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Our Webdesign Solutions in China

Web design

We design websites with an UX that appeals to Chinese users

Host & Migration

Migrate and host your website a suitable serveur for China

ICP Licence

Register for an ICP license so your website can be in .cn


Contente translated and localized for chinese netizens & Baidu


Improve your website visibility & traffic with smart SEO/SEM Strategy

PR & Backlinks

Best way to build your reputation and website authority in China

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Web design solutions in China

Chinese Website design

Your website is the first contact with your prospects; this, having an appealing website in Chinese is critical. It should be noted that in China, the criteria for what is a good website are not the same as in the West. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly, as most users will visit your website on their mobile phones. Our agency helps you to create a graphic world according to your brand spirit by adapting it to the Chinese market.

B2B China - baidu sem

Website promotion with Baidu SEO

Baidu is China's main search engine and being visible there is critical to your success. Just like with Google, a strong SEO strategy will help you rank higher. Our agency has the necessary expertise to optimize your site in China and offers a comprehensive range of services related to this task. Complete your SEO effort with some SEM (Paid Ads) to kick start your website when launching.

ICP License & Hosting

Host your website in China or in a neighboring country to offer a smooth experience to your visitors. In order to launch a .cn website, you'll have to get an ICP license, which we will help you with.

Webdesign in China - Frequently Asked Question

Do I have to host my website in China?

Not necessarily. As long as your website is hosted close enough to China and respects China’s internet regulations then you should be fine.

Is it possible to create an e-commerce website in China?

Yes. Our agency knows the various payment options online. However, we advise you have this website in complement to an e-commerce platform such as Tmall, Taobao, JD, and WeChat store. The reason being that customers trust those platforms a lot more than individual websites.

Should we write the pages in Simplified Chinese or Traditional?

It all depends on your target group. However, it is more common to use simplified Chinese than traditional Chinese in China. Traditional Chinese is still used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but less and less in China.

Is a simple website enough to promote my brand?

Yes. As long as it is optimized for Baidu and the UX appeals to Chinese netizens you’ll be fine. In China, you mainly need a website for SEO & SEM purposes. Having a website also add to your legitimacy as a company. Don’t skip this step but no need to go overboard.