It is expected a highest increased of Chinese tourists due to the rapidly growing middle class.

Multinational hotels should reevaluate their branding strategies to attract Chinese Costumers.

Currently, 7 percent of China’s population belong to  middle class and it is expected to increase up to 25 percent of its citizens by 2020. This data will stimulate the rising number of Chinese tourists who will travel to U.S. In 2013 over 1.8 millions tourists traveled overseas and In 2018 it is expected to grow around 20 percent anually, as reported by U.S. Department of Commerce estimates.


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Some of Chinese tourists preferred destinations are New York state, California and Nevada. Principal activities of  Chinese tourists when they are traveling to the United States are: shopping and cultural trips. According to estimates, each Chinese tourist spend an average of 5000USD during the vacations.


Due to the growing number of Chinese tourists, increasingly more hotel chains offer cultural habits from China. For example, Marriot International and Ritz-Carlton already have kettles of water, tea and slippers in rooms, breakfast Chinese style and also employees who speak Mandarin.

Hotels in the United States desire to attract Chinese tourists. However, hotels should rethink their branding strategies, according to Joy Huang, a professor in the department of recreation, sport and tourism.

Demonstrating “face” , is a Chinese cultural value that is based in showing a value that could be roughly translated into a mix of prestige, social and financial success as well as pride. That is one of the main reasons why Chinese people choose U.S. as their holidays destination. In order to satisfy this need, U.S’s hotels must change their branding strategies.


A research about Chinese perception of three international hotel brands – Hilton, Super 8 and  Holiday Inn. All of them have hotels in the U.S. and in China and also, websites in both languages. When they are traveling around China, it is very important to show “face” so they choose Hilton or Holiday Inn hotels in preference to Super 8.  The reason is that in China, Holiday Inn and Hilton hotels are 4 and 5 star luxury hotels and Super 8 is considered a budget brand. Similarly, if they are traveling around United States  with the purpose to show “face” they will never choose Super 8.


Recent surveys to Chinese tourists in America showing that they prefer to choose clearly the big hotel chains to their holidays in United States instead choose hotel chains of medium and low level. Chinese traveler tend to create attachments with multinationals hotel brands that are qualified in order to satisfy their needs and desires for belonging and appreciation from society. They will share positive impressions of the brand to other because it provides them prestigious, social status and face. Hotel’s tangible features are important if they are to travel to the U.S. but not when they travel in China.

Gulf Hotel Bahrain - Luxury 5 star hotel in Bahrain - Superior Room

Sometimes, international hotel brands vary their marketing strategies and services from one country to another. That can confuse consumers who travel around the world and it is better to show a uniform identity and corporate values.

There is a wave of new Chinese tourists. These travelers are looking for new feelings rather than just showing their “face” to others. Chinese’s desire is to be understood and that is the key to attracting them.

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