Top International Schools in China 2017

Education in China, Hurun Releases the Top International Schools in China in 2017.

Top International Schools in China – Top 10

School Index City
1 YK Pao School   100 Shanghai
2 International School of Beijing 98 Beijing
3 Dulwich College Beijing 96 Beijing
4 Keystone Academy 94 Beijing
5 Shanghai High School International Division 92 Shanghai
6 Shanghai American School   85 Shanghai
6 Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School 85 Shanghai
8 Western Academy of Beijing 81 Beijing
8 Wellington College International Shanghai   81 Shanghai
10 Shenzhen College of International Education 78 Shenzhen



To sum up the Report Shanghai (26) &Beijing (21) makeup just under half of the Hurun list, followed by Guangzhou with 11, Shenzhen 8 and Suzhou 5. Schools came from 23 cities in Mainland China.

  • 40% are able to recruit International kids holding either Chinese or non-Chinese passports:
  • YK Pao School, Keystone Academy, Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School and Shenzhen College of International Education.
  • l 72 of the schools are allowed to recruit Chinese passport holders.
  • Dulwich has 4 schools in the Top 100, followed by Concordia, Yew Chung and Wellington with two schools each.

Young School :

  • The average age of schools is only 10 years.
  • The youngest schools on the list are Wycombe Abbey International School, established in 2016, and Vanke Meisha Academy, starting in 2015.
  • The oldest is the Shanghai American School, established in 1912, then reopened in 1980 after thirty years.  “China’s international schools are young, especially compared to the best schools in the UK and the USA, many of which have been around for 100 of years. With market demand for international education, expect to see this establishment and its alumni build an international reputation for excellence,

School Fees

Average annual tuition is about $20,000, rising to $45,000 for the big cities of Shanghai and Beijing.  Hurun,

“It is a big cost to put a child through the international education system in China,” explained Hoogewerf.

the education platform of Hurun Report Inc., today released the Hurun Education Top International Schools in China 2017, a ranking of the top 100 international schools in China. This is the inaugural year of the list.

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Between April and October, Hurun Education asked 110 international education experts in China an unprompted question to recommend up to five schools in each of ‘Greater Shanghai’, ‘Greater Beijing’, Guangdong and ‘Rest of China’. Hurun Education received 942 nominations in total, an average of just under 9 nominations per expert. Half of respondents were school principals and senior teachers with the other half including investors, overseas study agents, training institutions and administrative departments of education.

  1. 34% came from ‘Shanghai’, including Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu;
  2. 33% from ‘Greater Beijing’, including Beijing and Tianjin,
  3. 33% of the rest of China.
  4. 24% of respondents were non-Chinese.
  5. 152 schools received votes. Schools were ranked on an index of 1 to 100,
  6. the school with the most votes receiving the maximum index of 100. The rankings refer to international schools in Mainland China only.

Hurun Expert,

“I believe this to be the first serious attempt to rank the international schools in China. This ranking is targeted at parents with kids in China and recruitment Managers of universities from around the world.

This Top Internationals Schools Ranking will help Chinese Western parents to have a neutral opinion on which international school is the most Reputable for a child, by providing a competitive research of the market from the views of international educational consultants in China.

British Schools are very popular, this is a reason for the English language summary of the full Chinese.

Source Hurun Report.


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