Videos ensure a very successful digital marketing campaign in China!

Video as a qualitative vector

China is the country with the largest number of video users in the world: about 450 million. This figure is expected to reach 700 million by 2016. The video market in China is a growing market and it is obvious that we can say that Chinese consumers are fond of this kind of media. Brands have a vested interest in integrating video support in their development strategy on the Chinese market. Video marketing is no longer just a bonus. It has become a must have for any well-designed marketing strategy.

Online videos’ consumption by Chinese consumers


You should know that consumers watch more than 8 hours per day or 25 hours per week of online video and they do it everywhere: in the subway, on the bus …

The online video in China is an over harvested support and highly valued by consumers. So if we list the reasons why Chinese consumers consume online video, it will include on top : flexible media (tablets, laptops) that allows you to watch videos anywhere at any time, the ease of finding any informative video on internet and the ability to share video content on the internet.

 A $25.9 billion sized market!

To go further and understand the online video market in China, we have to note that it represents a $ 25.9 billion market value which is huge. Thus it is essential that a brand that wants to operate in China takes into account the huge numbers of consumers in this market. This represents a really interesting potential!


Brands and videos

Considering the results of the market for online videos, we can easily suppose that Chinese consumers are highly appealed by this type of digital content! But why?

Well, Chinese consumers like quality media, but especially entertaining ones. The online video is seen as the ultimate means of entertainment and quality. So brands have a vested interest to get started.

A consumer will have a greater propensity to turn to brands that offer a wide range of communication media (including videos) rather than simple visuals.

On the one hand because a video will be a guarantee of a qualitative support, a video can reflect a true brand story and culture, and it will be an important driver in the creation of a strong link between the Chinese consumer and the brand itself. On the other hand it means that the brand follows the trend of the market adapted to the Chinese people’ culture, their actual hottest trends and their expectations. To do so you need to have in store the necessary budget to create a real and qualitative video content.

If we take the example of Cartier and its ‘L’Odyssée’ seen more than a million times on Youku, it is obvious that the qualitative content that tell a real story through the video are warmly welcomed by Chinese consumers.


On Youku, when you search Cartier in Chinese and see the videos related to the brand you can see the cumulated number of viewers for any given video. (See here) I typed 卡地亚, the Chinese name of the brand and found all of Cartier’s videos. When you put the Odyssée video number of viewers together you get about 2.4 million views of its short movie

As you should understand now, Video in China is a support you must use during your digital campaign. Our Agency, Gentlemen Marketing Agency is able to help you in the conception of your brand’s video for the Chinese market.

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