What is the best alternative to Telegram for trading company in china?

Telegram is a popular app in the trading market with many tools available from communication to electronic payment. However, as you already know China never does as the rest of the world, and telegram as good as it is is not widely used here.

If this seems like a barrier, don’t worry too much cause this is not one. Indeed, China already has an app with services relatively similar to Telegram. The app is more than an app, an institution really. Yes, I’m talking about WeChat.

Why is WeChat the better option for foreign trading companies in China?

Simple answer: Telegram is ridiculously small in China when compared to Wechat.

First, let’s see an example of a transaction via telegram :

  1. After seeing your advertisement users click on it and is redirected to your telegram channel
  2. Telegram bot link is provided in the channel (Channels are a sort of one-way messaging where admins only are able to post messages)
  3. By clicking on the bot, users are subscribed
  4. Bot Can identify each unique user using the user-id
  5. The bot sends a personal message to users and takes administrative action in the channel
  6. When users click on the link provided by the bot, they are redirected to your website landing page
  7. That link contains the USER ID of the user that clicked on it
  8. After paying, users get an invitation message to join your channel
  9. User clicks on the message link’s and can join your private channel
  10. The bot has the admin ownership of the channel and can remove users from the channel after the payment term ends
  11. The Bot will reset the channel setting ex. Reset the channel invite link so that it is invalid after one use joins

Can you achieve the same with WeChat?

Well, Let’s see:

  1. The user receives a WeChat Bot-profile QR code to scan and add the Bot as a WeChat contact (they become WeChat Friend).
  2. The Bot will run an automatic Q/A with the user and assign him/her to the right WeChat Group (Public or Private/Paid)
  3. The Bot can send the payment methods to the User directly (Alipay or WeChat Pay QR codes) or redirect the user to the Payment page on your Chinese Website.
  4. Wechat Bot can manage and moderate users. They are allowed to remove users who didn’t renew their payment after their subscription time to the service ended. The Bot will also send reminders to users’ personal WeChat to renew their subscription.
  5. Because WeChat groups have a limit of 500 members, we usually create many groups. In your case,  two types of WeChat groups: Public ones for the free insights and Paid ones for the paid service.
  6. One Bot Can manage up to 5000 users.

Solution 1: Cost-efficient for trading companies to get started in China:

  • 10k RMB per Bot/year
  • 9k RMB per QRCode/Year (Dynamic QR codes for the WeChat Groups)
  • 5k RMB per Month for the system management (GMA fees)


Solution 2: Wechat CRM

The process described above can be done with the setting of a WeChat CRM (it includes the opening of an official service account). Below a picture of a CRM to give you an idea of what it looks like

Price: 100k RMB one-time fee.

What is Wechat CRM?

The use of WeChat as a broadcasting tool has been slowly evolving into a nurturing and customer service/management one aka a Social CRM.

Wechat is a primary communication tool in China, a country where SMS and Emailing are not used nearly as much as anywhere else in the west. Thus, being the main communication tool for many brands and businesses.

The app can easily be integrated into a website, eCommerce shop, mini-program, making it a favorite when it comes to (social) CRM in China.

The best definition of social CRM would be a CRM that uses social media services to understand and interact in a smart way with customers.

Social CRM Benefits:
  • Regular interactions with Customers/Followers
  • Deeper Customers understanding = trust-building
  • High ROI – Customers behavior tracking on social media
  • Higher engagement rate via segmentation and targeted tools.

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