Why Was My Website Rejected For A Baidu Ads Account?

Baidu’s verification process for ads is known for its complexity (even when speaking Chinese!).

If your website was rejected on your first application, no worries.

As a Baidu Agency, we have encounter this issue multiple times with our clients, and always helped them fix it or work around it.

Main Reasons for Rejection

  1. Non-compliance with Account Requirements: Baidu has strict criteria for ads. Violations, such as invalid traffic or policy breaches, can result in rejection.
  2. Legitimacy and Legal Sector Verification: Businesses must prove their legitimacy, often requiring government-issued IDs. Any discrepancies can lead to denial.

Understanding Baidu Ads Requirements

Baidu Ads is a dominant platform in China, similar to Google in the US. To advertise, businesses must:

  • Have a valid business license.
  • Comply with Baidu’s regulations, especially for specific sectors like healthcare.
  • Avoid content related to drugs, explicit material, or gambling.

Solutions for Rejected Accounts

Whitelisting Option

This allows only approved domains to advertise, acting as a workaround for rejections.

Improving Compliance to Requirements:

Making your account meet Baidu rules is very crucial. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Check Baidu guidelines: Make sure your ads fit well with the rules. Following them can stop your account from being tossed out.
  2. Keep ads truthful and relevant: The ad has to match the user’s search, making it of value to them. Don’t trick them with fake data.
  3. Tune up the landing page: Your ad will lead people to a specific website page called a landing page. This page must also obey all rules by Baidu.
  4. Learn from past slip ups: Baidu had problems with its online forum keeping in line with China laws before. So it’s important for you to stay updated on current laws and stick to them carefully.
  5. Avoid shareholder conflicts: In the past, shareholders felt mislead by how well Baidu followed Chinese laws. To avoid such trouble, keep all practices legal and clear.

Getting Refunded Deposit

If in the end everything fails, you might be eligible for a refund. Ensure you claim any undue charges promptly.

Best Way: Let us Help You

We have helped many Brands and Businesses get over Baidu rejection and additional problems along the way. Our Method and Pricing:

  • Baidu Audit of the website for $800 (covers 50 pages, audit for Baidu guidance).
  • Website consulting to improve content and create added value pages. The cost ranges from $500-$1000 based on the number of pages and added value needed.
  • Submit the full website with all options for $350 and directly follow up with the Baidu Team by phone.


Rejection from Baidu Ads is a common hurdle. Ensuring compliance with their guidelines and making necessary adjustments can pave the way for approval. Collaborating with a Baidu agency can further streamline this process. Ensure all required documentation is in order for verification.

  • Baidu verifies the authenticity of businesses in China before approving ads.
  • Non-compliance with Baidu’s rules or having inappropriate traffic can lead to rejection.
  • Websites can be whitelisted to ensure only safe sites advertise on Baidu.
  • Adherence to Baidu’s guidelines is essential to avoid future rejections.

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