Important and relevant WeChat statistics

The figures & statistics below will give you a good insight into how important WeChat is in China, especially if you are seeking entry into the Chinese market. WeChat is the leading chat and messaging platform, providing a plethora of services including text messages, audio or video calls, money transactions, the booking of train & flight tickets and hotels, an electronic wallet (offline store payment) and a money transfer service.

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Company & User stats

  • WeChat was released on January 2011.
  • As of January 22nd 2015 WeChat has over 1.1 billion registered accounts
  • As of May 26th 2016 WeChat has over 762 million active users, 570 million of which use it on a daily basis.
  • 69% of internet users in China use WeChat
  • 49% of Chinese internet users use WeChat moments (the equivalent of Facebook timeline)
  • Percentage of China social media users that are using WeChat: 64.5% in 2013, 71.8% in 2014 and 75.9% in 2015.
  • China is the country with the highest level of WeChat use.
  • Over 83% of WeChat users purchase products online.
  • 200 million WeChat users have their credit cards attached to their WeChat account.
  • Percentage of population that use WeChat in Chinese cities: 93% in Tier 1 cities, 69% in Tier 2 cities



We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

  • Over 90% of WeChat users access the platform on a daily basis
  • 10pm is the most active time of the day on WeChat
  • Male WeChat users spend 1.3x more time shopping through WeChat than female users
  • More than 70% of WeChat users play games on the platform
  • 10.6% of WeChat users are students
  • 64.3% of WeChat users are male, 35.7% are female
  • More than 300,000 offline stores accept WeChat payments
  • Daily data use by WeChat users (usd) $15.3 billion
  • Over 62% of WeChat apps are free
  • McDonald was the first major company to implement e-commerce on WeChat
  • 100,000 followers are needed so that a business can advertise
  • Percentage of WeChat revenue coming from ad sales: 69% (as of 4/2/2015)
  • WeChat has over 8.5 million registered public accounts, with a daily growth of 8,000 users
  • 67,000 apps are connected to WeChat
  • 10,000 WeChat advertisers
  • 1,000 WeChat publishers
  • Over 100,000 WeChat apps developers
  • Over 3 billion webpages are shared daily on WeChat moments
  • 76.4% of WeChat users check their Moments on a regular basis
  • WeChat has over 10 million investment fund users
  • 41.5% WeChat users follow media accounts, and 26.3% follow celebrities accounts
  • 84.5% of WeChat users use it for voice messaging and 83.3% for text messages

Age span Stats

60% of active WeChat users are aged between 15 and 29.

age span

Percentage of WeChat users by age span

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