Chinese people are the most connected population. They live and breathe with social media. Everytime, they look, post, search somethings. The new generation is called chinese digital natives. The increase of the access to information and the travels have open their minds. They want to break their routine and be surprising everyday.

If you want to become a big company in China, you need to know how chinese market works. Choosing the right strategy and applying in China is very complicated. Given the paramount importance of chinese social media, you have to get acquainted with Weibo.



Weibo is one of the most famous social media platform in China. In the chinese language, the word ‘Weibo’ (微博) means ‘microblog’. It refers to mini-blogging services in China. That’s why the platform is called Weibo.

Launched in 2010 Weibo, is concidered as Twitter in our countries. It’s a unique platform in China, where users can express oneself. Due to the strict censorship of media in China, Weibo is quickely become a favorite among a wide range of the chinese people. Government and police have account to communicate and receive information.

Weibo is more evoluated than Twitter because you can writte long post (10.000 characteres) and customize your post, add videos, pictures… In addition, Weibo supasse its competitor in the number of daily active users.

It’s a social media very appreciated by users and also by celebrities and businesses.



The weibo audience is very diverse and versatile.

  • Individuals who use weibo for entertainment.
  • Business companies who are looking to see if they will do business in China.
  • Journalists (monitored weibo every day, seach new ideas, do investigative reporting…).
  • Media, to obtain and give information.
  • Celebrities who want to communicate whith their fans.
  • KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) also to communicate with their communities and give trends and advices.
  • Companies that use weibo to reach out to chinese consumers, analyze their audience, promote their brands.
  • Government to supervise information and also send information.



Weibo is an effective tool to establish your presence in China.

Many foreign companies have weibo account to communicate with their fans, announce products launching…  Big firms such as L’Oreal, Unilever, Louis Vuitton or Coca-Cola have official account.

The goals of most of this companies is to customer-focused and business-driven.


Be on this social media allow you to understand and know the chinese consumer who are very different of the others. It’s the key to perform on this market.

It also allow you to :

  • Interacte with your consumers.
  • Increase your brand recognition by using weibo.
  • Send content to increase your visibility (pictures, advertising, videos…).
  • Seizing opportunities to convert users to customers.
  • Boost your presence in China to attract new customers.


Weibo need to be included in any marketing strategy when you do business in China because it’s the most powerfull social media.



Weibo account of Renmin

You can do 2 different types of weibo account :

  • a personal account.
  • a company account.


A personal account is only for individuals. Everybody can create a weibo account, even the foreigners can register on weibo and use their account.

If you are a business, a corporation or an organization, it’s a bit different. You need to create a company account. Because weibo is one of the most consulted platform, you need to inclued weibo in your marketing strategy.


If you want to start the weibo adventure, go on this page and fill out the form. If you are an individual, you will receive a pop-up to verify your account via a mobile phone number.

If you are a company, the process is mildly different.



At the begining it’s easy, fill your name, a little introduction of your company, insert links, include your contacts and logo.

After that, it’s a bit more complicated, you have to registered your company.


As with wechat, you have different options to register your company.



  • Verifying an account as a local company

If you are a chinese company, it’s easy and free to verified your account. You just need to provide the following documents for the verification:

– Official name.

– Registered address as stated in the documents of incorporation.

– An email address.

– Business license (registration number of your business license, company’s adress, postcode, set-up date…).

– Copies of company’s license and certificates.


Go to the weibo verifying website and follow the instruction to confirm your registration. It takes 5 business days to confirm the process of verification. After that you will have an official weibo account.


  • Verifying an account via a distributor

If your trademark is registered in China via a distributor, you have to verify your weibo account via your official distributor. It’s also free, but your distributor can request some expenses.

You need to provide the following documents for the verification:

– Certificate of dealership to prove the legitimacy of your distributor.

– Chinese business license of your distributor.


Go to the weibo verifying website and follow the instruction to confirm your registration. It takes 7 business days to confirm the process of verification. After that you will have an official weibo account.


  • Foreign verification

If your company is not registered in China, the process is longer and more expensive. You will have to pay fee which depend on your country. On average you will pay between US$800 and USD$1,100. It could be more.

You need to provide the following documents for the verification:

– All of the company’s registration documents and business licenses and their chinese translations.

– Application Letter and Third Party Authorization letter that should include the company’s seal and/or legal person’s signature.

– Purchase order form.

– Official website URL.

– Detailed introduction to the company’s products or services.

– Operation person or team contact information.


You have to send all the documents to this adress : It takes 3 business days to confirm the process of verification. You have to pay the fee for the verification of your foreign company. After that you will have an official weibo account.


It’s very important to have a verified account (when it’s done you will have a V-logo for Verified on your weibo site) because it prove to users that you are not an impostor. Chinese users, because of all the scandals and conterfeit are watchful of this. Verification has become a powerful way to gain trust. Furthermore, verification also ensures that your identity is well protected by the Weibo social media.



The particularity of weibo is that you can have different level of account. Every account displays the level next to the name. It shows the number of days the account owner has been using the platform and for how long. If the user is often on weibo, he will faster reach the next level.


You can also have a VIP status for a fee. VIP accounts have little crown next to the username. Many celebrities have this status.



The company account have more services than personal account. With your company account, you have a dashboard to manage your content and pages. You can also personalized page display to choose the best way to attract customers. Weibo offers also a data analyze with more than 60 types of data to analyze the performance of the page. You can conduct the analysis on three levels: posts, fans, and followed accounts. It’s a very useful tool to improve your marketing strategy.


Because, there are more and more creation of companies accounts, weibo decided to create new option. Weibo developed the “Enterprise Weibo Page” exclusively for corporate users of the Weibo social media platform. This application allows corporates to better leverage Weibo for business purposes. It also allow you to explore explore business opportunities and build meaningful contacts on Weibo. It become easily to collect customer feedback and respond to their questions.



Weibo, is today the most important social media in China and maybe of the world. In February 2017, Weibo’s market capitalization exceeded Twitter’s, and its user numbers are more important than Twitter.

If you want to establish you presence in China or just boost your presence you have to be on social media like weibo. You need to contact specialists of the chinese market to help you boost your brand in China.

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