At present the most important social networks in China are WeChat and Weibo, to fully enter the Chinese market so do not forget to develop on these networks.

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How to succeed on Weibo

Weibo (微 博) means microblog in Chinese, it is one of the most visited websites in China. Weibo has 300 million registered users in China and has developed its own features, sometimes by integrating other SNS’s  that makes it more diversified and dynamic than Twitter, the SNS it is often compared to.


Make your Weibo page attractive

Stand out from the competition to give followers a good impression and a good image of your company. You can customize your page with pre-made but it is advisable to invest in order to access more customizations.


Optimize your content

The style of writing, pictures, relevant or fun content can affect your success. Too many promotional items can make your followers leave you. What is fundamental here is the community talking about your brand. starbucks weibo

Post at regular intervals

You do not need to be H24 on your weibo, you can schedule your posts to make your publication to appear when you want, just like you, users are not connected H24 neither, you must adapt your hours of publication when most of them are connected to have a maximum impact.

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Use #Hashtags# efficiently

Like Twitter, Weibo uses the “#” symbol to create topics. When you click on a word between #hashtag#, it will access to all the posts related to the subject. The hashtag is used to measure how much a topic is relevant, so we have to use them. You can also create your own #hashtag#.

hashtag weibo

Answer to comments

Not only in order to create interaction with followers but it is also a mark of respect, and to make them continue to follow you. If you have a lot of comments, it is difficult to answer them one by one, then you must respond selectively : accounts with influence, negative comments, questions.

dove produit weibo consommateure

Analyze your posts

Consider the audience results of your publications, how many comments of people who liked, shared, figures are available on your account. This will allow you to understand what works or not (subject / format text, images) and improve your results.

increasing result

Use the private conversation

Weibo has a function of private messages, it can protect the identity of followers especially when doing e-marketing events such as contests whose winners will win lots, it is better to contact them privately.

prive message

How to succeed on WeChat

When the Chinese want to communicate, exchange information, they do so by WeChat mobile application. At the end of 2014, the number of users was closing to 500 million, this application allows more than conversations, it became a social platform or other actors such as shopping and payment systems can flourish.


Why have a WeChat account?

WeChat is a way to retain your customers and promote your products, unlike social networks, your messages will be more focused and are more likely to be read. It’s also a way for the consumer to follow the latest news from your company, futhermore they can contact you directly through instant messaging, the client will feel more than privileged.


Have an account / shop on WeChat

WeChat offers 2 types of official accounts, accounts for people and services accounts, you will need to exceed 500 followers for your account to be verified and could become official.
It is possible to store and present its products and make purchases, it is a very interesting service because the player may at any time of the day to access without having done any research, saving time.

wechat-storewechat store

Have followers

WeChat to succeed, you need followers, users can not find you by searching they can only follow you by scanning your QR code that is generated by WeChat. Make sure your customers can find your QR code: post on your WebSite, your packaging, on social networks, on your shops and on your ads.
You must continually offer relevant content to consumers.

olay weibo contest

Do not spam your followers

When someone adds you, he can receive your news at any time, do not abuse this option to spam, it will hurt your image and you will lose followers. Have in mind that the followers may at any time start a conversation with you, you have to have the means to answer their question and expectations most quickly.  chinese bored

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