China Vogue now under the Governement’s pressure

At the end of March, a new monthly magazine will be launched with China’s Millennials as its target. The magazine’s title is “Vogue Me” inspired by Chinese language Mini app launched the last year and is only the new name of China Vogue. The target’s magazine belong to a particular class of young people named “post-Nineties”.

While older Chinese are sentitive to the government mind,  this young people are only attracted by “cool” things and really don’t care about authority opinions.


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Vogue Me: How it all started

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China’s Millennials are young people who are 24 as those around 15,16 years old. Indeed, post-Nineties appoint more an attitud than ages. We find within it the coolest young people who are creating the new Chinese trends, tendencies and culture. Vogue China’s editor in chief, Angelica Cheung could called its Girls or teens magazine, but don’t ! Actually, “Vogue Me” doesn’t describe only girls or teenagers, but an attitud or a mentality to adopt. You can have 30 and belong to the post-nineties class !

Cheung is part of this generation, and see people like her in this category. Chinese people like and admire her attitud and style. Thus, in this 200 pages magazine, we can see China’s Millennial’s culture’s reflect. The new magazine hopes to get as many readers as China Vogue: the famous media is read by 1.8 millions people.

Angelica Cheung: How Angelica Cheung silenced critics by tailoring Vogue to Chinese tastes

The digital concept of Vogue

Last year, China Vogue created is own digital app named “Vogue Mini app” whose content appeals to 600 000 followers belonging to a younger target than China Vogue and 700 000 after the suscription to Wechat app. This success convinced Cheung to create a new real magazine in order to please the same audience.

Nevertheless, China Vogue’s editor in chief did not really follow the Chinese government’s restrictions about online publication and its content. Indeed, while “Vogue Me” was born in China, the government applied the same rules regarding online medias than for informations came from Western countries. Even more, online media operation is more and more difficult in China.

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Foreign companies: beware of new regulations in China

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology restricted companies which are partly foreigners from publishing any content online in China without grovernment’s approval. Indeed, since March 10th, the Chinese government wants to control and approve the content online including videos, photos, games, animation, maps,  coming from foreign countries. That’s why it will be more difficult for foreign or partly foreign-owned media, internet or entertainment to penetrate the Chinese market. In addition, these rules involved many complications for Chinese companies to import medias.

This will have an impact for new organizations and their way to work. Therefore, they have to be prepared to this kind of restrictions and finding solution doesn’t seem to be difficult. But now, Chinese government looks to be more carefully than ever concerning informations and news censors.

Foreign companies are blocked and belong to a banned list such as New York times for critizing government. Others can be blocked during few days, few month and more. That means they cannot advertise their audience. Then, bad consequences are very huge for this new companies.

Political demand for all media in China

The president calls upon the Chinese medias to follow the Chinese Communist Party leadership in “Thought, politics and action”. That means all media have to reflect the safeguard government and authority. Party’s media must love and protect the Chinese leadership.

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