Tmall Global is connecting artists to worldwide fans

Tmall Global is the largest Chinese e-commerce platform dedicated to foreign and Chinese brands. Owned by the Alibaba Group, Tmall provides foreign brands with online marketplaces. With its last campaign, it managed to connect Chinese fans with international artists around the world. This last initiative is very remarkable for the historic period that Covid-19 is forcing us to live.

Tmall Global

Launched in 2013, Tmall Global only sells imported goods and allows international brands without a physical presence in China to sell directly to Chinese consumers.

However, Tmall Global has now adopted a membership system by invitation, whereby only qualified merchants can be invited to join or can apply through a third-party agency. The need to cooperate with third-party operators has complicated the procedure for opening a store on Tmall Global.

According to Tmall Global, the number of new brands launched increased by 125% and their Gross Market Value grew by 113% year on year, respectively, from April to the end of August 2020. Not to mention the more than 200,000 products that debuted from January to March this year.

70% of users on Tmall Global are between 24 and 32 years old, so it is an important channel for all brands that target a young audience.

Which products are sold more on Tmall?

Although Tmall is a generalist marketplace, the top-sellers belong to the personal care category (cosmetics and make-up are around 43.2%) and children’s products.

Clothing and accessories represent two categories in strong growth and constitute 36.1% of sales. Online sales of household products and Food & beverages, such as wine, honey, and tea are also important.

Marketing tools on Tmall

Tmall offers a very wide range of products, so it is essential to emerge and gain visibility. This is why Tmall offers qualified marketing tools in order to optimize communication between the Brand and potential customers.

In fact, there is the possibility for Brands to purchase advertising space on the platform. Sellers have the opportunity to increase user visibility and engagement through advertising campaigns (pay-per-click or pay-per-view). Moreover, a structured Data Analysis service allows you to monitor performance at any time.

Tmall connects artists to fan worldwide

In October 2020, Alibaba Group announced a partnership with Bravado to help bring artists’ merchandise and exclusive collaborations to Chinese consumers.

Bravado is a global, 360-degree full-service merchandise company that develops and markets high-quality licensed merchandise to a worldwide audience. The company works closely with new and established entertainment clients, creating innovative products carefully tailored to each artist or brand.

The Bravado store launched on Tmall Global and exposed merchandise from international recording artists including Guns N’ Roses, Tupac,  The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, and Taylor Swift, who will be the store’s first featured artist. Each month new artists’ collections and collaborations will be added.

The store launch was the first time that effects from Taylor Swift’s most recent album, folklore, was available in China.

In addition, Taylor Swift decided to debut her newest collection exclusively on Tmall Global during Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, giving Chinese shoppers exclusive access to it for two full weeks before anyone else in the world.

The collections were offered also through Alibaba Group’s Hey Box, one of the most powerful marketing channels for new products. Launched in 2017, Hey Box of Alibaba’s Tmall is designed specifically to provide new product release marketing solutions to brands.

In addition to offering a full range of premium merchandise and designer collaborations with outstanding artists and entertainers, the store will display a different featured artist each month, offering a range of products inspired and influenced by each featured act. These will include new and exclusive products and seasonal ranges, that will correspond with album releases, tours, classic catalogs, and other product innovations.

Universal Music China and Bravado will work closely within Tmall Global and Alibaba’s ecosystem to help expand fan reach and interactivity through its technology and entertainment channels.

In recent years, Bravado has helped nurture new relationships with fans. The company’s partnership with Tmall Global will enable artists to share their full lifestyle experience, including collaborations into fashion, art, and design alongside music projects.

Bravado’s Tmall store will serve as a shopping destination for music and artist culture in China.

For Businesses or artists that want selling on Tmall Global

In order to sell on the Chinese e-commerce platforms, it is important to build an e-reputation around your brand. China has its own Internet ecosystem made of many platforms and Apps.

If you are unknown, your products will not be sold on Tmall. So we suggest you to:

  • be visible on Baidu, the Chinese most used search engine, with an official website;
  • combine a Seo & Sem strategy to rank well on Baidu;
  • have an official account on WeChat to engage with your community;
  • have an official account on Weibo to increase the brand awareness

Gma can help you to build your reputation and increase your sales in China.

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