We’re working everyday to help our clients engage and sell to their Chinese consumers online.

If you want to be recognized on this huge market, you need to have an online presence and work with a good Chinese social media Agency. Chinese consumers are very social media oriented and love to check brand’s information on these platforms before buying a new products. Then, you’ll need to collaborate with a partner who perfectly knows the Chinese social media landscape and who will be able to guide you.

We are your social media Agency in China

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We think digital!

The social media landscape in China is totally different from what you are used to see in the West. Here, in China, WeChat and Weibo are right now dominant. Never heard about it? No worries, we’re here to help you and build your own strategy to reach your target.

Wechat Marketing


Weibo Marketing

Our digital mind allows us to imagine transverse and complementary campaign on different platforms to communicate with your customers and diffuse them your brand values.

Communicate to the right people at the right time is crucial if you want to succeed and develop your brand awareness among Chinese customers.

Chinese Social Media Agency

Responsiveness and efficiency are key to our company.

We can design for you a social media strategy and take care of its ongoing management.

Our services:

Social Media Strategy Development

Strategic solution


Be on every platform on only focus on specialized platforms? We’ll be here to help you and select the right platform for you. We’ll build a roadmap and define objectives to reach your target.


Community Management

Community management


After building a solid social media strategy, our Community Managers will work to engage potential and current customers, media and all the other interesting audience. The first step will be to find the right community, integrate it and make it interact.

Crisis Management

crisis management
Social media are the best place to react in case crises emerge. Our community managers know how to deal with it and we’ll help you to go through it.


Social Advertising

ads social


We can develop for you a social advertising strategy in order to increase your awareness and reach your consumers more easily.





Promotion will be a big part of our daily work for you. Our goal will be to find new potential customers, make them become fans and make them stay loyal to your brand. 

As a Result oriented Chinese social Media agency we spend 80% of our effort outside of the account


KOL’s Engagement


In China, collaborate with Key Opinion Leaders is very effective. KOL’s are people followed by thousand or even better by million of people on the Chinese social media such as Weibo and WeChat.

We have a database of KOLs on every industry and will find the most appropriate for you and the one who will resonate better with your brand and your values.

Their voices are relevant to their followers and a collaboration with some of them will help you to reach new potential customers.

Measurement & Monitoring



Every week we’ll send you a report of our weekly actions. Then, every month you’ll receive a more detailed report on which we’ll as well set the next month objective.


Chinese Social Media Agency : Our pure digital team of experts specialized in the Chinese market will help you to develop a plan especially for your brand.

We will guide you at the conquest of the Chinese digital world and be you eyes in this market full of opportunities.

Now it’s your time to succeed on the Chinese market!


Do you want to work with us?

If you want to develop a social media strategy, feel free to contact us at marketingtochina @ gmail.com


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