A trend that concerns the toys of 2019 is a new movement. In fact, according to Trend Commitment, the toys that will make the most fortunate are those that are not static. This is because the new millennial parents hope for a healthier and more active lifestyle for their children, so toys that are fun and make children move at the same are the most popular choices. What do they want? and how do Chinese consumers want to spend their time in 2019? From games with the wow effects to disguise, here are the trends that will populate in China in the year of the pig.

Toys Market in China

Market size forecasts of toy industry in China from 2016 to 2022 (in billion yuan)
                    Market size forecasts of the toy industry in China from 2016 to 2022 (in billion yuan)

Another fashionable trend will be the surprise effect, that is, some toys will adopt a new marketing strategy to look for the WOW effect, no more transparent wrappers, but containers and bags in which it is impossible to see from the outside. Because the Chinese love this kind of thing? the answer is for the emotion, in fact from small to large, what is sought by the Chinese population is the emotion, when they invest their time and money they want to live an experience.


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Toys not only for children

According to the director of Toys Fair marketing, when you open a target for toys, you must not only think about children or teenagers, in fact, there is a whole range interested in a games sector or the Kidult. In this category are part of all those games which are mainly made for children, but which are also used by adults. Products that take you to childhood, from Lego buildings that have invaded especially the band of millennial to Funko puppets of animated series, is a trend that does not stop its travel not only in China but all over the world.

Cosplay the new trend of China

Cosplay is becoming a more and more established phenomenon in Europe but not only, even in China, but it is also becoming more and more important and not just a simple hobby or passion. Some wear superheroes, other women’s clothing, and still others their favorite manga characters.

The cosplay in China: birth

Compared to Japan or the United States, cosplay (mófǎng xiù) is a phenomenon that has begun to really mark its presence only a few years ago in China and is steadily gaining popularity, especially among younger generations. People dress up as their favorite characters of manga, comics, anime, video games or movies, and find cosplay in the hobby that makes them stand out from the crowd and makes them feel different from the rest of the crowd that populates mainland China.

The question of Chinese modesty

Another very sensitive issue is related to Chinese culture. Since ancient times in China, the vision of parts of the female body has never been appreciated, is seen as something very vulgar and indecorous, so it is difficult to find low-cut dresses in China. As a result, a sort of dress code has been created that Chinese cosplayers must respect in order not to exceed the allowed limit. This, however, does not stop the fans who decide to break the rules of this code and wear super short skirts, bikini, to be as much as possible as their heroes.

Are there any cosplay events in China?

The big Chinese cities are home to many cosplayers and Beijing is no exception. Under the name of cosplayer Duanhua, a Beijing cosplayer, he began participating in these events at the age of 8. This is because most of the time you decide to approach the cosplay thanks to a Japanese anime, a video game or a comic book.

Competitions are often organized during events organized throughout China. For example, in the event that takes place once a year in Beijing, which takes place in the Haidian Theater and in the Beijing amusement park; Manga fans offer shows that mimic their heroes of movies or video games. They often also sing the soundtracks of their favorite movies. At the end of the event, the prizes are awarded for the best performances.

In Chinese, these events are called màn zhǎn.

How to use these trends for your marketing strategy?

Whether you want to sell toys that move, dance, and are inside a magic hat or that you sell wigs for disguises, before entering the Chinese market, you should know the marketing strategies to be taken, as it is all another world. In order to develop awareness among consumers and at the same time mark your products, it is essential to follow these steps.


e-commerce in China is the largest and most profitable market in the world, which continues to hold the record. This is why online sales are the most useful, simple, and profitable way to reach Chinese consumers, who buy more than 70% of online products.

Tmall, Taobao, and JD.com are the most used platforms for online sales, each one has a category in which several products, so it is essential to choose the most suitable, always taking into account the rules, the policy, and costs for foreign brands. It is also obvious that building the site of a brand in Mandarin and adapting it to Chinese tastes in terms of style and design is essential. In fact, it is one of the first places in which they will go to inquire.

Baidu, SEO, and SEM

All the biggest international brands have their site in China and can be found by Chinese consumers through Baidu. This is the reason why even the smallest brands need to create their site or blog to be reached by the Chinese population.
But it is important to know that it is not essential to be on Google in China but in their search engine number one. The positioning within Baidu is what leads to visibility. In this case, SEO and SEM are a must of a perfect strategy.

Social Commerce

Social e-commerce is becoming popular in China, from clothing brands to services, all brands use Wechat to increase online sales. Wechat, launched in 2011 by Tencent, already has a billion users, and in China has transformed the way of seeing a simple messaging app. Today it is a real virtual market, where retailers and merchants sell everything online, both inside and taking them outside of the platform itself. In fact, we remember that it is a social platform, a useful showcase for a business. It is also able to bring the consumer closer to the seller, and this is an essential point for the average Chinese consumer.

Marketing KOL

An excellent marketing solution to depopulate in China is the use of KOLs, this type of marketing based on people with influence on potential customers through the sharing of content is widely used. Key opinion leaders in China are more than just influencers, in fact, the Chinese users put all their trust in these web celebrities. From Wechat to Weibo each platform has its own KOLs, and in turn, they are divided as not everyone is suitable to sponsor anything. One of the key points is knowing how to choose the right KOL for your brand that knows how to involve your community.

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