After the « A4 Challenge », can the social networks go further in putting lives in danger?


The social networks became the perfect platform in order to lauch new trends as smart as stupid it can be. Few months earlier the world of social networks were the witness of a new trend : The A4 Challenge

The point of this trend was to take a picture of yourself with a A4 paper in front of your belly and it has to be thinner  than the larger of the A4 paper (21*29.7cm). This challenge became so famous or more precisely, it was the latest craze to sweep on social media and prey on women’s neuroses about their bodies is the « paper thin » trend.

To be « qualified », if the terme can be used in this cas, the women must not have a waist that was wider than the piece of paper and it has to be hold vertically, so the belly could not exceed 21 cm.



Social Media Contests in China !

In China, it is kind of normal to have his weight on social networks and also have commentaries about it. A Chinese Journalist experimented this in the end of 2015.

However using only one size to define all human kind and thinking a new standard has been created is arrogant and foolish, isn’t it ?

That why « trolls » surfed on that wibe and take a lot of pleasure to make some joke about this new « trend ».

A4 troll

Does it stop their ?

Of course not, that is the point of trends. When one is becoming less famous, another emerge by push the limits a bit more.

So, what is the new beauty trend on Chinese Social Networks ?

Since last march, a new trend rise on Chinese social Media. The quest to find the most mind-boggling ways to measure their beauty has almost no limit.
Now, the goal is to measure the body by measure the knees with an iPhone. Is it a conspiracy made by the famous brand with an apple or a new marketing strategy, who knows ?

The fact is the « iPhone 6 legs’ Challenge » is born. All the women have to do is squeezing their knees and putting their phone on top. After, they have to take a picture if the iPhone on the top fo their knees and share it on Social Media. The point of this is to have the knees completely covered by the phone.

So what ? Sharing thinner knees on social media is it important ?
Apparently yes  because the « iPhone Legs’ challenge » trended with over 67 millions views and around 50 000 comments in few time.


So how this facts could be interpreted ?

In fact, this trends and challenges could appear really stupid, however by a psychology point of view, these new bahavior could be interpreted.

Chinese people and especially the new generation are becoming more and more connected and hungry of premium quality, good looking,  fashion and to be recognised like this. That is why new trends emerged and new behavior to show it though.

So, what do we know ?


As everyone did, brands and users watched this pictures of females with their iPhone or A4 paper. Brands allready know what the customers want and how to communicate with them.

However nobody (brands & agencier) think about creating their own buzz about this vibes. This trends we saw can be inspiring. For example, showing to customers how they can take a wonderful picture of them. Or better, brands can organise shooting photos and show to every  customers that they are beautiful. With a good communication strategy, brands could generate traffic, meet directly their prospects and customers and have some « fresh » feedbacks.

Buzz in a marketing strategy could be used ? Indeed, that is the point of Buzz Marketing which is a viral marketing technique. It is focused on maximizing the word-of-mouth potential of a particular campaign or product. It can be found through users communication on social networks.


An example could be a brand which decides to promote a product by using some kinds of event centered around a show or stunt of some kind where consumer scan try the product and they are encouraged to share their experiences with their private circle because the event is special, unique and they feel concerned about it.

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