WeChat Channels: Popular Video Sharing App Everyone’s Talking About

WeChat channels

WeChat Channels is a new feature on WeChat that uses videos and pictures. Launched in 2020, WeChat Channels quickly gained 200 million daily users within 6 months. If you’re looking for ways to reach a wide range audience through WeChat, setting up a Channel should be one of your top priorities.

What are WeChat Channels?

Located inside the main WeChat app, WeChat Channels are a short-video sharing sub-platform that can be reached through the Discover tab right below WeChat Moments. WeChat Channels connect WeChat users, influencers, and brands by creating, posting, and sharing short video content. It is very much like Douyin and TikTok. 

La Perla Wechat Channels

How do WeChat Channels work?

Similar to other feed-based applications, the WeChat video feed also operates according to an algorithm. This algorithm determines which content appears on your feed among the accounts you follow. That said it also promotes content from all of your WeChat accounts depending on certain behaviors you exhibit while using the app.

In other words, users can discover and follow people and WeChat friends who are not in their contact list as well as brands. Or, they can discover official accounts they are not already following simply by exploring the app.

Live stream influencers, celebrities, and KOLs are also participating in the Wechat video platform. They help brands to reach out to a wide range of consumers. WeChat Channels just began allowing in-feed ads a short while ago, with popular brands such as Armani and BWM taking part in the beta test.

WeChat also released its Channel Store and now merchants can open stores and sell their products directly via their accounts. We only expect to see Tencent invest more in WeChat and add new functions, as they announced at the yearly WeChat Class PRO conference held with WeChat creators.

WeChat Channels: Video-based Content app

The content users see on a WeChat Channel is largely influenced by these factors:

  • The location of the users
  • The likes sent and received
  • The accounts they are following and engaging the most
  • WeChat contacts followings and engagements

WeChat Channels’ most popular content is trending viral videos that contain whatever is popular that day. This includes various types of challenges. Dance contests, memes, fashion trends, and of course food-related videos, etc.

WeChat Channels’ feed allows users to scroll through an infinite number of posts. All from their friends, favorite brands, active users, influencers, and official accounts.

WeChat Channels

How to register to WeChat Channels

To start posting on WeChat Channels, you will need to register first. There is a camera icon on the right corner of the screen of your WeChat personal account. Go ahead and click it.

To complete the registration create your Channels profile with your name, a description about you or your brand, and where are you located at. Please note that if you are applying through an official account, the administrator for both the WeChat Official Account and WeChat Channels accounts must be the same for the official brand account.

How to Post in WeChat Channels

The posts can be published through the feed in a few different ways:

  • An hour in length of videos with a video size of 2GB
  • Maximum 10 photos at each post
  • The link to the official accounts can be added
  • Hashtags that are related to the subject of the post
  • WeChat Channels hint for foreign brands

To make the best use of WeChat channels try these hints

  1. Link your Official WeChat Account and Channels Account: If a WeChat Channel is linked to an Official Account, it becomes verified and more trustworthy in the eyes of users. Users who stumble upon your Wechat channels dashboard will see the verification tick which might make them more interested in taking a look at what you do.
  2. WeChat Channel is your weapon to promote your Official Account: You can improve the viewership of your Official Account content by promoting it on your verified WeChat video Channel.
  3. Create the best content to stand out: Make the effort to post high-quality Wechat Channel posts. It works like magic. when you receive likes, those posts will appear on more people’s feeds. This way, you can organically grow your audience without putting in too much extra work. Plus, if you create content that is attractive and relevant to your business such as cool product demonstrations or giveaways you’re more likely to get those sweet likes that’ll help improve your channel ranking.
  4. Focus on trendy hashtags: When you catch hashtags that could be used for your business, act fast and create smart content around them. By doing this, anyone searching for content related to that specific hashtag will be able to easily find your channel, which has the potential of enlarging your target audience greatly.

Why Should You Participate in WeChat Channels: Newest Developments

Holding online live concerts with famous Chinese stars, and organizing online shopping festivals like Good Things Festival or New Year’s Festival… WeChat Channels are attracting more young people to explore new features. If you’re interested in the Chinese market, then you’ve probably heard of WeChat and how significant it is when it comes to engaging with Chinese customers.

Using WeChat Channels is more beneficial when used with the entire Wechat ecosystem

WeChat Channels integrate with the WeChat ecosystem and function much better if you also have a WeChat Official Account and Mini Programs. In the whole ecosystem, WeChat Channels are more effective and beneficial for brands. That said most brands that utilize WeChat Channels, including the market giants, have a presence on Official Accounts Mini Programs channels.

WeChat Channels

WeChat Channels: Next TikTok? 

WeChat Channels are a great avenue to reach potential customers through video content that is live-streamed and has eCommerce capabilities. This new touchpoint can potentially be a great convergence of opportunities, especially since the short video market is on a steep rise.

WeChat Channels provide a great opportunity for KOLs and brands to up their short-video game and leverage the huge WeChat user base at the same time. Because of the boom in the short-video market, many brands have already started leveraging WeChat Channel’s features. And more are pushing their marketing plans to accommodate it.

Do you need help? We can assist you with starting your Wechat Channels account

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