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Verified Account Registration

We register your brand on the social medias of your choice

Social Media Strategy

Customized Social Media Strategy with your KPI in mind

Community Management

Critical to build a customer-brand relationship based on trust

Wechat Marketing

Official account, mini-program, H5 brochure, groups marketing ...

Kols Marketing

Get started quickly thanks to our KOLs networks and expertise

Native Ads

Kick-start your marketing effort with China Social media Native ads.

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Social Media Strategy & Promotion

Each social network has its own entry requirements. Generally speaking, a lot of paperwork needs to be done - in Chinese - to open an official / verified Chinese social media account. If you do not have a Chinese business license, it will be more complicated and we strongly recommend that you hire an agency to do it. We help select the right platform for your needs. Finally, we create a customized social media strategy based on your target and budget.

Promotion and Community Management

Promotion is a big part of our daily work for you. Our goal will be to find new potential customers, turn them into fans and make sure they stay loyal to your brand. Social Media also mean community management. You need to lead the narrative, respond tactfully to reviews, help visitors with their questions, guide followers, and keep them entertained. Your community manager will be the face of your brand on social networks, it is better to be picky when choosing.

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Wechat Marketing agency

If there is one Chinese social network that foreign companies cannot avoid, this is it. With its 1+ billion active users, WeChat is not just a messaging app, but an entire ecosystem with great influence in the day-to-day lives of Chinese people. The app is so big that a non-present brand shoots itself in the foot when it comes to credibility.

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Weibo Marketing Agency

Weibo an open social media channel where Chinese people go to get the latest gossip, follow trends and find information about current topics. It is an excellent marketing tool for brands to grow their awareness and become viral, as well as for paid advertising. We help you with your Weibo paid advertising campaigns, Content creation, Fan Headlines, Fan Tunnels, and so on.

Chinese Social Media - Xiaohongshu brand account - china baby clothes market

Little Red Book Agency

Little Red Book also called “Xiaohongshu” or RED is a Chinese social media (100 Million MAU as of 2020) that specializes in high-end products. primarily for Chinese women aged 18 to 35, where people sharing the same ideas, their opinions, bargains and buying tips. Little Red Book, by its user-generated core, has become the reference app for word-of-mouth marketing.

Kols marketing agency

The majority of consumers in China say their shopping choices are influenced by social media. Products recommendations by KOL or Influencers have the most impact on millennials and Gen Z in China. And luxury consumers in China look to Kol before making purchase decisions. GMA is specializing in KOL marketing and we have over 3 000 KOLs on our books.

Chinese Social Media - Sina Weibo Paid Ads

Native Ads

Each Chinese Chinese social network offers an integrated paid advertising system. Systems vary from app to app and it's more or less effective depending on your budget, industry, and online reputation. While paid ads aren't a "must" in China, it's clear that these are excellent for boosting traffic at certain times of the year.

Chinese Social Media - Frequently Asked Question

How to register an official account on wechat?

You need a Chinese business license or work with an agency that will register an account for you.

How to get more follower on wechat?

Wechat is a closed social media, it is not easy to get followers but there are ways. First make sure to display your wechat QR code everywhere you can. Then, share your content into groups, create and admin group with high engagement rate.

What is douyin?

Douyin is the Chinese version of Tiktok. It is highly popular and addictive. Douyin is a great channel for Native ads (paid advertising) as the targeting algorithm is complex and precise to offer a very personal experience to every user.