« Milk Tea Sister » (or commonly Zhang Zetian) became famous on the Web in 2009 when she was still in high school. One of her friends posted this image on 猫扑 (mop.com) and soon, her photo was forwarded around the Internet.  It instantly made her a phenomenon. That is the power of social media! It is her simple and pure sweetness which attracted Chinese.

Some adored her and others were opposed to this public attention she had, especially with such superficial circumstance. Nevertheless, in 2011, she was awarded China’s hottest Internet icons and China’s sexiest University student in 2013. She now has an internship for Microsoft as a Product Manager. So what’s next? The price of the sexiest intern in China in 2014?


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Recruiting their favorite sex symbol to charm Chinese clients… Well-played Microsoft!

Last month, during a promotional event of Microsoft in Beijing, she introduced the new chatting robot of the American brand, called « Xiao Bing ».

Now the student at Tsinghua University and happy owner of an internship at Microsoft, Milk Tea seems to seduce with both beauty and intelligence. But it looks like her heart is already taken by Liu Qiangdong (founder of the e-commerce site, JD.com) that we have seen holding hands in New York street.

In China, the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) are often used by brands to improve their popularity. Therefore, they use « cyber celebrity » to catch the attention of media and audience and they can be sure newspapers, forum and everyone will talk about it.


But you may comfort yourself with… her sister ?!

Meanwhile, her Taiwanese sister who is now 20 years old and also known by the Internet is nicknamed « Fried Chicken Sister ». Why? Because she used particularly creative ways to promote a fried chicken fast food and still continue to supply her image thanks to social network.

During her last trip in China, one of her friends said on her profile that she wasn’t abroad but in the Republic of China’s neidi (or inland region). She immediately answered « Taiwan is my neidi. I’m going abroad, thanks ».

The young girl also joined the students occupying Taiwan’s parliament the Legislative Yuan earlier this year. She can’t stand the ruling KMT’s attempts to secretly force through a shady Trade Service Agreement with China and is calling Tawainese citizens to « defend Taiwan’s democracy ».

An article made thanks to Shanghaiist

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