from Zimbabwe. I’m 17 years old and I wish to have in contact with any football club so as to achieve my goal as a famous phenomenon striker

  • I am a Cameroonian who’s 17 years old, I am a right footer. I am looking for a football agent who could groom me in creating a legacy

  • I am a Cameroonian who’s 17 years old, I am a right footer. I am looking for a football agent who could groom me in creating a legacy

  • Please help me am a Nigerian ,I want to play attacking midfielder, in Paris saint German please I love that club,my number is +2348020636175

  • Usman Lucky

    I’m Lucky i i was born and i grew up in Nigeria all my life i have played my best as a defensive midfielder i played for my school and local team

  • Good day Sir. My name is Soky Douglas. I’m a footballer. My positions rightfull-back and defensive midfield . My game philosophy is attacking defending and three touches. I like to play a professional football in any of the United Arab Emirates. Mostly China. If given an opportunity I’ll be greatfull.

  • Mansour alonso faye

    My name is mansour alonso faye I’m from the Gambia and my is age 17 I like to have a good agent who will reach me my biggest dream.

  • Eshun Paapa

    I am a very good footballer in Ghana west Africa
    And I will like to be part of China national football team

  • Kasule caleb

    Hello am kasule Caleb from Uganda am looking for a soccer agent am aged 21 for more information and contact me on +256789328025 thanks

  • ir/Madam This is to inform you that i am ex-player,now working as a players scout.We are into scouting and management of young, skillful and talented tested football players and other sports too.As you already know that the world is blessed with a lot of many of young, good, sports men and womens with skillful & talented players who can play good football anywhere in the world.But looking ways or where to showcase their talents for the world to see.I will like to be your organization scout.also i can get you good coaches,male and female in other sports too.if your are intrested you can contact me.Also you can check this mewly registed fc,website-www.ajunitedstarsfc.com, for more information about me as the club team manager. waiting your reply Yours in Sports. Thanks Rasaq Bature

  • Nwabueze chukwuma clement

    My name is chukwuma clement nwabueze I from nigerian I am looking for football agent my number is 08164382197

  • Charles

    I am a foreign student in china a captain for my University in Hangzhou
    and I am looking for an agent to help me enter the super league-wechat 15558127892

  • Aniifeanyi

    Hello sir My name is Anita Kelvin
    Am a footballer I want you to help me find an agent from china
    Contact me with +23408132715727

  • Patrick

    Hello my name is Pat. I am a soccer star been playing since elementary school played through high school and college. I now reside in the United State. It my dream to someday to play as a professional level soccer. I am 28 now and I can make it in a professional team in Chinese and determine and ready to play. Call me +1414-499-1303 or email- patrickopara4u@gmail.com. If there is any legit agent out there call now. Any I am Pat. God bless thanks!

    • We will contact you. You have to get a minimum awareness to have a chance in China

      • Hafsa chkhiro

        Hello my name is hafsa chkhiro ,im 21years old Moroccan living currently in china ,i spent 3years in professional football with female Moroccan team , and im looking to pursue the career i started ,don’t hesitate to contact me anytime ,im looking forward to hear from you.
        Wechat :hafsa_chkhiro
        Email: hafsachkhiro02@gmail.com

      • Alpha Amadu Bangura

        I’m Alpha Amadu Bangura from Sierra Leone, I’m presently in china at the EAST CHINA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY NANCHANG my dream was to play football in china. I need a team to join so that I can explore my talent in football

      • Am AGR 20 years old from Kenya..current at Gor mahia Youth academy looking to advance my talents.. Please

      • Jermaine

        are you still keen on finding new talent?

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      • Please I have a good footballe talent contact me +2347044259915

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  • Hello,
    Good evening sir I’m samba from Gambia I’m 20 years old my dream is to sing professional contract one day, I have struggled a lot recently am in Italy.
    I have played in Italy here but i don’t have the chance to play for the big clubs the main reasons for that is because I don’t have chance to have trailer with big team and there is no one who is helping me am doing it alone.

  • Hello sir I am very good front striker I scores very well I have big dreams in football but I don’t have any one to sponsor me please am here i have my own football video I can show you please call me+2347044259915 or +2349058567551 you can also chat me on Whatsapp thanks

  • Hello sir am a good front striker I scores very well I have a big dreams in football +2347044259915 you can call me or chat

    josephuchechukwu56@gmail.com my email

    • Am in Kenya and I want an agent to organise me a trials in China or any Asian countries.

  • I really want to play football in league and I am only 21 but I didn’t find any clubs to play

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    Am Philip from Nigeria. Am. 19years old, Am left footed . Love playing football and I have the dreams of becoming one.. I can play right wing but my best wing is center forward.. Am looking for and agent to make my dreams come true… You won’t regret it!

  • Adil Elbadwi

    Dear Sir
    Good day

    I am Football Coatch location in Sudan having good relation with many Football Academy and Player Football Manager for Young players I beleive if they get chance to play in any club they will show their talent and be usefull to that club , and they can market them later by higher amounts .
    Hence , if your orginiztion envolve in this I am ready to cooperate by sending you full info of young player or even proffesional African player who did not get chance to show their abilty outside for marjeting them worlwide and in name in Europ.
    Waiting your response .

    Best Regards
    Adil Elbadwi

  • Ali Makvandi


    I played in Iran for prominent teams such as Esteghlal Khuzestan and Persepolis Tehran, which is one of the best and most powerful teams in Asia, and now we are in the finals of the Asian Games. You can see the team rankings in Asia and the world.
    I want to continiue playing football in Europe.
    Can you help me in this way?

  • Blackman

    Hello.. Steven
    I am a player. I am left footed with a fierce shot. I can play in several positions. Left wing, right wing, as a striker, and as a creative play maker. I am very fast with the ball (capable of running 100 meters in 13 seconds) and very good with dribbling.

  • Hello
    We are an agent and we are searching new player with talent and sens of personal branding for play and sponsor campaign in China.

    Please contact me

    • Im currently in china since 2018 I’ve been playing for university and some tournaments for Chinese team. Im very athletic fast, fit, right footed and can play in every position but better in middle field and wing. I’ve so many videos that will prove how good im in football

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      I want to play football in one club 🏟️

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    • Abraham AROME ARUWA

      Hi I am an attacker contact me on WhatsApp +234 07044225228

    • Nwankwo uchenna Emmanuel

      I’m in Nigerian feature eagle player my rightful back I’m 18 years of age I will be happy if you reply back thank you sir

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      Good afternoon
      Hw are u doing

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    • benjamin

      hello am a player and i have the qualities you described and am in china if any opportunity please contact me on 13114774071

    • Ezekiel Adebiyi

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    • Mohammed Bashiru Gariba

      I have players some have done trails in Ukraine

    • Phumlani Gumede

      Hello sir I am South Africa I am currently looking for an agent that can help me play in China I have played South African premier league for four seasons and first division two seasons

    • Good day,

      My name is Eletu Sodiq Adetomiwa . Am 16 years of age,I was brought into the world 21st of may 2004,I just completed secondary school .my contact (07018923500 or 07055049994).my email address is (tomiwaeletu@gmail.com). I began playing football when I was 11 then at 13 years old I got into my school’s football crew I played in panther 7 aside here in Nigeria we came third out of 16 schools in which I had 7 help and 9 goals.It was truly serious however it indicated me football is a thing you must be focused on and at 15 years old I played some inviting matches my school facilitated I scored 2 objectives each in the game which made my game expert certain about me since I demonstrated him I can be the school group captain.the name of my school is chalcedony. Have additionally played in rivalries facilitated by hone the saw and green springs. I can play as an assaulting midfielder and as a left winger.if am to state which I am most likely more alright with I would state a left winger. I utilize the two feet however my favored foot is my correct foot. Am quick, solid and all around focused about football.I realize that I can demonstrate the best of me for the world to see . These are the reasons why I love football.

      Initially football is a game for entertainment only and with serious game players. I focus on the objective of continually wining cause I don’t go for the sky I focus on the moon. I was the chief in the last rivalry I went for with my school. As a chief I needed to accompany the accept to ensure every one of my colleagues are being empowered. This since staying with winning soul while loosing or wining is significant. Assurance to win and to put a grin on the mentor’s face.

      Football is a focused game. I might want to reveal to you a short anecdote about me. mum is the just a single I got and she doesmy not have faith in me turning into an expert football one-day my mum is likewise one reason why I am so enlivened to be at my absolute best at what am acceptable at to be pleased with my on the grounds that she is a single parent. my mum has been doing all my financials in spite of she is on hunkers. please I might simply want to discover alot more about the prerequisites so am certain am completely ready for what’s to come.

      Much obliged to you for your time dedicated in perusing my content .


      Send your wechat or email

      • Please help me am a Nigerian ,I want to play attacking midfielder, in Paris saint German please I love that club

    • We don’t know how to contact you, please can you give us the number for us to call or WhatsApp

    • Briggford a gibson

      Hello Sir, I am a soccer player currently in China , Nanjing city. From Liberia, I am a midfielder and I’m 6’5.

    • Faruq Taambu

      Hello sir I am very good front striker I scores very well I have big dreams in football but I don’t have any one to sponsor me please am here i have my own football video I can show you please call me+23408148807805or my china no 17624090250 you can also chat me on Whatsapp thanks

    • Owusu Ansah Ansah

      How can we contact you Mr seven. There’s contact showing please

    • Please sir am here a good front striker I scores very well please my email address is josephuchechukwu56@gmail.com

    • Hello sir. How do we contact you sir?

      • Hello sir I am very good front striker I scores very well I have big dreams in football but I don’t have any one to sponsor me please am here i have my own football video I can show you please call me+2347044259915 or +2349058567551 you can also chat me on Whatsapp thanks

      • Dolores Admin

        Hello Salim,

        You can contact-us here
        Looking forward to hearing from you ^-^

        • Nwankwo uchenna Emmanuel

          I’m in Nigerian feature eagle player my rightful back I’m 18 years of age I will be happy if you reply back thank you sir

    • Rabi kuikel

      I really want to play football in league and I am only 21 but I didn’t find any clubs to play.
      I can play in every position

      • Sayed Hassan

        Dibba Al-Hisn Sports Club, United Arab Emirates is open once again for “Football Trials & Possible Signing” of foreign players.

        Contact us with below WhatsApp Number or Email address for your “Trial Application Form”….

        WhatsApp: +971522927012….Email:  agent@dibbaalhisnsc.com

    • tat joel

      pls can i get your number, i will like to work with you

    • ojieriakhi emmanuel

      i am a professional player and I’m currently in UAE now

    • Sally M Changaya

      Hello I am a player looking for an agent

      • Abraham AROME ARUWA

        Hi I am a player contact me on +234 07044225228 on WhatsApp

  • I am very talented footballer from Ghana and I really like to work with the agency so that I can achieve my dream since my the bread winner in my family

  • Mr Owolabi Olanrewaju Toba

    Hello Sirs…. How are you doing… I’m Olanrewaju from Nigeria. Am Team Manager of OYINLOLA ROYAL ACADEMY FC… We have a lot of good player’s with good skills… We are looking for Good agent from china.. Please Contact me if there is any questions you wanna ask me… +2348036897307 0r +2347025095562

  • Umar Umar Muhammad

    Looking for an agent who will help ke

    • Adeyemi Kehinde olalekan

      I am Adeyemi Olalekan Kehinde, a football Psychologist with a public University in Nigeria since 2003. I have a master’s degree in sports Psychology, a diploma certificate equivalent in football coaching and also a certificate in football Psychology from English Football Association in UK.
      Looking for a club in China to work with as a football Psychologist to help the players in mental training for uptimal performance.

  • hello, i have an Algerian professional player and would like to help him to play in biggest club in china
    he is striker and play maker

  • I am footballer I can play very well but no agent to help me

  • Super article GMA.
    really like the content and how to market it.

  • As when Neymar integrated the French football team, some football players leave their home country team to join overseas teams. This brings them some experience and new knowledge that they would maybe never have learned if they didn’t leave their former team.

    Of course, if you are not Neymar and if you don’t have any network there, it is hard to get a contract in China. That’s why it seems logical to me to be accompanied in this process.

    • Robert sam

      I own football club in Ghana and I have produced great players in national level and I want to work with agent from China, these are some of the players I produce to internationally, Thomas partey of arsenal, Jonas Osabutey wonder Bremen Joseph Painctil Genk. Currently the best player of the national under20 in Ghana is my player. Call EVANS osei wusu, I can send you video if I get your contact

      • Faruq Taambu

        Hello am a player looking for an agent who will help me

    • Nahindorera Armel

      I need to get chinise agent I live in China I am the African player I’m looking for the football team I have 22 age

  • I’m French and am very interested about football agents. Here, some football agent schools exist, and getting spotted is a quite different story compared to China.
    Everything takes place in apps and social platforms in China, which can be beneficial for football players since it may be easier for them to reach agents through digital accounts, brochure, or groups as you mentioned!

    • Chigozie Gift Nwaebi

      I am a footballer am 17 years old playing in South Africa am looking for agent that can take me to the next level of my soccer carrier
      Pls contact me

    • Patrik Balaz

      Hello my name is patrick balaz i am 18 year old and i live in london and my nationality is slovakia and i want to ask if u can give me chance i play as left winger because i like to attack and score goals

    • Simon obboth

      Hello, am simon obboth from uganda and i am 16 years, am looking for an agent in china

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