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Not merely a messaging app, WeChat has evolved into an all-encompassing ecosystem where users can chat, shop, pay bills, and even book flights. As we move further into 2023, understanding the dynamics of this ‘super app‘ becomes not just a point of interest, but a necessity for marketers, businesses, and tech enthusiasts alike.

This article aims to shine a light on the most crucial WeChat statistics of 2023, offering readers a comprehensive look into the platform’s current standing, growth patterns, and potential future trajectories.

Overview of the WeChat Social Media Platform

As of 2023, WeChat has over 1.3 billion monthly active users and it’s forecasted that WeChat users will exceed 1.67 billion by the end of this year. Of course, the numbers stating the number of WeChat users worldwide, place the app in the fifth rank of the most popular apps in the world (right after Facebook – 2.9 billion, Youtube – 2.5 billion, Whatsapp – 2 billion, and Instagram – 1.4 billion).

WeChat Statistics 2023

There are 45 billion messages exchanged daily, which is no surprise, as WeChat ranks as the most popular mobile social media platform in China. 73.7% of internet users access the app frequently.

Chinese people spend over 30% of their time online on WeChat, indicating its ever-increasing popularity. The app is responsible for 34% of the total data traffic in China.

User Base and Demographics

WeChat will exceed 1.67 users globally by the end of 2023

As we stated earlier, WeChat has further solidified its stance as one of the most dominant social media platforms globally, boasting a staggering 1.3 billion monthly active users, forecasted to reach 1.67 billion by the end of the year. WeChat usage stats not only showcase the app’s immense popularity but also underscore its ubiquity in the daily lives of its users.

Wechat users belong to all age groups and locations

Diving deeper into the demographics:

Age Distribution

WeChat remains predominantly popular among the younger demographic. Around 22.3% of WeChat users fall within the age group under 24 years. People between 25-30 years old are the smallest group, accounting for 13.7% of WeChat users. Then, there are 22% of people aged 31-40, and 19.2% of people aged 41-50. WeChat also boosts an older audience, with people over 51 years old accounting for 22.7% of total users.

Gender Distribution

The gender split is relatively even on WeChat. In 2023, males account for approximately 52.9% of the user base, while females represent 47.1%. This slight skew towards male users has been consistent over the past few years and reflects the inequity in gender distribution in China.

Wechat Statistics: user data

Geographical Distribution

Unsurprisingly, China remains the powerhouse, with over 2/3 of WeChat’s users residing there. However, there’s been a noticeable expansion in international markets. Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe together now account for around 20% of users, indicating WeChat’s increasing global footprint and its efforts to penetrate non-Chinese markets. WeChat has approximately 19 million daily active users in the US.

Starbucks on WeChat
Starbucks on WeChat

WeChat Features Usage

From its origins as a simple messaging app, WeChat has expanded into a vast ecosystem with myriad functionalities. More than 60% of WeChat active users open the app every day, while 83% rely on the app for work purposes.

Most Popular Features Among WeChat Users

  • WeChat Moments: Holding its position at the top, WeChat Moments – the social media feed where users can share photos, videos, and updates – continues to be the most frequented feature. An estimated 85% of users actively engage with Moments daily.
  • WeChat Pay: With the increasing global adoption of cashless payments, WeChat Pay remains a preferred choice for both online and offline transactions. There are 1.1 billion users making online payments with the use of WeChat Pay.
  • Mini-Programs: These sub-applications within WeChat, ranging from e-commerce platforms to games, have experienced a surge in popularity. Roughly 614 million WeChat users enter the WeChat mini-programs sub-platform at least once a day.
  • Video Calls & Conferencing: The demand for digital communication tools shows no sign of waning. WeChat’s video communication features are now utilized daily and there are 205 million video messages sent every day.
  • Official Accounts: These are platforms for influencers, businesses, and organizations to share content. As of 2023, there are more than 20 million WeChat Official Accounts.
WeChat Statistics: feature usage

New Features Introduced in 2023

  • WeChat Discover: Launched in early 2023, this feature is designed to help users find and connect with local businesses and services based on their preferences and locations.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Chat Rooms: Embracing the VR trend, WeChat introduced immersive chat rooms where users can interact in a 3D virtual space. It’s still in its nascent stages with an adoption rate of 15%, but the buzz around it suggests a promising future.
  • Personalized AI News Feed: Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, this feature curates news and articles tailored to individual users’ preferences.
  • WeChat Learn: Targeting the e-learning boom, this feature offers users a platform to access online courses and tutorials.

In a nutshell, 2023 has been a year of both reinforcement and innovation for WeChat. While its core features remain steadfast in their popularity, the app’s forays into newer, tech-forward functionalities indicate its commitment to staying ahead of the curve and catering to its ever-diverse user base.

La Perla on WeChat
La Perla WeChat Official Account Newsletter

WeChat is Valued at 50.2 Billion Dollars as of 2023

In March 2023, WeChat reported a robust revenue of $50.2 billion, and it’s expected to reach $62 billion by the end of the year. This continuous uptick, despite a maturing core market, underscores WeChat’s ability to effectively monetize its vast array of features and maintain a high level of user engagement.

Major sources of revenue

  • Advertising: Remains a dominant source.
  • WeChat Pay: Integral to daily transactions, WeChat charges 0.01% fee for every transaction exceeding 100 yuan.
  • Mini-Programs: Serving various user needs, and many things can be purchased through them.
  • WeChat Moments: Users can purchase stickers for an average price of $0.99 for a set.
  • Official Accounts and Subscriptions: Leveraged by brands and influencers, those accounts need to be verified, which costs approximately $45 per account.
  • Others (Games, Stickers, Premium Features)
Estee Lauder on WeChat

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is $7!

Given WeChat’s broad range of monetization avenues, it’s unsurprising that the platform boasts a healthy ARPU. In 2023, WeChat’s ARPU stood at $7, which is 7x higher than the ARPU of WhatsApp. This metric reaffirms WeChat’s prowess in maximizing value from its vast user base, not just through user growth but also through increased spending and activity per user.

There are Over 20 Million WeChat Official Accounts!

WeChat’s Official Accounts, a bridge connecting organizations, influencers, and brands to their audience, have evolved into powerful communication tools. By offering a platform for regular content publication, similar to a “news feed,” these accounts have allowed brands to directly engage with followers in dynamic ways.

Wechat official account

By the end of 2023, WeChat boasted a total of 20 million Official Accounts and around 72% of WeChat users follow WeChat’s official account for news purposes. Another 41% of WeChat Official account users follow them for promotion.

What is interesting is the fact that 57.3 of WeChat users discover new accounts thanks to other Wechat official account owners, who recommend them on their page. It’s also not surprising, given the fact that more than half of the total users follow between 10 and 20 official accounts on this social media app.

News and promotions are two main reasons why people follow Wechat’s official accounts. According to WeChat statistics, 74.2% of users cited news as the primary reason they follow any Official Account, while 41.9% do so for promotions.

WeChat official account example

34% of WeChat official account owners interviewed admited, that the app helps them cut costs by about 30%. Businesses not only sell products and services through the app, but also purchase them from other companies.

WeChat Moments is The Most Popular Feature of The App

In 2023, WeChat Moments saw an average of 780 million daily active users and 120 million publish updates frequently. The persistent growth, even as the platform matures, showcases Moments’ enduring appeal in users’ daily routines. In fact, WeChat Moments is the most popular feature of this mobile messaging app, and many Chinese smartphone users launch it just to check WeChat Moments.

Types of Content Shared on Moments

  • Photos and Videos: Visual content remains king on Moments. Approximately 60% of all posts are either photos or videos, capturing moments from everyday life to grand celebrations.
  • Status Updates: Personal reflections, quotes, or simple text-based posts constitute around 25% of the content.
  • Shared Articles and Links: Whether it’s a thought-provoking article or an entertaining video, 10% of posts involve sharing external content.
  • Check-ins and Location Tags: Documenting visits to restaurants, tourist spots, or events, these make up about 5% of the posts.
chinese social media: favorite type of content consumed on wechat

More than 61% of WeChat users check Moments every time they open the app, and 76.4% of WeChat users use Moments to share experiences and catch up with their friends’ stories. This is also one of the reasons that advertising in Moments, in comparison to other places like WeChat mini-programs and official accounts is more effective.

WeChat Mini-Programs Statistics

The introduction of WeChat Mini-Programs was nothing short of revolutionary, presenting users with applications within an application. These lightweight, less than 10MB utilities have transformed the WeChat experience, morphing it from a mere messaging platform into an all-encompassing digital universe.

By the end of 2023, WeChat was home to over 4.3 million Mini-Programs, and it’s said that more than 95% of Chinese companies have their own mini-programs within the app.

There are 450 million daily active users and WeChat usage statistics suggest, that one person uses on average 9.8 mini-programs.

Yoga mini-program on WeChat

Popular Categories of Mini-Programs

  • E-commerce Platforms: Dominating the Mini-Program landscape. Users enjoy shopping within WeChat, given the integrated payment and social recommendation features.
  1. Local Services: Whether it’s food delivery, taxi booking, or salon reservations, local service utilities make up a big part of WeChat mini-programs. 47% of users find those apps and e-commerce ones more valuable than other apps.
  2. Games: WeChat games, known for their social and casual nature, attract male and female users.
  3. Utilities (Translation, Weather, Tools): Practical utilities that enhance the daily WeChat experience.
  4. Education and Learning: From language tutors to coding classes.
  5. Others (Health, Fitness, Travel, etc.): Diverse in nature, those programs are very specific, targetting different user groups.

Over 20% of users spend more than 1000 RMB per month

Chinese people, especially female consumers (accounting for 67% of mini-program users in China) use those mini-apps to purchase various products and services. 32.6% spend less than 200 RMB monthly, and 47.4% spend between 200 and 1000 RMB.

WeChat Pay Registered Over 900 Million Active Users

WeChat Pay is used by 93% of consumers engaging in offline purchases in tier 1 and 2 cities in China. WeChat Pay is China’s second most commonly used digital payment option, boasting 1.133 billion active users as of 2023.

WeChat Pay has a daily transaction volume of over 1 billion. There are more than 200 million Chinese bank cards linked to WeChat Pay.

Thanks to Chinese tourists, that are forcing other countries to adopt this payment method, now it’s available in 25 other countries and regions. More than 70% of mobile internet usage by Chinese tourists in Korea occurred through WeChat.

Data by country further indicates that in 2017, Chinese tourists in Japan used WeChat Pay for 20% of their transactions. 2019 witnessed a significant 76% YoY surge in WeChat’s daily cross-border payments.

Primarily targeting Chinese travelers abroad, WeChat Pay has consistently expanded its collaborations with international merchants. Moreover, since 2015, WeChat Pay has been steadily making inroads into European markets, aligning with the global shift towards cashless transactions.

WeChat pay

What The Future Holds For WeChat?

WeChat’s meteoric rise in the past decade, from a simple messaging app to an all-encompassing digital universe, has left many intrigued about its future trajectory. As we stand on the cusp of 2024, let’s delve into the trends shaping WeChat’s roadmap and the predictions for the year ahead.

What’s Next for WeChat Based on Current Trends?

  • Deepening Integration of AI and Machine Learning: Leveraging the power of AI, WeChat may further personalize the user experience. From chatbots in Official Accounts to advanced content recommendations in Moments, AI will play a pivotal role in streamlining user interactions.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences: With the global interest in AR and VR, WeChat could integrate these technologies into its Mini-Programs or gaming interfaces, offering users immersive experiences, be it virtual shopping tours or interactive games.
  • Sustainable and Green Initiatives: In sync with global eco-consciousness trends, WeChat might introduce features that promote sustainability. This could range from eco-friendly product recommendations in e-commerce Mini-Programs to partnerships with environmental organizations on Official Accounts.
  • Health and Wellness Focus: The post-pandemic era has emphasized health and wellness. WeChat could further embed health trackers, telemedicine platforms, and mental well-being resources, capitalizing on this global paradigm shift.
Gucci metaverse store
Gucci metaverse store (something that could also be done in WeChat mini-program)

Predicted Growth Areas or Features for 2024

  • Expansion of WeChat Pay: With its existing popularity, WeChat Pay is poised for deeper global penetration. 2024 might witness a more robust presence in the European and American markets, giving traditional payment methods a run for their money.
  • Enhanced E-commerce Capabilities: Building upon its Mini-Program success, WeChat is likely to incorporate more advanced e-commerce features, possibly augmented shopping experiences or 3D product previews.
  • Official Accounts 2.0: The official accounts might undergo a revamp, offering brands more interactive and dynamic tools to engage with their audience, such as real-time polls, AR demos, or virtual try-ons.
  • WeChat University: Tapping into the e-learning surge, WeChat could introduce a dedicated platform or Mini-Program for courses, webinars, and workshops, collaborating with top global universities and institutions.

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Wechat GMA services

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