WeChat advertising is testing a new form of live streaming, which can help merchants put the mini-program live streaming on the “WeChat Moment”, and the official account. This means that merchants can not only operate private domain traffic through mini-program but also with the help of WeChat advertising to expand more consumer groups.

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WeChat published the instruction about how to embed live streaming link on several pages

First of all, merchants who have participated in the mini-program live streaming can use the mini-program as an advertising page to attract consumers or invite KOLs to enter the studio for promotion during the live streaming.

When live streaming is not opened, the live streaming studio will be displayed as an appointment page.

When the live streaming starts, the user will receive the live notification, then can directly enter the live room through the mini-program, and can directly complete the purchase behavior in the live streaming room.

Advantages of WeChat Advertising

For advertising, WeChat provides data orientation function, which can provide a variety of data orientation capabilities such as behavior orientation, interest orientation, and remarketing orientation.

Among them, the behavior orientation emphasizes the behavior that the user has shown; Interest orientation emphasizes the long-term stability and cost of users’ interests. Remarketing orientation refers to users who have clicked on advertisements in the official account and Wechat Moment in the past year, or who have published positive comments.

WeChat advertising provides a greater imagination for merchants

From the perspective of brand publicity, WeChat advertising can be applied to live streaming scenes such as the press conference to meet the needs of brand publicity and gain more target customers. For example, the luxury brand Prada once put the live streaming of the brand show on the WeChat moments, adopted the model of time-limited promotion, activated the social circle of consumers, and quickly attracted the traffic with the mini-program live streaming.

How to increase the conversion rate on mini-program live streaming

While live streaming, merchants must remind users to click to subscribe. From the perspective of marketing strategy, merchants need to launch practical discount products to facilitate consumers’ purchase decisions. And the purchase interface must be easy to operate, can be complete the order in one click.


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  1. Thank you for this article, what you said is right: mini programs is already a good way to do WC advertising, but doing a live stream mini program is a quite new way for advertising in China. I think it was already trendy in other apps like Weibo, but it recently started to pop up in other apps like WC or Douyin.

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