Rich Chinese people are not only interesting to purchase luxury products online but also services online. What is actually the main difference between these online services and in physical stores?


Top 7 services purchased rich Chinese online


services purchased online by luxury consumers

Source KPMG


Hotel booking 

 Online hotel reservation is clearly booming in China because of the increase in Chinese tourism.

The leader of this sector is CTRIP who is owning most of the market share in the tourism sector in China.

Ctrip was founded in 1999 and it’s one of the biggest online travel agency in China on 3 mains areas: hotel booking, flight ticket booking, and travel. It is on the way to becoming a big player in this field in a world scale.

Besides Ctrip, eLong, Qunar, and others are competing for all on this field to offer the best option to customers. What digital is booming is getting the process of online hotel booking much easier, many different features and functions can be requested from the customer.

Here an interesting article about CTrip and Qunar: and Qunar, 2 Travel Companies in China, Swap Shares in Tie-Up

 Restaurant bookings

Forget about the traditional call that you usually make to book your favorite restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Here the trend is to go book restaurant online and compare offer online. There are 2 biggest websites where you can find interesting coupon restaurant deals and check comments or feedbacks of different restaurants.

Meituan often compared to “Groupon” is one of China’s largest social platforms. The idea is to offer interesting “high-quality deals” to customers.

 Dianping is the website where Chinese people leave comments and feedbacks about the places that they already visited (restaurants, karaoke…etc.), based on several criteria’s such as quality of service, price / quality ratio … etc.


An article about Dianping and Meituan click here.

 Domestic trips

 Chinese New Year or festivals…etc. there is always an opportunity for Chinese netizens to discover more about their own country. With this growing middle class, the booming of domestic travels is expected to grow even more for the coming next few years. Chinese people spend a lot of money when they are traveling. Before when Chinese see a tourist in their country, they didn’t understand why those foreigners are actually spending money outside of their country… But nowadays Chinese people mind tend to change and they want to enjoy life.

 Overseas trips

You have probably heard millions of times about the booming of Chinese outbound travelers. Australia, Netherlands, Europe, and America are the most preferred destination of Chinese people.

Chinese tourists

How come Chinese feel attract to go travel overseas? First visa facilities, second open mind and curiosity to discover overseas countries and third those efficient online strategies to attract “Chinese’s wallets” into their countries because of their high purchasing power.

Take the example of Australia’s website offering an attractive overview of the country with quality pictures, videos and travel tips.

New Zealand is one of the most preferred destination, not only for the stunning landscape but also because they using KOLs image through influent social networks such as Weibo. The mega star Huang Lei and its wife in collaboration with New Zealand official tourism center took a picture of their “every day is a moment” in New Zealand.

Here an article about Chinese outbound tourism: Rise of the China Outbound Tourism

 Beauty spa massages

 The beauty business is already expanded few years ago. Cosmetics, beauty care products, Chinese women care a lot about their skin and their wellness and even more than in western side. You can find a bunch of stores with spa massages offers and relaxing places. Then the question here is how can we explain the online booking of beauty spa massages?

First they can find interesting online deals for the top of line beauty spa places. They can easily access to these places with promoting voucher and discounts by just booking online. Yes, we are talking about promotions, even rich Chinese like to enjoy promotions and discounts, even if it is not a big discount, they think that if they are buying a product with promotion, they have actually made a good business deal. It is not only about promotion but also about diversity of choice.

Second, they have a choice between many different places and options.

Third, they can take the time to compare offers and feedbacks.

 Car rental services

 Here there is actually two types of customers:

First, you may probably know that Chinese are not really attracted to rental services because they like to own things and they like to get new things…However here it tends to be changed since buying a car in China is really complicated because if you want to buy a car in Beijing, you have to get Beijing Hukou, kind of resident permit. So more Chinese are interesting to rent cars because of administration paper facilities.

Take the example of Yongche, Beijing car rental booking where the funding is leading by CTtrip.

And which know a huge success in China.

Second, Rich Chinese like to have a choice between different luxury cars, because driving in a Ferrari one night when going to a business night meeting, it is a way to show your wealth and your social status.

Here an article about Yongche in china: China’s Leshi To Buy 70% Of Uber Competitor Yidao Yongche.

Investment services


Even if online investments services is representing a small part in this giant market, Chinese people are more and more interesting to invest their money in the financial product.  They are more educated and aware of how to manage the risk and benefit of the investment.

More companies are competing for each other to offer the best service possible to the potential customers: matching user’s profile with a type of investment, give some interesting deals depending on the investment…etc.

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