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Weibo, one of the Chinese most famous social networks, is a must-know tool for marketers who want to engage in the Chinese digital marketing area. The result you could get from Weibo marketing in China is like you do digital marketing on Instagram or Twitter outside China. Although there are many different microblog services in China, Weibo still is the hottest micro-blog APP. To the report by China Network Information Center recently, the number of registered Weibo users was around 600 million, with over 300 million monthly active users and over 130 million daily active users.

Weibo Advertising & Marketing

This article will help you know what is Weibo, how to use Weibo, and its functions on Weibo.

Register on Weibo: Personal Account and Official Account

Weibo has two different account types to sign in, which are a personal account and an official account. It is clear to see a personal account is for individuals and an official account is for some groups in society, like media, companies, organizations and so on.

Personal Account (for Personality and stars) 

People who want to sign in to a personal account, just need an active email address or phone number (only for China, HongKong, Macau. Taiwan, The United Station, Canada, Brazil, and Malaysia) that haven’t registered on Weibo or link to other exist Weibo accounts.

Official Account (For Brands)

The group who wants to apply for an official account needs to be verified their identification. In this part, you need to upload the documents that can prove your group is legal.

The Functions of Weibo


The reason that Weibo is popular in China is people can get much more news more convenient than before. It will be shown on their homepage when they follow different official accounts of newspapers and magazines. Even if they don’t follow newspapers and magazines, they also could find the hottest news and social topic on Weibo through Hot Channel.

The official account could posts products or information updates, pictures and videos regularly that can keep your account active and lift the exposure.

Posts, Interesting Photos 

Everyone can post every legal thing on Weibo. It also could be an efficient way for individual users to interact with their friends and family at any minutes and any second. For interaction, people can click like, dislike, share and even leave comments on the posts that they’ve seen.

Manage your Community

As we mentioned before, Weibo could help you keep in touch with your friend due to its real-time interaction and chatting function. Your friends and family also could know more about you through what you have shared, commented, liked and posted. For an official account, it is great for you to stick with your customers and understand their needs, and vice versa.

Weibo Advertising

Take Part in Campaigns

Taking part in a campaign could cheer up Chinese netizens. They have paid a lot of attention to this kind of thing. For them, It’s more like joining a big gathering for fun, just online. The price does not matter to the Chinese. Weibo campaign could help you increase your exposure very efficiently, and lead you to more followers to create a large customer group.

Event Marketing

Create Event is the Hot Trend for getting fans on Weibo in 2017. Creating an event is the best way to engage the community, distribute gifts and engage the community to create a viral effect.

Lyon Tourism Bureau for example creates an event every week and engages thousands of Chinese People every week with games.

Play with #HopTopics

In China, many Weibo users admit that they for addicted to Weibo. It might be mostly due to the functions of the hot topic. People can easily get the lasted hottest topics and join the discussion online. Within this function, you can gain information about what is the recent hot topic as well. Consequently, besides the official information, you can join the discussion with your customers and potential customers. If your comments are proper, they even could lift your Brand image and be famous.


This function was used to do some social surveys. Now, it’s more than that. Votes are also used in some campaigns as well. For example, vote for your idols, which one is the most handsome? For an official account, you could use the function to do the campaign or do a survey to understand your customers what they like and what they want.

Live Streaming, the new Weibo Feature 

Live streaming is a quite new function on Weibo. It is another function to keep bloggers interacting with fans in real time. This service is provided by YiZhiBo, which cooperates with Weibo. For an official account, it could be an efficient way to keep on real-time interaction with your followers. You also could invite some celebrities or KOLs to do a broadcast for you, which can attract more views and lift your exposure.

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    Hello Marketingtochina,
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      Hi Mickeal,
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      Weibo do not have Shop , it is usually link to Taobao/tmall store

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