What do Chinese girls think of french cosmetics’ brands ?


“Made in France” is world renowned for its quality. France is seen as an innovative country and has still a good image in Asia. Very popular as a touristic destination, France is a country seen as genuine, and very famous for Paris and its luxury boutiques.

France is a country admired in many sectors such as food, cosmetics and fashion. The French luxury shops are often filled with Asian tourists. The biggest spenders in France are Asian tourists. Purchases of Chinese tourists abroad are impressive as they spend an average of € 1,470 in France per day.

Is the “Made in France” promised to a bright future in China?

It may be the case especially in luxury goods and cosmetics which are fields where France has comparative advantages. “China does not seek to have any trade surplus. She wants to import more French products “according to the Chinese chief of state, Li Keqiang in Beijing.

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An increasingly coveted market

The cosmetics market in China is very dynamic. The industry has experienced an average increase of 13% since 2001.

The market is 80% owned by foreign companies.

The advantage of China is that the local competition is very low. Chinese consumers do not have confidence in local stores, so it is very difficult for local brands to enter the cosmetics market.

France is well positioned for premium products.

For more information, please see the article on the cosmetics market in China.

Here is a video explaining the success of the “Made in France”:



Chinese often associate France cosmetics and perfumes. French cosmetics and perfumes are both sen as innovative and upscale. Chinese appreciate that French cosmetics are sold in their own city and see it as a sign of development and wealth.




“Made in France” is especially popular among Chinese consumers thanks to the talents of french experts who are present in China. We can think about the so called “noses” who are experts in fragrance testing. Chinese consumers like pedagogical brands and they appreciate the french tradition when it comes to luxury goods.

For instance we can think about Peritesco which is an independent biomedical laboratory specialized in cosmetology directed by Marc Pericoi Doctor of Toxicology, which opened its first unit in China in 2012.

This unit of 600 m2 based in Pudong, includes a clinical research center and a marketing department.

The laboratory Peritesco has been the European leader in term of ophthalmic and dermatological tests for over 15 years.

For more information, visit the website or the website www.peritesco.com and  Beauty Profession.

Chinese women do not hesitate to invest money in upscale cosmetics, which allows French companies to sell their products at higher prices.

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