E-marketing, the trend of today !

People who work in the cosmetics, textile, luxury or perfumery industry know the importance of the Chinese market. However, most of them do not know how to establish a brand there. Moreover, the digital sector is experiencing the biggest increase right now.

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The chinese E-commerce is growing day by day. In 2012, the total value of the number of transactions was € 218 billion, in 2013, it reached € 354 billion. This is nearly 40% growth from one year to another. In 2017, it is expected to exceed € 488 billion and in 2020, the sector will represent the American, Germany, England, Japan and France market all together!

All companies hope to increase their visibility and reputation through the Internet. With more than 600 million netizen, social networking and PR campaigns are very effective in attracting new customers.


The key: visibility!

The Chinese market is full of opportunities and offers countless potential customers. However, you must know that competition is fierce, whether it is with large companies or local actors. More over, it is difficult to know and understand consumer trends.

Having a website is an essential step. To succeed in China, you must have a clear site, with an attractive design, where it is easy to see prices, and (of course) hosted in China. In addition, and like everywhere else, you need visibility. However, your site will not be listed the same way it is on Google and on Baidu (which holds 80% market share in China).

Baidu does not work the same way as its counterpart does. These features are more complex and it is more difficult to choose the keywords that will make you appear in the top results. The SEO / SEM campaign to launch is not easy but still doable. To improve your SEO on Baidu and create a striking Internet site, our experts, thanks to their knowledge on the market and on customers’ expectations, will accompany you and help you in launching your company in China.

As Baidu is for Google, Facebook and Twitter also have their equivalent. The use of social networks such as Weibo, WeChat or Qzone, is growing, thanks to the explosion of smart phones’ sales. In addition, KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) may be used to creat buzz about your brand. They have an incredible influence on Chinese consumers. In regard to convey a good image, PR campaigns can be a great help by finding new customers.


The power of Internet

To maximize your sales, we recommend that you create quality content with information on your products or services. What you need to know is that Chinese always do research online before buying a product or a brand. They give a lot of consideration to feedback and comments from other users. Therefore, it is interesting to test the temperature first, identify tensions and expectations of consumers on forums or social networks.

In the luxury sector, cosmetics, perfumery … Major brands use the Internet in their favor. They use social networks, SNS and PR to talk about them positively. Directly control their image and e-reputation. This term is essential to know in China.

For this, we advise you to create your own community. To do this, the key is to make the buzz around your company by creating something original. Thereafter, you just need to listen customer’s reactions and interact with them. For example by responding quickly to bad buzz or bringing forth “followed.”

13.6% of global spending made ​​on the Internet comes from China. The area of ​​digital marketing put the traditional marketing in the shade. The results of e-marketing agencies are impressive and proving that the Internet in China has real power of communication.

Chinese do not have the same consuming habits as Westerners. You have to follow very carefully the customer’s behavior otherwise you will be left behind. However, this is not a reason to rush. You have to be patient and take your time in China.


Another possible alternative?

In China, e-commerce shopping platforms are widespread. They are even prefered to an own brand website. Chinese like to compare prices and products quickly. This is why sites such as Jumei, Tmall or JD.com work that well.

If you want to test the market before you set up completely, it is recommended that you open an account on one of these sites (Jumei is better in cosmetics and perfume) and see how your brand is welcomed and which products works better. Do not underestimate these sites, on the Jumei store opening day of L’Oréal Paris, the brand has achieved a turnover of € 1.7 million on the first day only!

This will also allow you to avoid the paperwork to do for chinese administration that are often endless and very unclear. This is a good way to test the market and avoid the costs of settlements if it does not lead.

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