Awaited Wechat Live Streaming Mini-Program Officially Released

The popular messaging app WeChat has officially launched its WeChat Live Streaming mini-program. This addition will allow users to stream videos on their platform, which should make it even easier than ever before for people who want content shared with them instantly without having an account or being connected in some other way. With WeChat Live Streaming, brands are adding anything WeChat marketing tool to their kit!

Introduction to Wechat Live-Streaming Mini-Program

After the outbreak of the coronavirus, many businesses started conducting interactive marketing with consumers through their WeChat official account, WeChat group, and WeChat live streaming. After WeChat launched the mini-program live streaming function, more brands have also joined in.

According to WeChat, “Perfect Diary” is the first beauty brand to participate in WeChat live streaming. In February, the number of viewers increased by 10 times and the purchase conversion rate was three times higher than other platforms. Retail and clothing brands also got good Numbers in the WeChat live streaming.

wechat live streaming mini-program

The advantages of WeChat Live streaming

WeChat officials say that live streaming is an operating tool provided by WeChat to businesses. Businesses can achieve efficient interaction with users through WeChat mini-programs. It has the following great advantages:

  1. Traffic belongs to merchants

Since all visits, interactions, and transactions are all happened in WeChat, there is no need to jump to other platforms, which is more conducive to the long-term operation for merchants.

  1. Low entry requirements and simple operation procedures

Businesses can apply for the live streaming function in mini-programs and can be completed audit within one day at the soonest. Businesses can promote their products through live streaming and interact with users through functions such as “likes” and “comments”.

  1. High conversion rate

WeChat live streaming can maximize the social and content integration of WeChat. WeChat live-streaming support user subscription which is convenient for users to revisit. Consumers can also share the live link on the WeChat moments, and businesses can bring traffic to live-streaming through the WeChat official account, greatly increasing the conversion rate.

At the same time, WeChat also announced the requirements for merchants to enter. From the perspective of the industry, there are 18 categories including food, clothing, beauty makeup, and furniture. On this basis, WeChat also has certain requirements on the fan base and advertising quality of the live streaming account, so as to ensure the quality of the live streaming and the rights and interests of consumers.

Wechat Live-Streaming: Conclusion

WeChat’s launch of live streaming shows Tencent’s determination to compete for the live streaming market. Live streaming e-commerce will also continue to become a new e-commerce trend in China. While the major platforms have launched active strategies to attract businesses and consumers, businesses in various industries should also layout as soon as possible to seize the dividends of live streaming e-commerce.


  • xiaoluli

    Live stream was also in Weibo in the first time, and it becomes so popular today! It seems like every platform is launching its live stream feature, including Wechat.
    Moreover, live stream generates much more traffic than usual and converts users into consumers more efficiently than other tools. It’s a great opportunity for brands that want to launch their products online.

  • Love how you’ve been posting news articles lately!
    Interesting to see the marketing trend accross chinese social media palteform

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