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Weibo, one the Chinese most famous social network, is the must-know tool for the marketers who want to engage in Chinese digital marketing area. The result you could get from Weibo marketing in China is like you do digital marketing on Instagram or Twitter outside China. However, to do advertise on Weibo is a complicated skill to master due to its various ad options and functions. Consequently, this article will try to explain the different type of ads on Weibo via its functions. It may help you to understand Weibo more deeply and make a comprehensive decision about which kind of Weibo ads is suited to your needs.


We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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Weibo is now one of the biggest advertising platform in China

weibo Advertising
weibo Advertising


  1. Banner Advertisements
  2. Weibo Search Engine Promotion
  3. Fan Headline (“Fanstop”)
  4. Fan Tunnel


This is the advertising at the top of their website and mobile APP pages. The banner advertising is more like a backlink that leads you to the advertiser’s homepage when you click it.

Weibo Search Engine Promotion

On the discover page of Weibo, there is a search tool to help users find what they look for. The point that marketers need to pay attention to is Weibo search bar they like to provide the hot search list and the ads search keyword will be listed on the top within a tag “promotion”. If your keywords are hot already, you may not need to pay too much for it. If not, you may need to spend more money on it. But it is worthy for your awareness.

Fan Headline

Fan Headlines is the other quite popular option for advertising on Weibo. It can promote your account or the content you post on Weibo directly or via other famous Accounts. And the promotion is quick and efficient. Moreover, the Fan Headlines are updated daily and have a different column based on your target users. The Fan Headlines could be defined in three different types:

  1. Fan Headline for Posts

If you seek for more views for your posts, it is the efficient way to promote your Weibo posts. This type of headlines always on the top of users’ homepages when they open their Weibo and haven’t fresh their homepages yet.

Except to promote your detail-made Weibo posts to your existing followers, you could be pushed to the potential followers based on the followers you already have and the industry or interests that your account was defined by Weibo at the time when you registered. For example, if you want to promote a post about cosmetics, Fan Headline might select some users who like to click cosmetics or relevant information and accounts on Weibo to push on their homepages. In another way, you could select one to five relevant accounts that push your posts to the users who followed them.

  1. Fan Headlines for Others’Posts

In progress of Fan Headlines for Others’ Posts is similar to the Fan Headline for Posts. The difference is you need to find someone else to share your post first, then put this post on the top of their follower’s homepages. Mostly, advertisers like to pay some Weibo KOLs to help them in this way, due to the large base of KOLs fans.

  1. Fan Headlines for Accounts

This method could help you stick on the recommend part of your potential followers. This way is efficient and could help you gain followers quickly. But the time-period is limited, like 72 hours.

Fan Tunnel

The progress of Fan Tunnel is similar to Fan Headline. However, Fan tunnel also promote accounts and APPs.

The Key Differences Between Fanstop and Fan Tunnel

From the description above, you can find out the most significant difference between Fanstop and Fan Tunnel is the target audience provide from these two.

Fan headlines aim to promote your posts and ads to your existing followers and the followers or the users related to your existing followers, who might be your potential followers.

Fan Tunnel could help you target a much larger group of Weibo users. It is not hard to understand because its based on the whole of Weibo’s users. To be efficient, you could set up the features of your target potential followers, like ages, gender, region, interests and so on. Fan Tunnel is for a specific and detailed way to promote your ads, posts or accounts on Weibo.

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  1. Interesting read and a great summary of Weibo.
    What is required opening a Weibo advertising account? I mean advertising on Instagram you just need to register your credit card and you are good to go, but weibo is in China… I assume there must be some registration and upfront costs. Would be nice if you could comment with a get start list

    1. Yes we use Fensitong (of course) . Difficult to explain, how it work.
      It is a place to put ads, with different options.

    1. Yes we can help you send us your Company information on our email.
      And it cost usually around 1000USD to Weibo and we charge 500USD for opening the account.

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