6 Tactics for Fashion and Cosmetic Market in China WeChat Sales

WeChat sales for fashion and cosmetic

There is no doubt that China, with its giant population and climbing average incomes, is a massive opportunity for the fashion and cosmetic markets.

Today, Chinese social platforms are essential for businesses to interact and market their products to targeted consumers. A growing number of fashion and cosmetic brands are using social media giants like WeChat, Douyin, Weibo, or Red as their fundamental marketing tools.

In this article, we will introduce you to a few alternative sales campaign opportunities. These campaigns are particularly cut for cosmetic and fashion brands that wish to target Chinese consumers and achieve outcomes exclusive to WeChat.

1. Making use of Key Opinion Leaders through WeChat

Key opinion leaders are more popular than ever in China when it comes to the fashion and cosmetics market. Chinese consumers generally have strong faith in these people. They take their word as a valuable suggestion when it comes to purchasing goods.

According to a report by McKinsey, “KOLs who have a devoted audience can generate as much as five times the impact of a traditional celebrity and ten times that of a micro-influencer.” For your brand to succeed on WeChat, partnering up with KOLs is not a bad idea. There are a couple of different ways to integrate KOLs into tailored marketing campaigns.

WeChat sales for fashion and cosmetics in China

2. Wechat articles sponsored by KOLs

WeChat articles sponsored by KOLs are the most frequent form of KOLs & brands teaming up on WeChat. Basically, KOLs review the related products and share their opinions in a personal article. Detailed information on sales and recommendations are usually added to these articles. Within the article consumers easily reach out to links that will direct them to the product page. Brands organize events together with the KOLs like special timed deals, lucky-draw games, or limited offers.

3. Brand live streaming on WeChat mini-programs

WeChat is frequently adding innovative features to mini-programs. Most recently, the ability for brands to incorporate multimedia content. Even some other fashion-based social commerce apps have started to feature and launch their mini program on which live stream shows are being held.

On mini-programs, brands launch live streams to demonstrate their best products and use instant sale opportunities. The audience following the show online can make instant purchases via the buy-now feature that is implemented within the app.

Setting up WeChat mini-programs and launching a live stream can be achieved just within weeks. Though it may take a bit of effort, the results will make you say it is worth the hassle.

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4. User-generated campaigns: outfit matching and makeup challenges

Another type of popular marketing campaign that fashion and cosmetics brands favor is user-generated campaigns. Brands utilize user-generated content campaigns to encourage their follower base to create social media content, like videos or photos.

Many user-generated campaigns use a contest or challenge to jumpstart participation. UGC campaigns that have challenges or contests typically see a wider reach, as well as more content generated. Though not required, these activities are simply a way to get people to participate with the brand in an instant.

promote watch in china - gma case study

To display the brand’s clothes and products in use, participants are encouraged to upload pictures of themselves wearing or using the particular products. For cosmetic brands specifically, users are offered to show their everyday makeup routine that involves the brand’s related products.

User-generated campaigns are powerful because potential customers can see pictures of real people wearing the clothes or using the cosmetics they’re interested in. This allows them to make more informed decisions about their purchases, and ultimately drive sales for brands’ business.

WeChat & T-mall

5. Exclusive WeChat stores sales featuring influencers

Fashion KOLs with their impressively large social media followers, share fashion tips, trends, and ideas. They also have recently started to open their own WeChat stores or mini-programs for e-commerce shopping. By offering special edition products that appeal to customers’ interests in KOL WeChat stores, brands can increase their chances of being noticed.

6. WeChat’s promotional features: gift cards, coupons, vouchers, special day events

Chinese customers can never have enough of surprising special events and promotions. On top of it, they enjoy gifting each other with these features. Gift cards are sent to family or colleagues on festival days or birthdays, coupons are shared with friends at gatherings. All these little occasions create many more great reasons to do more shopping!

Successful Brands that are indeed very aware of this fact, know how to turn this into a profit. The Chinese fashion and cosmetics market requires brands to develop creative, unique, and entertaining campaigns. The ones who master it are the ones enjoying the biggest sales.

Campaign awareness matters

So whatever is your campaign choice, you must understand something; your campaign will not reach a wide range of people unless there is awareness created around it.

It is very essential to bring awareness to a user-generated campaign so that it can go viral and reach millions of audiences. Depending on their budgets, brands might promote a UGC campaign only to their fans and followers. Or they can team up with influencers to promote it, or partner up with a platform like Douyin. So that the campaign is featured as a trend on the top page.

Chinese Social Media and Kols - Lancôme on Wechat

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