For many, WeChat is the Chinese WhatsApp. For any business that wants to market internationally, WeChat should be the centre of their mobile marketing strategy.


With more than 600 million users, 500 million of them in China, the app has become the reference of social media and continues to develop in America and Europe.

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WeChat has all social media functions in one application, offering to individuals and businesses a simple everyday communicational tool. It’s the reason why many companies use the app’s functions in their marketing campaigns.

The most important characteristics of WeChat :

  • Mass audience :

With more than 500 million users in China, and almost 100 million around the world, WeChat continues to grow very quickly. It has become one of the most important ways to attract Chinese, Asian and American customers, and this market continues to increase the platform popularity.


  • All-in-One :

While most applications use one type of communication, WeChat is more flexible, as it’s connected to 850,000 other apps. It enables companies to develop specific functions to increase their customers base and appeal to a wider market.

  • Reach beyond social

WeChat isn’t only a social media app, it’s represents a lifestyle. A user can stay connected to their friends and family, look for potential customers, order a taxi, pay invoices, buy flight tickets or invest. There’s no limit to what this app can achieve..


  • A digital wallet

WeChat allows you to link your bank account and cards to your WeChat account to make payments and online transactions on the app. It really helps companies to communicate through the platform, cutting out the steps between watching an advert and buying the product.

  • An efficient communication

WeChat doesn’t only allow users to communicate using free calls, texts messages and conference calls, but also allows them to use the popular « Hold to Talk » feature, a new-generation walkie-talkie. Users only have to choose a contact, press the button and talk. When the user releases the button, the message is sent.

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  • Use Wechat Option

Besides these functions, WeChat also has partnerships with advertising agencies and entertainment venues to offer more interaction for users. To use the « Shake » function, the user only has to shake his phone. It allows them to find people in the vicinity who also use this function, but also to participate in brand promotions or interact with event participants.


  • Advertisement

The most popular social share function of WeChat is called Moments and copy characteristics of Facebook timeline. The app have recently get a partnership with BMW and Coca-Cola to integrate their adverts into users’ timelines. The companies are following a trend, whereby firms interact with their customers through sharing their news and offering special deals and promotions. More information here

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  • Public accounts

Many brands already own their public account on WeChat, allowing them to interact with people who follow them by sharing their news.

After the opening of the new Burberry shop in Shanghai, the brand’s fans could have a panoramic view of the event with 360 degree videos on the app. To attract a big audience and improve its relations with future customers, you can also permit customer advice and opinion to be shown in order to attract people near to the shop.

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If you want to develop your brand and reach a large audience, WeChat is the best solution.

More information about your marketing option on Wechat on this Page

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