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Weibo management

Weibo Management

More than 130,000 companies have opened their Weibo accounts. It’s a big number, however, if the accounts are not well managed, it will be a waste. It happens to many companies.


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To understand what the problem with your Weibo management is, you’d better ask yourself the following question first:


What’s good Weibo management?

It’s not an easy question to answer; different companies will give different answers. Different people will give different KPI to classify how successful a Weibo is. No matter what KPI they put, their focuses are the same: index that can show the influence of the Weibo on the targets.

A well managed Weibo account can lead target people like it and then like the brand.

It’s like glue that can stick your brand in your customers’ mind in a sweet way.

How to make people like your account

The first step is to attract people to the Weibo account and keep them.

Firstly, you need to find out where your targets are and what they like. Then make a strategy catering for their taste. For different targets, the strategies can be very different.

For example, the main targets for Durex are young and dynamic guys and they like spicy joke, while the targets for L’Oréal  are young girls, who want to be more beautiful, and they like tips about how to makeup. So Durex opens an account with a funny nick name “dudu” and always put spicy jokes on their Weibo.


L'Oreal China


And for L’Oréal, its account is very serious and most news they put on their Weibo are sweepstakes events. They are way different in strategy, but we can say they are both good in Weibo management. For Durex, they get attention from millions of fans on Weibo and Durex will fill the minds of its fans that regularly check the information from Durex. While for L’Oréal, every time they have new products to promote, they could use Weibo to spread the news about it to millions of its fans and participants of its events.


How to let people like your products

After reaching your target, you will face the difficulty in turning your targets into customers. There are two major tools to get this target: content and event.

Take Durex and L’Oréal again as example, Durex combines its product characteristic and interesting topic to feed their targets humors with good image of products. In this way, targets get influenced by the brand unconsciously, so when they go to pharmacy for condoms, Durex will for sure get more favor.


Durex weibo DP


Let’s also see what L’Oréal does: compared with Durex, they don’t push so hard to develop keep their community but they make more efforts in promoting their products. Every time they have products, they just promote them on Weibo in way of sweepstakes so their targets will use their products and that’s the most important thing for cosmetics because user experience is the most convincing thing. And after they try the new products, they will put their comments on Weibo by themselves. So L’Oréal can turn their targets via the friends of those targets in this way.

As the online marketing tool that changes all the time, there are no rules in Weibo management. However, the main target of Weibo marketing is clear: to reach your target and let them like your brand.

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