Valentine’s Day meets the Lantern Festival in 2014

Valentine’s Day meets the Lartern Festival in 2014

February 14, Valentine’s Day in 2014 and the Lantern Festival, which is January 15 on the lunar calendar, will be the same day.

The Chinese people celebrate Valentine’s Day for several years, particularly among the young people. And the Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival since antiquity. The two festivals represent the Western and Eastern culture, who come together in 2014. How to celebrate this “double festival” ? With lover or with family? This has become a popular topic among internet users. Besides, this “double festival” also brings great opportunities for merchants.

“Do not forget your mother when you buy a gift to your girlfriend!”

The websites for cosmetics, flowers, clothes shout the slogan “Do not forget your mother when you buy a gift to your girlfriend!” Thus, the sale for Valentine’s Day of this year can be double that of the other years.

For example, on the website of cosmetic Lefeng, there is a special area for Valentine’s Day and another one for the Lantern Festival. The products are classified by the price and by the target goals , in ordre to help men and  boys who do not know cosmetics can choose more easily the gifts.


Campaign on weibo

This double celebration is a popular topic among internet users, especially on weibo, so many merchants take advantage of this opportunity and enforcent the communication on weibo.

A restaurant said in a post “Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend or celebrate the Lantern Festival with your family? If you can not make the choice, come together to our restaurant! A joyful and romantic atmosphere, lots of well-prepared dishes and the careful service are waiting for you! ”

In addition to the restaurants, many other trades such as e-commerce websites , travel agencies, car shops, jewelry stores, and even the dental clinics publish some posts about the promotional activities for the festival. The first war has been shot on weibo before the arrival of the festival.




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