How to Use WeChat Moments Ads for International Business

If you know anything about China, then you’ve definitely heard of the world-famous messaging app WeChat. Our today’s guide is for those that already use WeChat or are interested in starting and are wondering if it’s possible to do WeChat ads. Spoiler: yes it is!

WeChat provides multiple marketing choices for brands, one of which is Wechat Moment ads. In this article, we will explain what WeChat Moments ads are and why they present such an opportunity for businesses advertising in China.

WeChat Moment Ads: How does it work?

Placed in the discover tab on the main menu, WeChat Moments advertising is easily accessed with one tap. From there, users can choose to view ‘Moments,’ which displays the most recent content shared by contacts.

WeChat Moments works somewhat similarly to Facebook in that brands can place banner ads (can be a photo or video ad formats) directly onto users’ news feeds. Moment ads are implemented on the user’s feed in a very natural way. WeChat users feel as if their friends are sharing these ads when they are actually viewing the sponsored posts in their moments.

WeChat moments ads

WeChat Moments Ads features

WeChat advertising in Moments is set to disappear from the newsfeed only if the users fail to comment, like, or share the related ad six hours after display. For marketers, this feature helps them save money by not paying for ads that are not really liked.

If a user engages with your ad within the six-hour window, there is a high likelihood that friends of the target audience will see the ad. The ads stay active for the next following seven days. It’s a great advertising strategy that the WeChat advertising company created to make WeChat Moments advertising more efficient.

How to Use WeChat Moments Ads for International Business

WeChat ad’s useful feature algorithm increases the ad’s reach by functioning on user networks. That means that if one person interacts with a WeChat banner advertising, it’s likely that users’ contacts are going to see the same thing.

A great WeChat Moments feature is that your WeChat banner ads will only be shown to a user once every 48 hours. This helps users to stay interested and engaged for the next ads.

What are the different ways Moments targets users for advertisements?

WeChat users are targeted in the same way as Facebook and Instagram users are targeted. WeChat Moments advertising uses demographic parameters such as:

  • Gender
  • Age: wide range of targeted ages from teenagers to elderly
  • Location: home, work locations travel destinations, visits
  • Educational background
  • Interests & hobbies depending on in-app activities
  • Current relationship status

To create optimized advert results, WeChat has hired data analysts drawn from leading internet companies. That said, clearly, WeChat does a good job of providing high-quality data that defines the users for marketers.

What types of ads can be placed on WeChat Moments?

WeChat moments advertising is simply created by the brand’s Wechat official account profile. The ad allows up to forty characters of description together with a link. This is the basic look of the ad. Then this description is formatted into 3 different types according to the brand’s choice.

Type 1: Post-formatted ads

Looking to target WeChat Moments users without being too obvious? Post-formatted ads are for you. This type of ad matches the size of user-generated Moments and is designed to appear in a user’s feed without disrupting their experience. Video ads can be up to 15 seconds long, and one large photo or a few small photos in the form of WeChat banner ads that match the same size can be used to display a product.

How to Use WeChat Moments Ads for International Business

Type 2: Card-formatted ads

Card ads on WeChat Moments are wider than other posts, making them more easily noticeable. They function similarly to banner ads, giving advertisers a special space to advertise on WeChat.

Card-formatted ads can display single or multiple photos as well as 15 seconds video clips.

Type3: Specially formatted ads 

Special format ads are a full advertising package that includes features such as full-frame interactive videos, celebrity presentations, and more. However, this type of banner ad display comes at a high price point. The minimum investment starts from 1 million RMB. Depending on how much is invested, different features will be unlocked.

WeChat advertising – how much should you budget?

WeChat Moments ads are priced using the CPM model, which means brands have to make a payment for each thousand ad impressions.

Depending on the brand’s target market, the competitiveness of the said field, and other advertisement factors, the CPM will be different. The ad type and targeting location are important details to factor that affects the costs as well.

How to Use WeChat Moments Ads for International Business

How to make an application for WeChat Moment ads

To begin advertising on WeChat, foreign brands need to first create WeChat official accounts and then contact Tencent ads representatives. However, the application process can be arduous for international brands.

How are WeChat moments ads beneficial to brands?

WeChat Moment’s advertisements provide brands with an opportunity to increase their branding, followers of their official account or WeChat mini-program, traffic to the main page as well as app downloads, and more.

But maybe the most important part is by using WeChat Moments ads, businesses can take advantage of an opportunity to draw traffic from a target group of consumers who are not easy to reach and are usually not receptive to advertising.

Do you plan to expand your business into China? WeChat advertising can be crucial to your brand’s reputation.

How to Use WeChat Moments Ads for International Business

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