Under the circumstances of economic contraction, China’s outbound tourism industry still in high demand, though. With a 15% increase on outbound traveling volume from 2017 to 2018, it is still a rise of Chinese tourists traveling abroad every year. According to the data provided in 2017 by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the growth of outbound traveling volume was 12% then during 2016. It is surprisingly that the sharply growing market in travel industry in China.

From the year of 2012, China has remained the first place in outbound traveling of the world and it also performs amazingly at the first quarter of 2018. To attract more and more Chinese customers become a faddish thing among numerous travel related entities, but the core problem is how.

Chinese tourism market is expected to keep growing steadily in the future, at least a 6% growth every year. And the expenditures on traveling are estimated to grow as well. Further to above, China’s global share of outbound travel is estimated at one-fifth of the world travel by 2023. Way beyond other developing countries, China’s rapid growth rate in tourism elaborates not only what comes after a country’s economy growth but also social changes and consumer behaviors.

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A New Era of Chinese Tourism



Following the social structure changes, the millennial in big cities is the potential consumers to outbound travelling. And their purpose and interests in travelling differ from the old generations. Most of them have started working and contribute the family income mostly. That, rather than group traveling, the young generation would like to have the journey more flexible and accompanied with family or friends. Be in a traveling group bored them a lot. On the other hand, People in smaller cities or less developing cities may prefer outbound travel with group. Since mostly there are the elderly, big family, parent with child to go traveling abroad, group tour is still the demanding kind but people seek for more luxurious and private one which is with more flexibility. According to China the biggest online travel agency C-trip statics first half year of 2018, outbound private tour increase 300% comparatively which is an incredible number in tourism growth.


  • Culture Experience be a main purpose 


The vital reason Chinese go abroad in the past to purchase international brands with lower price is no longer the main factor to attract Chinese tourists. Instead, more and more travellers seek for diverse local experience, including luxurious exotic service, featured culture experience and by doing so to enhance the kin bond. Price is not a crucial factor take into consideration, rather owing a specific memory or souvenir takes a bigger role increasingly.

  • Collected period Chinese go abroad 

As travelling abroad takes a longer period of time, a long-term holiday more than 7days will be possible the timing Chinese tourists choose travel. Chinese have not few holidays, they tend to be more collected and are allocated in two main portions though, one is Chinese New Year and the other is National holidays. Chinese people used to pick these two periods to spend time with family but nowadays rather than staying at home, people prefer to travel abroad with family more. Another chief timing is summer vacation, followed by more focus on children, parents would like to take their children to experience the world and broaden the horizons. There are three main situations for summer vacation travel: study tour, graduation tour, escaping from hot weather in China. The summer vacation trip stands for one-fifth volume for the year.

  • A range of destination

Shifting from popular developed counties, like Canada, France, United States and UK, evidences shows that more and more Chinese tourists have interests in niche attractions. According to outbound travel report of 2018, the most appealing country is Morocco, increasing up to 530% tourists last year. Which took the second place are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as a combination of Baltic Sea three countries traveling. These countries gain a 340% growth rate of Chinese tourist last year. As well, for short-term traveling during long weekend, Asian countries are still the most attracting, such as Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

  • Communication and Adapt to Chinese Culture

To communicate with your potential to win their trust by using Chinese language and to focus on what their real needs are. In China, there are a lot of region equipped with different background and cultures. So, not all of them can understand English nor all of them expect the same when travelling. To provide better service meeting their expectation to win long-term relationship, speaking Mandarin is add-value skill. Given that the customers experienced a wonderful journey and they will effortlessly to share with their friend.


  • Cinema, Drama and Online Film



Film, drama and program, now are mostly watched online, usually deliver attracting image of their potential destinations. And the place where a famous travel program or series of film shoot on can probably have profound impact on mass audience. This is called “product placement”, and it makes people feel to have the life in the film or eager to experience the same thing.


  • Recommendation from Friends

As Chinese always have strong bond to relatives and devoted in their social circle. With the strong group tie, what recommendations from their acquaintances will be more trustworthy. It is said that once you win a Chinese tourist’ heart, you will be widely spread in Chinese social circle and soon meet other Chinese tourist certainly.


The difference is that a deduction in group travel for increasing backpackers for the sake of unique experience and wonderful adventures. In term of no visa requirement, growing numbers of countries without visa application appeal to Chinese tourists.





Let’s take a look on the main secretes to attract Chinese.


A multi-Channel strategy

First, the most important is to apply a multi-channel strategy, since Chinese travellers are different from other countries, they do not book anything on one platform, they search many information related to target destination on various channel and make the decisions instead. Further, while plenty of companies are using multi-channels to advertise, few of them utilize the exclusive Chinese channel that Chinese are familiar with.

Since Chinese are a tribe community, they tend to believe what their friends or relative tell them. Therefore, a well reputation and high visibility with well-structured branding is really important. Due to the tight social circle, devote to Chinese social platform can build a strong and long-lasting connection potential customers. By responding to the comments and reviews, it can increase the engagements to make your brand popular. And remember that branding is the king in China, if you acquire a popular brand with high quality brand image online, sure it will brings more customers to you.


SEO to Increase Visibility


Chinese people rely on search engine awfully. There are lots of search engine in China, Baidu takes the most of the market share, accounting for 80% of all. As the most powerful leading search engine, it is with high efficiency to increase the visibility of your company and more reaches to your business in China market by optimizing company website.


Forums for Travellers

Chinese care for the brand image and reputation of whether an agency, an attraction, a country or even a destination restaurant. That, they usually find some discussion or reviews of a place before departure, work on a traveler forum is really important in advertising to your customer. Currently, the most two popular forums among numerous ones is Mafengwo and Qiongyou. Chinese backpackers will go to these two forums to ask travelling advices and see reviews or comments of their destination. Many Chinese travelers will post their traveling diary or instructions on them. Thus, attract lots of Chinese tourists to the spot; as last year, many are attracted to Russia, Turkey and Morocco by others’ post.


Online Travel Agency

In China, there are lots of OTA and China tourists will book their schedule, accommodation, flight tickets, travel sets on the OTA platform. Even like Meituan, a huge group buying app, and lots of international booking service platforms have into the market. It is still C-trip and Qunar in collaboration to occupy the mostly OTA market to 4 out of 5 portion.

Advertising and registration of hotels and other properties on these sites are incredibly effective in attracting Chinese tourists. However, the space on these site are limited and cost per ads is costing that basically only big company achieved in this field, but to small agency or little scale of tourist services have constrained access to advertising on OTA. That is why some travel agency is using other tools or methods to reach potential customers. Here we have offer different ways to make them draw more traffic and attract more customers.


Beach House Collection Case Study


It is one of the most famous destinations in Maldives but they face a crisis during 2015. And the luxurious tour market is really competitive. Under the fierce conditions, GMA has helped them build up a full new online reputation strategy, successful SEO campaign and decent word of mouth through multiple of KOLs. And we reach incredible results of gaining over 20000 followers, increasing more than 90% ordering and ranking on the first page of Baidu.


Social Media Platform


It cannot be neglected the power of social media power in China, especially in tourism industry. A social network is a powerful platform to build your reputation since Chinese youth are really addicted to social media and they deeply convinced by the messages and information on social media. Nowadays, a significant number of Chinese tourists are using smart phones, iPad to book travel flight tickets, museum tickets, accommodations and so forth. Further, according to the China tourism Academy statistics, after 80’ and 90’ are the core consuming potential to outbound tourism.

That to catch their eyes, the right strategies for right platforms is a key to success. Since 80’ and 90’ Chinese are all dedicated to digital social circle. To advertise on Wechat or Weibo(The two biggest social media in China) can be an important ways to attract more traffic. On these two social media, you can build your own official page to deliver promising information to your customers and interact with them. That can build a more strong connection to your customers hence increase loyalty to your band. As Chinese prefer the way of word of mouth, your customers will spread more information to others that appeal to a widely range of audience. Based on the latest statistics, Wechat has reached a billion users and Weibo owns over 40 million active users per month.

Key Opinion Leaders Speaks Louder

KOL become a more influencial tool for marketing in China. Each of them have hundreds of thousands followers on social media platform. And Chinese followers tend to deeply convinced by what the content their favored KOLs delivered. Most of them even to follow and introduce to their friends. To have KOLs on promoting your business or services is really a shortcut to reach more traffic.


Sum up

By adapting your service to meet the Chinese tourist’s expectation and understand their culture are on the top of list to attract Chinese customers. And by using digital strategies, such as SEO, Social media, e-reputation, word of mouth, Travel forum and OTA advertising or so other digital strategy depend on specific cases will be more efficient ways to draw Chinese tourist attention and generate leads.


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