There are more than 680 million internet users in China, which are permanently connected to their mobile, and tablet computers. Despite this huge number of online consumers there have been falling sales in the luxury goods market. How to better target this Chinese market online? What new strategies must luxury brands use to attract Chinese customers? Luxury brands are set to utilize the top influencers in China to help sales.

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Who are these Chinese influencers?

“Influencer” is now a term used by all marketers and communicators in the XXI century. Influencers on the internet are popular with luxury brands. Indeed, they are all consumers and act as guides for other consumers. Due to their popularity on the web, most influencers blogs and their social media accounts are a golden springboard for the launch of a new luxury product.
Brands with connections to influencers see a great opportunity to revive the luxury market in China, where the influencers play an undeniable role in the purchasing choices of consumers. The level of influence from these figures is especially high in China, it is key feature of this unique digital landscape.
The battle for visibility on social networks is complicated to win in China without the help of experts:

Influencers on the Chinese web

Brands have gradually sought to expand on Chinese social networks like Weibo and WeChat because of the large number of active Chinese users with an account.

The influencers online behaviour has such an impact on China is primarily because Chinese consumers are constantly connected to the web and are especially active on social networks. In China, there are influencers in all areas ranging from cosmetics to fashion. These bloggers have formed large communities that boast tens of millions of fans. Key Influencers have a great influence on the Chinese because they take the information on social networks as their primary source of information, WeChat is often refered to as the ‘WeChat times’. Brands have quickly understood the need to collaborate with these influencers, often known as the Key Opinion Leader.
Social networks are the ideal platform to ensure visibility for luxury products but also serve as a platform of sale. For example, WeChat has developed features to make purchases directly from the app in micro stores hosted within the platform.
Investing in social networking in China is therefore a way for luxury brands to promote their products to 600 million potential customers at a lower cost but Chinese Influencers do not come cheap..

Chinese bloggers: the most expensive in the world ?

To increase their web visibility, luxury brands today tend to involve human intermediaries.
Because of their reputation, luxury brands do not hesitate to establish numerous partnerships with these influencers. Partnerships how are increasingly expensive in China.
They still remain discreet about the amount of their remuneration for the mention of a brand by a Chinese influencer but the price would be between 10 000 and 15 000 euros, according to the notoriety of the blogger.

papyJiang sold her first video for 3millions 



Influencers, new marketing tool?

These partnerships thus present the holy grail of modern marketing for luxury brands.
However it is still important to be careful and learn about the partnerships that have been undertaken by Chinese bloggers beforehand because of false influencers who ask for high rates but do not have the effective outreach in the right market you are looking for.


Weibo Han Huo Huo, one of the most influential fashion bloggers in China with over 3 million followers on his page.


Weibo tourisme

Influencers in the travel industry with nearly 3 million followers on Weibo


Weibo influencers in the field of cosmetics

If an influencer has  already worked with a competitor, it could have a negative impact on your new products promoted. In addition, consumers can feel duped by invasive marketing strategies. Influencers just switching loyalty from brand to brand is not seen as a good thing.


We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

Chinese bloggers are increasingly sensitive to human relations. They are more interested in simple contracts proposed by a specialized agency. They want to benefit from relationships with the brand to be able to invest fully.

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  1. Apparently influences have influenced the consumers’ taste even more strongly than some movie stars and singers. And internet users feel more connected to these bloggers than to celebrities.

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