Training programs in China: a market on the rise

The Chinese are subjected to strong parental pressure toward success in their studies from a very young age. They must join the best school, have the best grades, and attend evening classes… All of this to get the best job and of course, the best salary. The demanding nature of these “tiger moms” has even encouraged the development of online education and the democratization of training programs in China. So that their children can benefit from all kinds of knowledge, even classes taught by teachers on the other side of the world. However, when it comes to real professional skills, not just intellectual, training is harder to find. The Chinese are mostly banking on diplomas.

Yet the competition is tough in the job market in China. But professional training remains almost nonexistent. Many Chinese people have to train abroad to benefit from specialized skills. So whatever your field of activity, pastry, hospitality, interior design, or bartending … a market is waiting for you in China!

Training Programs in China are most Popular in Wealthy Cities

There are many internal migrations in China. While the country has grown very rapidly, this modernization has not affected the whole country. Only coastal regions have benefited and the rest of China remains poorer and underdeveloped. Many Chinese cross the country to settle in the big cities and find a job. It is therefore in these that it is necessary to propose your services. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu…

Food: a winning market in China

The Chinese love to eat! The meal is a very important moment for them because it is a moment of sharing which can sometimes last several hours.

In the big megacities of China, millionaires are very numerous. China is also the country with the most millionaires in the world, ahead of the United States. Regarding food, the pinnacle of luxury is foreign cuisine. There are many restaurants for this high-end clientele. But very little training for future employees of these!

Moreover, since this affluent clientele lives in luxury, they all use the services of one or several “ayi” as they are called there. These are the nursemaid that takes care of children, does housework, or prepares meals. If they had a background in French cooking or baking, there is no doubt that they would have no problem finding a job. Or if they are already employed by a family, this one would undoubtedly be happy to offer her this training at his expense to enjoy good meals later.

Some French have already established their training in Shanghai. This is the case of Le Cordon Bleu, which inaugurated the first joint venture between a private entity and a Chinese government school (Shanghai School of Administration and Tourism). But also Farine etc, a French bakery chain that was already well established in the territory and that wanted to expand its business. Carrefour also set up a training program for young Chinese from disadvantaged backgrounds. The company offered several internship offers, and even sent two Chinese to France for a one-year professional training! This is proof that real accessible training schools are not yet established in China.

How to choose your training: Follow trends

To be successful, you need to know what is happening in China. Know which sectors of activity are clogged and which are promising… For example, knowing that the second-tier cities in China are developing at a crazy speed, promises a lot of opportunities for the future! Luxury hotels are going to need trained staff, bars and nightclubs are going to look for professional bartenders, the wealthy Chinese moving into their new apartment will want to hire an interior designer, etc… China is a country full of opportunities. You must think of the future!

How to make your place in China Training Programs market?

To become successful in China, it will be necessary to use a marketing strategy adapted to the Chinese market. Since word of mouth is still very present, they will trust the opinion of their friend rather than advertising. Having a strong network in China is, therefore, a big advantage. A joint venture with a local quality company would otherwise be a good alternative to gain visibility and credibility.

To succeed in China Training Programs Market, Go digital!

It is unthinkable to conquer the Chinese market without being massively present on the internet. China is one of the most connected countries in the world. They will inquire about your brand online before trusting you, will check the reviews of users, and pay online if they are seduced. So you need a strong knowledge of Chinese networks! Indeed, due to censorship in the country, they do not have access to Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc. You need to create a new community on their networks, such as WeChat and Weibo. As well as offer a site in the Chinese language well referenced on Baidu etc.

In order to have a digital campaign totally adapted to the market, Gentlemen Marketing Agency is here to help you!

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