The Chinese Wedding Market : a Golden Mine

The Chinese Wedding industry is a Gold Mine

Why? Because  Chinese people are willing to spend a colossal sum of money on their wedding.

It is considered an event that happened once in a lifetime. Consumers from first and second-tier cities in China are the most willing to pay in order to have a memorable and high-end wedding.

Couples don’t want to follow a standard formality anymore to get married (like traditional weddings, as was the case during the Cultural Revolution). They are looking for a personalized experience. Click here to see our services.

A wedding is one of the most important moments in life for Chinese

According to Baidu users’ data, people from 20 to 30 years old are the ones who invest the most in the preparation of their marriage. Among them, the most active are women.

We can feel in China, that the woman takes a place more and more important in society. It is a question of culture, there is a need to take care of one’s family, and especially of one’s wife. Chinese men will do a lot to show their entrepreneurial side and to touch their beloved. This growing fact sometimes brings quite original marriage proposals, such as this one with diaper bundles.

Most of the time, women have their own expectations for this special date, and have their representation for a “dreamed marriage”. Due to this, wedding ceremonies are becoming more and more sophisticated in China. The program includes dance choreographies, songs, and games in order to interact with guests and more. In the layout of the space, they are often seeking to make it astonishing. On Douyin, the most popular entertainment mobile app of the moment in China, many short videos show wedding scenes. Touching, beautiful, original, and funny, these unique and impacting moments are caught and shared on social networks. Users even comment, joking: “nowadays we don’t dare to get married if we don’t have inspiration or some talents to show”.

Some advice to market your Business to Enter the Wedding Market in China

If you want to start a business in this sector in China, whether you want to sell a service or a product, here are 3 advice that could be helpful to you :

Pay attention to customer’s needs

You have to localize your Content and your offer for the Chinese Market…

A wedding is a very special moment in life, and Chinese consumers will be much more inclined to spend their money on it. It’s a kind of compulsive buying because they will be in an emotional state of mind. Nevertheless, at the same time, they will have higher expectations and will be much more involved in this purchase. Most people will have their own ideas, which they will share with pleasure with the person they have in front of. It should be taken into account, understood well, and you should based on these requests build together this project. The result has to be as close as possible to the customer’s expectation.

To Enter the Chinese Wedding Market, Bet on your Internet Visibility

1/ Website in Chinese

The base of every business in China, still! Have a great Website in China, to explain your offer, your advantage, and Design will show your positioning, High End or mass market.

2/ Attract Visitors

Attract Visitors to your Website is a logical step for business development…

Visitors = Potential Clients 


Be Visible on Baidu, and getting found by interested Clients on Baidu is a quality source of Business.
I want to search a honeymoon in Australia, I will start my research on Baidu.

What you need is an SEO Campaign on Baidu. A SEO Campaign is optimize your Website to rank on first page of Baidu on targetted keywords.

  • A Baidu Friendly website, needs audit your Website
  • Get the trust of Baidu, via verification, quality backlinks, Media quote and a Baike
  • A backlinks Campaign to increase your Online popularity…

SEO campaign takes time, 6 months to 1 year but it ensures the best ROI in many industries.

If you are not Patient and want direct Results, SEM Campaign is Good

  • SEM Search Engine Marketing or PPC, pay per click.
  • You just advertise on Baidu.
Video is a Hot Marketing Content in China

We just talk about Douyin Application in China. We can take it as an example to explain the importance of trends’ influence in China. Douyin itself has a lot of influence among young people and many commercial activities based on it to attract more people’s attention. A lot of shops are using background music and songs from Douyin’s short-videos and some of them also sell products that become popular because of Douyin. Even if sometimes we don’t really know why some products can become best-sellers, for example :

If you are in China now or you are planning to come, you would see how Peppa pig’s accessories take place among chinese young people.

Marketing in China is based a lot on the latest trends from the net because it influences users and boots the promotion on social networks. Inspiring and incorporating fun ideas (not necessarily Peppa pig) can create content that will engage more Chinese consumers and generate their curiosity.

Social Media in China: WeChat Society

Whether you are a retailer or a consultant, or whether you plan to sell a service or a product, it is important today to have an online presence through websites or social apps.

Creating a WeChat account is one of your main tasks if you didn’t do it before. WeChat is an app for communication (the most used and spread in China). It is used in personal and professional ways. WeChat allows keeping in touch with your contact or your clients, share professional information and follow news on the web. It is also possible to make transactions directly through the app. The Chinese Wedding Market is linked to WeChat…

There are many other platforms in China to promote your business. The important thing is to know how to choose the most useful one according to your activity and your brand.


In this Chinese Wedding Market, Consumers are numerous to do their research on the internet before purchasing anything. They first go on the internet and then go to the physical shops or get in touch with the person they are looking for. To become known or found, to establish a relationship, brands and companies are nowadays using social media as a tool to market in China.

We can help you to Enter the Chinese Wedding Market

To get more information about business development in China, you can contact GMA. Our agency is specialized in digital marketing in China. We know the Chinese market, follow the latest trends in China, and provide tailor-made solutions adapted to your project.

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