WeChat E-brochure, a good way to impress your Chinese business partners

If you’re looking to make a good impression on your Chinese business partners, one way to do so is by sending them an e-brochure through WeChat. This popular messaging app is used by millions of people in China, and it’s a great platform for sending digital marketing materials. WeChat H5 brochures are build-in the app and easily shared with whoever may be interested at any time. Here’s how to create an impressive WeChat e-brochure that will wow your Chinese business contacts.


You have probably already heard about WeChat if not, it is time to take a closer look at it because it could be the future of our use of smartphones.

WeChat is an essential tool for life in China, it allows Chinese people to converse by message, call each other, pay, place orders, send money, meet other people, share photos and moments through a dedicated page, etc… It would be way too long to mention all its possible uses.

The usage of WeChat has expanded by nearly 6 times compared to three years ago with as many as 1 billion users opening their WeChat account daily.

The main thing to remember about WeChat is that it is the heart of Chinese virtual life, and this, for pretty much all ages included. Thus, WeChat Marketing is taking an important place in any serious company strategy in China.


What is the WeChat E-brochure? Let’s see WeChat as an ecosystem, WeChat E-brochure (also called H5 WeChat) is a part of this ecosystem, as well as the other features mentioned previously. The user can access an HTML5 page (as a small simplified web page). It can take the appearance you want and offers you freedom in how you communicate with users.

There are many ways to communicate using WeChat E-brochure. Possibilities are numerous and you can give free rein to your imaginations to have a unique way to communicate and so reinforce your e-reputation. Some brands propose mini-games or animations on their page while some others use more conventional ways such as websites like pages, gifs, or images. You can go from something extremely sophisticated to something more common and suitable for your budget.

Also, you can redirect the user directly right onto the page you want with external links such as your commercial website or even the download page of your smartphone application. They have the possibility to post their content which can create more traffic to your campaign.

One of the other advantages of the WeChat E-brochure is that it allows you to collect and analyze data on the profile of users who visit your page. This way you will know in detail if the target you are trying to reach is being impacted by your campaign. Thanks to this precious information you will be able to adapt your campaign to obtain better results.

It is up to you to take advantage of the power that this tool can bring you. By making good use of it and something engaging and original you can generate a real attraction around your campaign and make it viral.


An interesting example of an original E-brochure is the work of Starbucks, which has set up loyalty cards that can be customized by the user. This has the effect of being engaging and at the same time fun which can make you want to share your creation with your friends, it makes the campaign more visible and people want to try to create something even if they do not have a particular interest in the brand or if they do not regularly consume their products.

Let’s talk about another fact to make you understand how great it is, let’s take the example of WeChat themselves. They used WeChat E-brochure to promote their service “WeChat pay” when it was launched. Keep in mind that their main competitor was Ali Pay which is the most used payment app on the market. Something impactful and on a large scale was the key to being able to compete with it. And what could be better than an application with more than one billion daily active accounts?


So why not benefit from an already established network that includes one-seventh of the world’s population to promote your activity?

Obviously, we are on this front, we have solutions and experience in the html5 H5 WeChat campaign that will help you to develop your business in China by getting people talking about you by being shared and thus becoming part of the consciousness of Chinese users.

To conclude the WeChat E-brochure campaigns have the advantage of being interactive and therefore present a real interest for the user with a real commitment, this is an opportunity.

These campaigns take place on WeChat, a network on which more than 1 billion users connect daily, offering you immense visibility if you seize the occasion.

And keep in mind that these campaigns can be difficult to implement if you don’t have enough knowledge of the Chinese market and the necessary technologies, it can quickly fall into “too much” and ruin itself, which will lead you to miss out on great development opportunities.

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