Today soft drinks market is very flourishing. Indeed, it represents like 30% of the whole market.


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In 2020, Chinese consumers are increasingly opting for healthier soda drink solutions, including premium packaging and vitamins-energy drinks. 


The middle class won an important purchase power because of the global economic growth of the country. Therefore, they want to show off their new social status. This gets throughout an  increasing consumption of imported goods.

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Overview of Soft drinks in China

In China, Sodas are beyond the drunkest soft drinks by the consumers. Because the whole production in volume is swelling, soft drinks market covers a large range of varieties. It goes without saying that concerning manufacturing but also sales, the leaders of the market such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi Co, Wahaha have a significant market share. Soda market is very competitive but consumers are very open to trying new brands and products. These are the reason why you should invest and focus of few points if you want to succeed in the Soda market in China.

As we just said, enter in this market requires to be very creative and bring something fresh and new to the consumers. Sodas are consumed in special moments because they correspond to specific needs such as refreshing while studying or hanging on with some friends. As a matter of fact, brands really need to target some moments related to the state of mind. The brand has to focus its marketing and communication strategy on it. Let’s not forget that Chinese people love foreign products because they are perceived such as trendy products. But because the leaders are very present in their mind you need to find something particular to make them want your brand.

The challenge is about staying in people’s mind and become a reference. It is also very important to make a good analysis of your target. Most of the time bid soda brands choose to work with famous people but it does not always allow to catch a maximum of clients. By adopting a different and innovative strategy new brands can do their business.


6steps to sell Soda in China


1 Work on the Packaging

2 You can’ t sell without the Chinese E-commerce Platforms

3 Branding is everthing in China

4 Baidu and Ereputation are really important

5 Social media helps brands to create connexion with customers

6 Choose the right Distribution Strategy



Work on the Packaging

Chinese consumers have expressed their desire to have different tastes in soft drinks. Consumers tend to have higher expectations. They really want products that correspond to their lifestyle. As their purchase increased, they are ready to pay more for a better product. Because of some scandals in the food industry, consumers pay attention to their health. Consequently, they want healthier products which means for the drinks less sugar. Of course, refreshing still a priority but they insist on security. 

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Consumption in China is matter of Status

Chinese people want to be different from each other. They don’t want to be a simple individual beyond others. This is a consequence of the fact that China has opened the country to the world. This shift can be seen in Chinese people’s behavior. They do all they can to be seen by the others with an elevated status. Their consumption is a good way to express that. Having different tastes for a soda can be included in your marketing strategy as an expression of adaptation to all consumers.

You can’ t sell without the Chinese E-commerce Platforms

We are in the Digital Age, especially in China. Chinese peple really enjoy using their smartphone for purchasing online, they have no limit. In fact, China is the most connected country in the world, and with the development of the internet and technology is easier to reach them online.  In order to find them easily, you have to understand their habits, where they buy online? what they really like? which e-commerce platform they really use? You should have the answers to all these questions before coming to China. For a better idea about the Chinese e-commerce ecosystem, you should learn about the giant Alibaba(Tmall, Taobao), JD.Com,…. It really important know your target. You have to integrate the Chinese e-commerce platforms.

This is very popular in China because for many people it is easier to shop online rather than offline in order to avoid crowded malls. They also have an easy means of payment such as Alipay or Wechat pay. If you decide to get throughout e-commerce platform to sell your drink you need to choose the good one. For example you can sell your soda on Tmall.

Branding is everthing

We can help you to reach your target in the best way. If you want to be successful you really need to understand the way they think. You have to think about closing in mind.


Baidu and Ereputation are really important


To sell, you need to be visible & reputable. Therefore you can use digital tools including Baidu SEO  E-PR and community management. We can provide you the more accurate strategy in order to have the best ROI.


Social media helps brands to create connexion with customers


Digital service is enshrined in Chinese people’s habits. They are used to play with apps, order something online from a simple scan with their mobile phone and share their moments on social media such as wechat and weibo. In this way, if you manage to win people’s loyalty they will make free advertisement for you. As a consequence, don’t forget that your clients are the best ambassadors to promote your brand. Consequently, it is very important to pay attention to their wishes.

Choose the right Distribution Strategy

What is convenient with Soda is the possibility to sell it everywhere: fast-food restaurants, casual dining restaurants, movie theatres, supermarkets, etc. You can choose the format: fountain drinks, glasses, cans, glass bottles. Internet retailing still growing regarding the distribution in soft drinks and especially in sodas branch. Chinese people are willing to convenient things that make them save time. As a consequence, home delivery service represents a very welcomed way of distribution, not only thanks to its convenience but also thanks to its competitive price.

Then, it is fanciful to think about having success without being present in online stores such as Tmall. Indeed, high technology is very developed in China. More information about F&B market in China.

To Sum up

To sum up, Soda market offers a lot of opportunities if you consider several key elements such as the way you sell your product, the partners with whom you chose to work ( distributors) and your products themselves by offering different varieties.

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