WeChat is the most used messaging service. It has 438 million registered users. Because of that, a lot of plagiarism happen in the app. Let’s see what WeChat decided to fight against it.

Punishment rules

WeChat, like every other social media in China experienced plagiarism. It announced punishment rules for any detected plagiarism, like Weibo did in 2012. This plagiarism consists of duplicate content of articles posted on WeChat. A lot of people do that in WeChat, some articles are published and they copy them and post them in their own account. A lot of creative people left the WeChat platform because of this. The columnist Yang Bingyang is famous in WeChat and so her articles are always copied. She complained to WeChat about this problem. This could also represent another problem because some companies pay people to write good articles to have followers, and some people just take these articles also to have more followers. Another reason why WeChat denounced plagiarism is because Tencent is one of the company that pay people to write articles. People have followers easily without doing any work. Some people just try to come up with interesting ideas and other people just stole their ideas. Most of the people don’t look at who wrote this article, if they like an article they will follow the one that posted it, but not necessarily the first one that posted it. The punishment will be this one: the account of Wechat will be aware of plagiarism and the account that posted the plagiarized article will receive a warning and will be asked to remove it for the first time. The account that posted the copyrighted article will be suspended for 7 days for the second plagiarism, then 15 days for the third and for the fifth time the account will be suspended forever and deleted.



Strategies to stop plagiarism

WeChat launched an “original content declaration” feature for the official accounts platform. People just have to use it and then, the content published will be officially declared “original”. If this content is seen elsewhere, the copyright owner that complete the original content declaration will be aware of the situation. If the source is cited, there won’t be any problems as the one that made the article is known, and the account that posted it will keep it. Tencent relies heavily on the public to report instance of plagiarism, as they can’t verify everything. They just will have to report it via a link on the WeChat platform.



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