Travel Agencies in China : 5 reasons to work with Gentlemen

You want to work with Travel Agencies in China ? OTA and Travel Agencies are searching to collaborate with local agencies, but it is not what you think.

We can help you to work with Travel agencies in China.

Thanks to rising disposable incomes and the relaxation of outbound travel restrictions, China has become one of the top, fastest-growing outbound travel markets in the world. In 2015 alone, Chinese outbound tourists spent $215 billion according to World Travel & Tourism Council, this is a 53% increase from 2014 when $140 billion was spent. Chinese tourists have continually proved their great potential and continually high purchasing power despite the slow-down of China’s economic growth.

Travel Agencies in China: 5 reasons to work with Gentlemen

Many travel agencies around the world want to join this huge potential Chinese outbound tourism market even though the road is rough and it’s notoriously difficult to break in. It usually costs foreign agencies a lot of unnecessary spending to operate in this unfamiliar market. There is actually a more constructive and effective way to enter this Chinese market, through local experts like us (Gentleman Marketing Agency).

Here are five reasons to choose us:

We are the Local Experts

Let me ask you a few questions before discussing the importance of local agencies. Are you familiar with China’s internet regulations? Do you know how to speak or write in simplified Mandarin Chinese? And, do you use any of the Chinese social media platforms? If a response to any of these questions is negative, it is highly recommended for you find a partner based in China to work with, it is not hard to get lost somewhere in the Chinese internet community. Unlike many other western countries around the world, China’s internet landscape is both unique and complex which makes it difficult for many foreign agencies to understand whilst they are operating their business outside of China. It developed under a unique set of conditions with domestic, and digital platforms thriving and dominating.


Since GMA has been operating a business in this market for many years we understand the culture, language, and people, we can be the eyes and brains of our clients in China helping them to establish their business here. We can help our clients best invest their marketing budget with great returns on investment since we know how digital marketing works most effectively in China. Pragmatism and results are the most important thing.

Check some of our articles :

Experience in Digital Marketing


We can meet all your reasonable requirements. In China, we mainly use the Baidu search engine. We use WeChat and Weibo while everybody outside of China uses Facebook, Twitter, and others. After the Chinese government set up the great firewall it had the effect of blocking the internet and protecting the power and rights of domestic digital firms, the internet landscape is very different because of this.

Travel Agencies in China

If your travel agency would like to launch your services here in China, there is much more preparation required than simply relying on tools to translate content to simplified Chinese. You need to know how your website can get a better rank on search engines either through keywords, page optimization, backlinks, and other techniques. Each one of them requires certain Chinese-specific specialism and experience in managing and organizing this. Also, you need to know how to apply marketing strategies to the world of social media to help your agency build up its brand reputation and potential customer base. Last but not the least, you need to know how to compete with other competitors. Small adjustments can make a difference in the digital world and you need to know the rules in China, and how to play the game as it were. With the experience we have, our agency can provide you with the best and most professional skills in managing your digital marketing in China’s growing travel industry.


Travel Agencies in China like to work with Western Companies but expect them to understand them.

Great success in the Travel Industry

We have been focusing on the travel industry ever since we started this company. We know how to integrate a digital marketing campaign based on the needs and expectations of travel agencies around the world.


We have helped Aiguemarine, a France-based travel agency targeting luxury tourists, build up its brand in the middle kingdom, Aiguemarine first opened its service here in China. We implemented many different campaigns in order to boost the online visibility and e-reputation of this luxury brand. Within a year, we brought them 60% more visitors to their website where sales greatly increased. Aiguemarine is only one of our many successful cases.

Customized Service  

Many traditional marketers rely on phone calls, direct visits, and connections to make their sales but the new marketing operations run almost everything online. During this revolutionary era, many businesses make significant mistakes as they simply think paid online advertising is good enough for them. You may ask yourself, “ will you click on paid ads or on natural results as you are looking for information on search engines?” Paid ads investment often costs your agency a lot of money with results not meeting your expectations. SEO to improve your ranking in the natural search results is the key to success.

Travel Agencies in China

Be your partner in China :

Customized service is all about delivering the best result for travel agencies as you manage the marketing budgets whilst expecting a maximum return on investment. GMA proposes the most effective solutions to our clients by helping them see their activities in the context of this massive Chinese market, by contextualizing business activities we can assist them in organizing a suitable digital campaign. The best marketing practice comes from providing services that meet the needs and exceptions of clients and that is what we do as Gentlemen.


Listen to our former clients

Rémy PORTA, GM at Aiguemarine:

The lead generation solution realized by Gentlemen Marketing Agency for our company was efficient. Since the first few months, we got excellent results in SEO on Google and Baidu, our visibility was improved and we quickly got many new customers from the Internet.”

Tour From Bali, from Zero to 2000leads per year 

“Thanks to Gentlemen Marketing Agency, I improve my visibility and get many leads from Travel Agencies in China, and direct customers. I develop my business and I am happy with their management way”.

Do you want to know more about our solutions?

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for more case studies and a quotation. Our experts will be glad to have a conversation with you to discuss your needs.


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    We are Guangdong Zhonglu, founded in1956, we was honored as The Home Of the overseas Chinese. At present, it is the stock-holder and the operator of 16 travel agencies with over 160 outlets and 500 province in China
    We are the largest network travel distributor in China mainland.
    We are interested to partnership with hotels with Chinese hosting capacity and good reputation, and enlarge our network of inbound agent able to welcomed Chinese Tourists.
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