Wechat the apps’ killer

Social networks have become a necessary marketing tool for developing your brand. In China, mobile apps WeChat Tencent Group has redefined the world of applications.
Alexis Bonhomme, manager at Curiosity China asserts that “Wechat kills applications in a way,” Mr. Bonhomme worked in a joint venture between Groupon and Tencent before starting his own business Marketing WeChat.

He added: “There are two different perspectives: people outside of China still think they need an application to expand in China while in China, companies do not want to create an application because of the costs to create, maintain and promote the application are high. ”
Take the example of Urbem, a Chinese platform of services for dining, uses a WeChat account instead of creating an application to manage their referral services for their restaurant.
Compared services that provide application and those of WeChat, it is very obvious that what you can do on an application you can pretty much do on WeChat, and that’s what confirmed Steven Chen director at Urbem.
When developing an application, you will encounter some drawbacks. You have to think several parameters such as providing a iOS and an Android version and have to recruit appropriate apps developers. These steps take time while WeChat offers a platform ready for use and with the same services even more features than a simple application.


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Urbem opted for WeChat and added data analysis to its WeChat account. When a user have requests, he will have a real-time response to his request and it would recommend him dinner offers deals by category and by location.


In fact, the success of WeChat is not necessarily due to its features but rather that WeChat gathers all applications of a company in a single application. In general, people download 25 applications but they only use five or six on the whole. WeChat offers the functionality of several applications at the same time and it is easier to navigate on the same system.

Why WeChat is advantageous ?

According Curiosity China, today there are over 12 million enterprises with an official account WeChat. Two years before, there were only 500 000. WeChat has developed rapidly and is always looking to gain new users. The account WeChat service is more popular than other WeChat accounts.
One of the early adopters of WeChat service account uses the account in order to monetize their user base. Founded in May 2014, Chemm (玩 车 教师), a platform of car buying guide, offers a range of assistance exclusive content of the purchase car at the final stage of car buying. Chemm has 3 million followers on WeChat. The Company obtained a series of grant, valued at 600 million yuan (USD 92.3 million).


The advantage of WeChat is the number of times a user would open the application in the day is really amazing. A user can open at least a dozen times in the day. No application in China is experiencing a high number in the daily use of an application.

Beyond the advantages of WeChat, we also observed disadvantages. Mr. Yao director in Chemm told us: “Companies are restricted for customized use of WeChat. We can not develop or improve the user experience, “” WeChat allows us to provide answers to user requests and offer an online store using WeChat service account, otherwise it is difficult to see d other applications. “

WeChat complement to other applications

The WeChat service account is not meant to replace other existing mobile applications, it can be used to promote other applications. Companies use WeChat to generate traffic on their other digital platforms, before bringing them to upload their own application.
We know that WeChat is a very popular platform in China that is why you have to be able to use it to your advantage to attract more users to join your brand. WeChat will complement your other digital channels to promote your brand.

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