WeChat Marketing: Top Html5 Case Studies

Many international Brands and Companies in China are increasingly interested in the utilization of WeChat HTML5 as it has become an integral part of WeChat marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, a lot of international brands still wonder about how and when to use it in order to maximize their business performance. The most important thing to know about HTML5 development is to keep in mind what you want to achieve through the H5 pages, which relates to the key campaign KPI setting.

Creative Wechat HTML5

GMA’s creative and technical team can provide customers with Wechat HTML5 solutions: exquisite display, and interesting and interactive campaigns, including elements such as animations, touch, and sound. With HTML5 campaigns (Wechat H5 Brochure), users are more likely to stay engaged whilst reading content, and the level of sharing is also higher. Besides sharing with friends, it can also be shared with various social media channels. HTML5 content also has data collection capabilities that make it easier for brands to gather interactive user information more effectively.

  • WeChat moments

The most common way of acquiring new followers on WeChat is through WeChat Moments, the WeChat equivalent of the Facebook timeline. Upon clicking on your article, users can access your account page by clicking the name of your account at the top of the article.

  • Increase Engagement

Design an engaging Wechat HTML5 to interact with users through the gamification flow. Through a variety of interactive games, and in a large variety of forms, we can easily spread and promote your WeChat account. Using light H5 such as greeting cards or sticker features to do user-generated content (UGC) campaigns is also an effective way to increase engagement within the brand community.

  • Scanning a QR code

Unlike in Western countries, QR codes are a trendy way to access the content. WeChat users can scan QR code that is included in web pages or articles within WeChat (by long-pressing the QR code) or offline by using WeChat’s embedded QR code scanner. QR is perfect for any offline use: they can be added inside your stores, on your products, and during your events. They are also ideal for online conversion, for instance at the bottom of an article written about your brand by a Key Opinion Leader.

  • Advertising

WeChat ads include a feature enabling to have a “One-click follow” button enabling users to follow a WeChat Official Account. This is a powerful way to get initial traction through Cost Per Click advertising.

  • Brand Introduction

Using WeChat HTML5 to create visually appealing pages of information and image displaying for purposes such as brand introductions, product catalogs, and fashion lookbooks.

  • Information Collection

Creating H5s to collect target audiences’ information. This can be used for such purposes as RSVPs, CRM binding, or hiring.

Therefore, according to different types of campaigns, the KPI setting should also be adapted. To be specific, if the H5 mainly focuses on product display, the KPI should be exposure-related instead of focusing on the growth of the fan base. Likewise, the engaging campaign needs to pay more attention to the number of participants who go through the whole process and complete the required actions rather than focusing on the number of total page views.

Wechat Marketing Management

Social media is an indispensable tool and platform for people to share opinions, insights, experiences, and ideas, and communicate with each other. It is also an important window for brand interaction with their TA( Target Audience). GMA has a wealth of experience in running campaigns on the two major social platforms ‘WeChat’& ‘Weibo’. GMA provides comprehensive image-building and maintenance services for brands and solves the problem of exchanging targeted information between brands and consumers. Conducting effective social activities for core TAs is key.

According to the <WeChat User Data Report>, by the end of 2018, WeChat had more than 1 billion logged-in users, an increase of 20% over 2017, there were 50 million elderly users each month, with 38 billion daily messages sent, and 6.1 billion voice calls per day. WeChat users post 6800 videos through Moments daily, a 26% increase over 2018. The WeChat platform is a necessity for your online presence.

here are some tips for you to better leverage Wechat HTML5 development in order to achieve higher engagement and better performance in terms of sharing and visiting.

Advanced visual experience can boost your results: GMA Case-Incredible views

Thierry Bornier the founder of Incredible views is a renowned, award-winning Landscape photographer and has been classified in April 2018 as one of the world’s 10 best Photographers (rank #4) for black and white photography, he’s been taking pictures professionally since 2012.

Advanced visual experiences can boost the number of sharing and increase the page view to a larger extent. A well-designed user flow is also a must-have if the brand wants to lead visitors to the final destination and achieve a higher conversion rate.

Storytelling is the best way to create emotional links with Chinese consumers GMA Case-Rock&Roast King

GMA’s creative team rushed to work overnight, creating 100% full original hand-painted graphics in a funky and humorous style to appeal to the audience. In the question-and-answer test mode, the user, according to the display of the subject, feels free to choose the corresponding answer, each answer will have different comments. After completing all the questions, the user is given their Roast king ability index, to attract sharing and invite friends to the APP. Due to the different style and the unique “Talk Show” theme, we attracted a huge community of interactive audiences

A lot of brands suffer from low participation due to the lack of emphasis on the directions to enter H5 as well as the benefits of participating in the H5 campaign.

Execute a well-integrated digital marketing strategy: GMA Case-SIM Global Education

Using H5 to introduce the school, campus life, cooperated school. Embedded with a video to clearly introduce the background of the institute. A successful WeChat campaign with H5 development is always executed with a well-integrated digital marketing strategy, which shows the presence of the campaign and the H5 entrance across a variety of social platforms. In addition, the QR code is a good way to help achieve the traffic drive from other platforms to WeChat H5 pages.

Traffic Driving: GMA Case-Vitabiotics

Animated pages to show interesting content to users and to gain interaction with them. By sliding the pages/ answer
questions/ press a certain icon to see further information. Always remember to put an outstanding QR code in the final step if brands aim to drive traffic to official WeChat accounts. And if brands want to redirect users to external links such as an official website or E-commerce platform, the well-crafted H5 pages can also boost users’ purchase intention.
Wechat HTML5 is also a valuable channel to provide important and insightful data for brands to do user segmentation and further communication, especially when it comes to tracking users’ relationship chain, which brands could identify and turn the most active and influential users to brand ambassadors.

Branding and reputation are always important


Reputation is a key factor for a brand, especially in China. That’s why our agency can help you create or improve your online reputation, through excellent customer service, in order to get more and more positive reviews. In addition, we are masters in positioning in the Chinese market, we create a unique strategy for your brand, made of excellent content that is the bread and butter of WeChat.

Don’t Neglect Chinese KOL

In China and especially in Wechat, KOLs do not only influence but actually, dictate the law on purchases. GMA will make sure to find the best KOL for your brand, and thanks to this we will be able to bring more traffic to your store.

WeChat Advertisement

Simply being on Tencent’s social network is no longer enough. And you need a proper marketing campaign through the advertising methods offered by WeChat. It is necessary to know well the types of advertising offered and how to use them. We have been a leader in this field for 5 years, we build a well-structured strategy, we promote products through excellent communication and we optimize your SEO.


Our staff is at your disposal, both during the preliminary stages and in the subsequent ones. You can request clarifications regarding any doubts or concerns, suggest changes, and propose your ideas, actively participating in the creative process. our reports provide a complete and in-depth view of your business. Furthermore, for those who want to deepen the analysis, we provide each month a detailed list of the movements, of the progress of our project, so as to be able to modify the strategy and always improve it together.

It all starts with the creation of the store, we are at your disposal to create one together with the inclusion of products in the platform. Our knowledge also includes the design sector. The result will be a style that reflects your brand and the tastes of the Chinese market. We are here to manage your store, from the translation of the articles to the coordination of your products. We guarantee a Chinese mother-tongue team ready to take care of your customers’ requests.

If you have a further project let us know. We can send you our case studies and speak about it

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