China’s digital landscape is exciting and challenging at the same time for marketers with new platforms emerging and existing ones upgraded constantly. Even though apps/ platforms in China are famous for their multi-purposes, each has their strongest point in a unique functionality, such as Wechat as social media and instant messaging, Weibo as social media, Baidu as search engine, Alibaba as e-commerce… Toutiao is a fast growing platform in Chinese digital scene with the focus on content aggregation and distribution which is not a new concept; however, its super smart AI algorithms create all the difference and make Toutiao become one of the most popular apps to Chinese people and one of the most powerful places to influence Chinese consumers for marketers.

In this article, we will explore everything about Toutiao as well as how to maximize this platform.


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Toutiao, which literally means “Today’s Headlines”, is an emerging mobile platform of content creation, aggregation and distribution, featured by machine learning techniques. The name “Toutiao” originates from the company’s belief that “Only the things which all the readers care about can be the headlines.”
Toutiao uses AI algorithms to analyze users’ reading habits and then generate for them a tailored feed list including articles, videos or ads. Different from the traditional news platforms, Toutiao abandons the old model of users looking for information and instead analyzes the features of content as well as users’ interaction with content to offer a personalized reading list of content customized for each user.
In this era of information explosion, its new AI content analysis techniques provide a more convenient user experience, raising Toutiao to one of China’s largest mobile platforms of content creation, aggregation and distribution, underpinned in just 6 years’ time.


By March 2018, the Toutiao App’s DAU (Daily Active Users) reached over 200 million, with an average opening it 9 times per day and using it 76 minutes per day, which is more than the average Facebook and WeChat user. Known as the No. 1 intelligent content distribution platform in China, it has got over 1.1 million publisher accounts, which update over 380,000 pieces of contents and achieve 4.2 billion views per day.


Besides investment in text content, Toutiao also boasts a series of video platforms, including “Xigua Video”, “Huoshan Video”, “Douyin”, etc.

Among them, Xigua Video’s users reached over 100 million by June 2017, and Douyin’s daily views reached 3 billion.

Thanks to the fast growth and cutting edge technology, Toutiao, which was founded in March 2012, now values at 75 billion US dollars!



Toutiao initially showcases general content to a first-time user, then uses machine learning to learn about the reader’s browsing habits and interests based on how the reader engages with the app, and thus is able to recommend the articles you want to read. For example, you can tap the small “close” button on every post to dismiss stories you don’t want to read; this action will then be recorded and analyzed by AI system. By tracking and analyzing such behaviors on the site: What you click on, how long you spend on a story, where you stop scrolling, the type of story you’re reading at a certain time of day, even where you’re physically located, Toutiao’s AI algorithms can come up with the most personalized recommendations for your reading. As the reader starts to use the platform more frequently, Toutiao gets smarter and understands better users’ interests to provide them more relevant content by time.
Notably, Toutiao is not using recommendations from your friends like Wechat or Weibo but rather focuses on your individual preferences.

Remember, unlike those social media platforms, Toutiao isn’t about connecting friends. It has social elements – you can link your social media profile if you want – but the stories it serves up come from its AI recommendation system, not from your friends.

The image below shows the personalized feed of two different users.


1. Sticky and Young User Base
Chinese users stay on Toutiao for an average of 76 minutes per day. The data is impressive as the average time people spend on WeChat is only 66 minutes. The size and stickiness of the user base has been growing exponentially, clearly showcasing the power of marketing on the platform.

Most Toutiao users are male, with a gender ratio of 60%. Over 85% of them range in age from 18 to 30 years old and are mostly concentrated in first or second-tier cities.

The education level of Toutiao users is quite high as well, with 41.3% of them holding a bachelor degree or higher. Another interesting note is that 37.8% of the users’ occupations are freelancer, self-employed and private company owners.
From the above data, it is likely that a fair proportion of Toutiao users are young Chinese running their businesses or working as managers. Toutiao can be very helpful when it comes to B2B marketing in China. The platform is also suitable for promoting trendy products to youngsters.

2. FREE content exposure to the RIGHT audience
Toutiao has the most powerful recommendation algorithms, which allows it to easily bring your contents to the most interested readers. With a huge and growing base of 200M daily active users who are hunger for information, Toutiao helps marketers reach new potential customers and get a ton of content exposure. Since Toutiao serves articles to users based on their interests, each view/reach that you acquire for your articles on this platform is highly targeted. Content marketing strategies that take full advantage of Toutiao’s smart AI algorithms can definitely receive an impressive ROI.

One example is ” 欢子tv“ ( Huanzi TV). This creator creates short videos about folks’ lives and customs in the countryside of China. Each of his videos has an average of 700,000 views, while the views in his Wechat official account is less than 1/40 of that on Toutiao. Toutiao has enabled the long tail of contributors to reach their most relevant audience more cost-effectively than any other platform in China.

Additionally, Toutiao has also begun offering social features. Users can share articles they like under a separate tab. That gives publishers the chance to go viral both socially and through the Toutiao Algorithm. Becoming a registered publisher with Toutiao is a simple and easy way to open your business to the possibility of going viral. Becoming registered on the platform should be on every business planning to enter China’s checklist. As long as they’re good, your stories will get seen and go viral even though you don’t invest much time in content distribution (since this happens naturally for you on Toutiao).

3. Diverse content formats means diverse tools for marketing
Except for news, Toutiao also provides videos to further entertain the users. Next to the homepage button, you will find a link to ‘Xigua Video’.
The button titled ‘Short Videos’ at the bottom right provides funny short videos and jokes to users. Toutiao manages to keep users busy with these engaging clips. It is easy for users to watch one after another in a series.

The page of ‘Xigua Videos’ (Left); The page of ‘Short Videos’ (Right)

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