Wane of PPC on Baidu: SEO is coming!

PPC on Baidu is struggling: SEO is becoming the new trend!

Following recent scandals about China’s largest search engine, Baidu had to follow the government’s expectations.

Baidu had to revise much of its PPC (Pay Per Click) offer. PPC has sponsored advertising on search engines. In short: You pay a (large) amount of money to show your website in the top searches by keywords.

We have made screenshots before and after the update of this new reform. Will you find the differences between the old and the new Baidu? Get ready!

The recent scandal has forced Baidu to change its Algorithm!

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Baidu before the scandal: PPC Kingdom

Here are two screenshots made on May 20, 2016:

baidu 20 may 1

As you can see in this first capture, the PPC results are omnipresent.

baidu 20 may 2

This second screenshot reveals that the PPC results are also available in the right column.

The natural results appear only at the bottom of the capture. These natural results are displayed due to the work that has been done upstream by the SEO team of these sites.

Baidu after the scandal: Rebirth of natural results (SEO)!

Here are two screenshots dated May 30th, not long after the update wanted by the Chinese government.

baidu 30 may 1

In this first screenshot, we see that Baidu adopts the same style of notification as his western brother Google. Thus, we see a small square in a slightly different color from the usual white. The top right of this framework can be distinguished by the Chinese characters 商业 推广 (Shangye Tuiguang). This corresponds to the space reserved for PPC ads. Baidu is now limited to 30% of PPC ads on its search results pages.

baidu 30 may 2

In this second capture, we see very quickly that there is no more PPC location on the right column. Indeed, with the restriction that took effect, Baidu has not the right to dispose of PPC ads.

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SEO on Baidu: a bright future

Baidu Marketing

The beneficial effect of these ads ordered by the government is that the natural results, which are the result of excellent work done by SEO experts, appear in a much better position, and a much better ranking. These naturally referenced websites are more easily accessible to Chinese netizens.

Doing SEO on search engines will bring you a lot of good interactions. For instance, you can learn how to market your Business with Off-page SEO.

It is now clear that the stakes on Baidu are now mostly SEO. To get your website on the first page of search results, contact the SEO experts based in China. They are experts in the first Chinese search engine! Our SEO experts, for instance, have proven many times they can improve your natural ranking within a short period of time. Contact us to get more information about it!

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