This article will sump all your options in 2020 to promote your Business on WeChat. (and WeChat promotion is really not easy)


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How to Promote your Business Official Account on WeChat 

  1. WeChat Content: Make it Viral
  2. Promote New Post in WeChat Groups
  3. O2O: use your offline network to invite fan & clients to follow you.
  4. Create infographic and Video with good content
  5. Promote your Website with WeChat Qr Code pop up
  6. WeChat H5 event – and Game : create engagement to
  7. WeChat Moment Ads
  8. WeChat Advertising Tools: CPM, PPC
  9. WeChat KOL : or new media. publi advertising
  10. WeChat mini program : develop tools that will engage your users









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What is most important in promotion?

Channel? Quantity?


NO it is … Content.

WeChat Content

The most important thing in promotion is good content which can attract and interest customers. Content should be primarily relevant and interesting. Besides, unique content for sites is the key to the effectiveness of your site. Content — these are the types of information that is in the account. In other words, it is filling a web resource with information in different ways.

Depending on the tasks assigned to the resource, the content can be implemented in different ways (text, images, audio or video recording, infographics, etc.) and their combination. Each method can have different efficiency. Therefore, their competent combination in the correct supply of information gives a huge effect on the promotion of the account.

These infographs for example make us to have a lot of new followers




Moreover, it does not matter what method you used to promote your account. It is almost impossible to promote a resource if it contains empty and useless content — its users simply will not have the motivation to realize a’s goals.


To acquainted with more information about the content you can click the link 


Why KOL are so popular in China? 
Why Brand Account are not that popular? 


Because KOL accounts are not boring, they understand what People need.

It is really simple to understand, but really difficult to do from Brand point of view.



Promote yourself on and offline



QR codes are an essential part of daily life in China and it is a great way to find new subscribers, we use it almost everywhere: websites, Weibo, cards, leaflets, banners in your shop, etc. If you have a delivery option, just add your QR code on your package.


There are a lot of ways to attract customers to scan your QR, usually companies use immediate rewards:

  •  top-up promotion for an acquisition
  •  rebates
  •  lucky draws
  •  a free Wi-Fi pass code

WeChat automatically generates a QR code for every official account, moreover with an embedded QR code scanner, so no worries about it. As well, you can adjust and individualize the QR codes that will correspond to your branding perfectly. Don’t forget to be creative! Costumers are not interested in ordinary ideas.


WeChat is your Newsletter , engage your Visitors on your website and to all your communication support.



7 promotion Strategies on WeChat (online)

WeChat is much more than just an instant messaging app before you even realize, it will become a lifestyle. Superfluously to say, its ability as an active marketing tool can’t be ignored which makes promotions and companies on official WeChat account a popular policy for more and more brands.

WeChat advertising


Tencent published information about the number of monthly active WeChat users: they have exceeded 760 million, almost 80% of which are between the age of 20-40 years. Being a “closed network”, the end-to-end ecosystem consisting of online payment makes it inexpressibly comfortable for brands and customers to cooperate with one another, without leaving the app. Besides attracting new followers smoothly, paid purchase through directed “Public Account” Ads and “Moment” Ads can provide a very effective ROI (Return on Investment).


  1. WeChat Moment Ads

Regulated by the WeChat self-serve advertising system and conducting with it the dynamics of the WeChat public account, a Moment Ad shows up in a customer’s moments as a feed placed by their WeChat contact. Through targeted advertising orientated on certain features of the customer, there is a good chance that the ad will be reposted by the customer which is precisely how Moment Ad goes viral if significant interest is engendered.

There are some points to understand Moment Ads:

 Format

We can split Moment Ads into two sections: text-and-image ad and video ad. In terms of targeted promotion, brand company, public account company, mobile APP company, and voucher company represent four various formats into which a Moment Ad can be made

 Configuration

►Industry: Most industries can use the further forms of advertising apart from some susceptible industry segments such as e-commerce, finance, matchmaking, video game, and occupational education, where censorship and content requirements are quite exacting.

► Targeted analysis: In the beginning, a primary examination of the targeted customer’s profile is carried. Subsequently, Tencent checks their whole database, based on the customer’s allocated criteria from 24 primary tags and 183 secondary tags, which allow targeted segmentation with high accuracy.

► Ad Report: Advertisers will be presented with an advertising report for 3 working days after the campaign’s conclusion.

 Pricing

► The procedure for scheduling a campaign

Transmission planned campaign budget to Tencent

Define the required amount of exposure

Set the ticket price/CPM unit price

Comprehension that the minimum price of a one-time distribution is RMB50,000


► A campaign must be reserved 5-28 days in advance for an invitation to tender for media purchasing.

Effectiveness based regulated bidding

The unit price for CPM launching from RMB30

Free bidding

Budget per day launching from RMB1,000


► Passive Viewability: Deduction occurs upon full exposure of the ad to a customer during his/her Moments viewing.

► Active Viewability: Deduction occurs after pressing “open the notification” in the shape of a red circle by the customer upon taking part in some interactive activities such as “liking” and writing feedback with his/her WeChat contacts.

►Payment retention: Automatic retention of payment every time the ad is vulnerable to customers passively or actively. One deduction at every 5 min; a maximum of 8 deductions per ad per customer.


  1. Public Account Ad (Advertiser)

A tailor-created promotion tool in the public account that enables the account operator to achieve out to the potential client by specifically promoting products and/or facilities to targeted demographics relying on age, gender and region. This feature is accessible to all WeChat verified public accounts, which can apply to become an advertiser in the self-serve advertising system.

► Method of pay: CPC, stored value.

► Format: Text-and-image, image, subscribing card, download card, coupon card.

► Screen: Ad accommodation at the lowest part of text-and-image messages by other public accounts.

► Particular features:

Invitation to attend tender for media purchasing

Accrual based on real productivity

Generate or alter ads in the Moments

Exact bidding and targeting

Value streamline on account to reasonable financing

Intensified bang-for-the-buck by using the platform of WeChat public account


  1. Wechat KOL

WeChat KOLs (key opinion leaders) are famous accounts that already have a lot of followers. Brands can find KOLs on WeChat or through marketing agencies. KOLs are potent impacts on Chinese social media platforms, inclusive WeChat, and will generate outstanding content for your brand as well as prestige.

Here are TWO types of campaigns:

  1. Product survey: This way is perfect for your e-reputation. A lot of WeChat KOLs expert can just leave many cognitive comments to potential clients helping them to make final decision buy or not to buy. These campaigns are usually trying to find a way to enhance shares and involvement.
  2. Product placement: This is the most popular method to promote by WeChat KOLs. Your product will be displayed in an article written by the authority you have partnerships with.


KOL on WeChat are more like Media.

There are informative account, based on long written article.

Post are kind of publi Reporting.

There is WeChat livestreaming that start to be popular (we are studying now)


Mister Bag wechat account. KOL in luxury.



How much cost a WeChat Post ?

  • Average 10 000rmb for one post.
  • For good one, 20 000 Rmb to 50 000 Rmb per post.
  • For KOL (Key opinion leader) so basicly the leading one.  50 000rmb to 200 000Rmb.

Mister bag for example, cost more than 500 000rmb


Yes I know it is expensive.



If you have a popular Brand, good product, high price and good reputation, you can be ROI positive.

In most of the case, you will not make money.


Usually 0.1% to 1% conversion rate. If you have an average (real)) view of 10 000, you can expect 10 sales.


WeChat Search Results

Good point with WeChat KOL, they appear in WeChat search result.

So basicly when a prospect search on WeChat your brand, they will find their article. So we recommand to use several for reputation mainly.

WeChat search Engine, today, is not used much.

WeChat should change the search engine game, but today, nothing really change





  1. WeChat Banner Ads

These banners look like any advertisement banners on websites. But in WeChat, they can be displayed just at the bottom of Official Account’s news.

Kinds of WeChat banner ads:

  1. Standard WeChat Banner Ads:

This kind of WeChat ads not popular, users usually don’t push on it. Advertisers can show their banners just to targeting group of people, it depends on people’s gender, age, location and interests (account subscriptions). They can’t choose on which specific account their ads will be shown. The banner ads can make costumers subscribe WeChat Official Account, purchase some products, ask coupon code, download an app, sign up link or to go to website.

  1. KOL banner:

This type of WeChat banner ads allows the advertisers to conclude an agreement about the ad with the WeChat KOL account. They must make a decision about the payment by the advertiser for per view, and a scope of views which will be considered for (for example, if the first article of the account has an averaging of 100k views, the promised view rate will be limited to 80k to 150k views.


5.  WeChat Mini Program

WeChat Mini Programs cover more than 200 industries and continue to rise in number. In 2018, the WeChat-driven information was 240.2 billion RMB and traditional consumption was 419.8 billion RMB. Meanwhile, in the same year WeChat created 22 million job vacant places.

Tencent has been tried decrease the barriers to entry for non-Chinese companies, providing overseas businesses to make their own WeChat Mini Program. The growing retention rates and user’s daily time conducted in WeChat Mini Programs show a high customers’ stickiness. Nobody knows if WeChat mini-programs will prevail in the future, the quantity of advertisement and ad proceeds are probable will grow in the near future.


  1. Admittance to WeChat’s vast user base

WeChat has more than 1 billion registered users, what means that they could be potential clients. Mini Programs are an excellent way to show up yourself and supply an enhanced customer experience for WeChat users.

  1. The capability to provide more for less

Mini Programs are cheaper, smaller and in some ways better than an app or website. It has all the functionality of a standard app or website but it uses just 10 MB. Moreover, it’s easier to use and more profitable to create compared to an app. Mini Programs are better because they provide cooperation between customers and the company, not only one-way communication.

  1. Ready to use

WeChat Mini Programs are very affordable. It’s no need to install Mini Programs, and they can be loaded really fast because they are little sub-applications. Customers can enter through the autonomous access point or set up shortcuts on the homepage without leaving WeChat.


There are a lot of methods to make your WeChat account successful. While some ways are relatively easy to apply, other demand special knowledge, abilities and resources. Search your competitors WeChat accounts for better understanding.


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