How to use WeChat for B2B marketing Effectively?

How to use WeChat for effective B2B marketing

Once just a messaging app, WeChat -China’s super app, offers a massive ecosystem for B2B businesses today. For brands to build awareness and generate leads, creating a mobile presence on this super app is crucial.

With its smartly designed built-in e-commerce tools, WeChat has been a top platform for B2C companies to promote their brands and increase their sales. Today, WeChat’s value extends beyond just B2C and into the realm of B2B marketing as well.

For B2B companies, the platform is a great way to increase brand visibility and reach out to potential customers. With WeChat, companies can engage with customers in real-time, run promotional campaigns on the fly and build relationships with their target audience. WeChat’s advanced analytics capabilities allow businesses to track customer behavior and gain valuable insights into their marketing efforts.

Why Should Brands Utilize WeChat for B2B Marketing?

WeChat’s B2B marketing draw is that it creates an entire buyer journey, from first awareness to sales. rather than just generating leads WeChat eventually turns into something similar to a comprehensive brand website.

While WeChat official accounts serve as an informative website, live streaming tools can be used to host webinars. WeChat groups enable managing groups of private customers. WeChat work helps sales representatives connect with clients and enable connection with third-party social CRMs. There are many ways to use WeChat for business.

How to start with WeChat for B2B marketing?

How to use WeChat for  B2B marketing effectively?

Set up a WeChat official account

To begin with, brands need to set up a WeChat official account. This feature is mainly used to introduce the brand to the potential audience through creative content marketing. Brands can use this platform to share stories, corporate news, events, or promotions. This creates an interactive environment for the audience and helps them discover the brand’s offerings.

What are the advantages of setting up a WeChat Official account?

With WeChat Official accounts brands can:

  • Share engaging content in different forms
  • Promote products with newsletters or brochures
  • Send group messages to the audience
  • Keep the followers updated on the newest product information
  • Create direct and instant contact with clients
  • Conduct user analysis and collect feedback to improve conversions
  • Use payment methods and make transactions
  • Access to WeChat mini-programs
  • Set up a WeChat store
  • Utilize Various types of WeChat Advertising options

And more. The options are endless and it’s definitely worth having a good strategy for your WeChat marketing.

Starbucks on WeChat

Utilize WeChat Mini Programs

If your brand is not already on the WeChat mini-programs, now is the time to catch up. More and more B2C companies are realizing the potential of this platform, and as a result, they are reaping the benefits of increased traffic and conversions. As a B2B company, you too can upgrade your marketing strategy by correctly utilizing MP.


One important thing about Mini programs is that it allows for targeted marketing which, in turn, helps businesses better identify their users. Without mini-programs, understanding the characteristics of your average user is more difficult. That said it also offers more content marketing with the live streaming feature, H5 brochures, and WeChat shops.

Mini-program live streaming and coupons

Discover Wecom

Wecom is a Tencent-created communication tool, particularly designed for office use. WeCom app is quite similar to WeChat, but it has more customization options. It also includes different productivity features for business management.

Wecom guide for foreign businesses
Wecom: WeChat work

Wecom was recently updated by Tencent with loyalty programs and new APIs which enable the app to provide external marketing tools for businesses.

How to succeed in B2B marketing on WeChat?

Build your community: Building a devoted follower base may take time and effort but they are the ones who will carry your brand to higher levels of digital presence, set up a WeChat group, and create exclusive promotions to make them feel special and create an everlasting bond.

Set your goals

What are your goals? Trying to increase your audience or create a dedicated community? Perhaps you’re looking for constant website traffic. It’s very easy to get discouraged when you lose your focus and accomplish everything at once. Try refocusing your efforts with smaller goals in mind so that you can celebrate each accomplishment along the way.

Make the most of all the features

Before you hit publish on your next post, double-check that your account has all the key components. use your first chance to make a good impression! From your welcome message to the company and contact information. Make sure everything is up and running.

Use rich multimedia

Make your content engaging and appealing with visuals. Multimedia elements like images, videos, and infographics can help capture attention and encourage social sharing. If you have an upcoming event, consider sending out VR-enabled invitations to get your audience excited.

La Perla WeChat interactive post

Create content regularly

Posting content often will enable you to attract followers organically. If you don’t post regularly, people might forget about you and move on. To keep followers engaged, fresh content is the key.

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